How Many Of These Top 10 Established And Upcoming Egyptian Musicians Do You Know?

Egypt Musicians

Before 2011, music production in Egypt was controlled. Eventually, there was the revolution that saw the industry open up and fuse old and new styles. The fall of the longtime leader, Hosni Mubarak, destroyed Egypt’s old rules and opened up Egyptian music production. Although the Egyptian music industry is rife with controversy, below are some of the top 10 elite and upcoming musicians in Egypt today.

Top Elite Egypt Musicians

#1.  Amr Diab ( عمرو دياب ) 

Amr Diab
Amr Diab. (Photo credit: Amr Diab’s Instagram Page)

Amr Diab is a talented singer born in October 1961 in Portsaid, Egypt. He started singing at the age of six. One of his foremost performances was at Port Said at a festival. Because of his great rendition, he got a guitar from the governor as a reward. Amr has a bachelor’s degree in Music from the Cairo Academy of Arts.

The Egyptian musician started singing professionally in 1983 when he launched his first album “Ya Taree.” The song was a hit. He followed it with “Ghanny Men Albak” in 1984, “Hala Hala” in 1986, “Khalseen” in 1987, and many others. One of the best songs of his career is Nour El Ain, which was a global success. In the African Music Award Festival in London, Amr won two music awards in 2010 for Best North African Artist and Best Male Act of Africa. He is one of the best musicians to come out of Egypt.


#2. Angham

Egyptian Music
Angham Photoshoot. (Photo credit: Angham’s Instagram Page.)

Angham is an Egyptian musician from Alexandria. She is also famous for her soft voice and emotional songs. The musician has 18 records and 13 singles from Egyptian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Jordanian, Gulf, and Libyan languages. Her best hit, “Sidi Wisalak” or the Bond Between Us, made her more famous from 2001.

Angham started her career in 1987 with her father’s help. She released the track “Fil Rokn elBaeed elHady” (In the Far and Calm Corner) the same year. The 2003 “Omry Maak” competed with her best record in 2001, “Leih Sebtaha.” As a result, this became her bestselling album in her career.

#3. Sherine

Egyptian Music
Sherine Abdul Wahab. (Photo credit: Sherine’s Instagram Page.)

Sherine Abdul Wahhab (شيرين عبد الوهاب) popularly known as Sherine شيرين is an Egyptian born singer. She is also known as Shereen or Sherin. She began her musical career with her  single “Ah Ya Leil.” The single gained a massive audience in Egypt and the Middle East. The song was a mix of local traditional Taarab style and traditional music instruments used by the Sha’bi singers.

Sherine has a degree in music. She hooked up with the manager of Free Music Productions, Nasr Mahrous. Thereafter, she released her first album with Tamer Hosney. The album Free Mix 3 had duets and solo singles. Her most recent song is “Lebnan Fel Alb (Lebanon’s in the Heart). ”  Sherine dedicated the song to Lebanon and the Israeli-Lebanon victims.

#4. Hakim

Egyptian Music
Hakim performing (Photo credit: Hakim’s Official Instagram Page)

Hakim was born in a small town in Al Minya, Egypt, called Maghagha. Growing up, Hakim was surrounded by the traditional music of Sha’bi. His teacher was the famous Sha’bi musician, Ahmed Adaweyah.


Therefore, Hakim started by practicing the Mawals that are found at the start of a Sha’bi song. With producer Hamid El-Shaeri, he produced his first album called “Nazra” in 1991. By 1994, he released Nar and represented Egypt in Nantes, France, at the Festival des Allumees.

#5. Mohamed Ramadhan

Egypt Musicians
Mohamed Ramadan. (Photo credit: Mohamed’s official Instagram Page.)

Mohamed Ramadan Mahmud Hegzy, born in Giza, Egypt, in 1988, is a famous singer and actor. His songs have been instant hits in the Arab world. For instance, he did a song with Gims, a French rapper, and singer in his song “YaHabibi.” Mohamed is known for very costly music videos and is popular on Tik Tok.

#6. Tamer Hosny

Egyptian Music
Tamer Hosny. (Photo credit: Tamer’s Instagram Page.)

Tamer Hosny Sherif Abbas Farghaly ( تامر حسني شريف عباس ناصف ) is an Egyptian musician, songwriter, and director. He was born in 1977 and is better known by his stage name Tamer Hosny. He first became famous by appearing on mixed tapes together with various Egyptian artists. Tamer went solo with his 2004 album Hob. He became an instant success and as a result, was nicknamed “King of the Generation.”

#7.  Ahmed Gamal

Egyptian Music
Ahmed Gamal. (Photo Credit: Ahmed’s Instagram Page.)

Ahmad Gamal (أحمد جمال‎) is a famous Egyptian vocalist. He became a celebrity when he won the runners-up in the second season of Arab Idol in 2013. He is also known as “El sultan” (The Sultan).

Gamal is also known as Elandaleeb Elgedeed (the New Nightingale) or Elking Elsagheer (The Little King). His style of music falls under the Arab pop genres. He also plays the oud.

#8. Hamza Namira

Egyptian Music
Hamza Namira kayaking. (Photo credit: Hamza’s Instagram Page.)

Hamza Namira (حمزة نمرة‎) is an Egyptian singer and songwriter. He plays several instruments. From Awakening Records, he has released three albums, Insan, Esmaani, and Dream with me. With Namira production, Min Tany, Hateer, and Mawelood Sanat 80.

He was part of the January 25 Revolution and was therefore nicknamed “Voice of the Revolution”. The song Dari ya Alby was top of the SoundCloud chart for almost one month.

#9. Mohamed Hamaki

Egyptian Music
Mohamed Hamaki performing. (Photo credit: Mohamed’s Instagram Page.)

Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed El-Hamaki (محمد إبراهيم محمد الحماقى‎) is an Egyptian musician who won an award at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2010 as the “Best Arabia Act.” In 2006 he also won a music award for his song “Ahla Haga Fiki”. Some of his latest songs include Kol Youm Men Dah (2019) and Ya Fatenny (2021).

#10.  Hamada Helal

Egyptian Music
Mohamed Helal. (Photo credit: Mohamed’s Instagram Page.)

Mohamed Abdel-Fatah Mohamed Abdul-Aziz Helal is a singer, composer, and actor who started his music interest at five years. He has several albums under his belt. The musician’s first album Al-Ayyam was when he was just 14 years old. That album sold over 150,000 copies. Helal’s later albums include Dar Al-Zaman in 1998 and his latest album in 2017 titled Eish Basha.

10 Up and Coming Egyptian Musicians

#1. Wegz

Egyptian Music
Wegz in a random moment. (Photo credit: Wegz’s Instagram Page.)

Ahmed Ali, also known by his stage name Wegz is an Egyptian hip-hop artist. He became famous by posting his music videos on YouTube. “TNT” which was his first single, got 1.8 million views. Wegz then posted the “Kharban” video, which got 10 million views. His videos, on average, typically get over one million views. The  Egyptian musician’s latest include “Msh ha’olek Babe.”

#2. Marwan Pablo

Egyptian Music
Marwan Pablo. (Photo credit: Marwan’s Instagram page.)

Marwan Ahmed Metaweh (مروان احمد مطاوع‎) or Marwan Pablo as he is popularly known is an Egyptian musician, songwriter, rapper and producer. He was formerly known as Dama before he changed his name to Marwan. VICE Media refers to him as “Egypt’s Godfather of Trap”. Marwan is most famous for his tracks “Free,” SINdBAD, El Gemeza, and Ghaba.

#3. Youssra El Hawary

Egyptian Music
Youssra El Hawary. (Photo credit: Youssra’s Instagram page.)

Youssra is a girl who wears many hats in Egyptian music. She is a composer, accordionist, singer, songwriter, and actress. Her songs are satirical compositions on political and social issues. Youssra’s big break came with her 2012 song “El Soor” (The Wall), which was a bold commentary on the day’s politics in Egypt. She mixes up French chanson, Alternative Folk, jazz, and indie rock.

#4. Felukah

Egyptian Music
Felukah. (Photo credit: Feluka’s Instagram page.)

Felukah was born in Cairo but moved to New York to study. There she discovered she had a passion for hip-hop music. Her music is a mix of both Arabic and English. The 21-year-old is rising fast in the Egyptian music scenes. Her first album, “Citadel,” is in her unique neo-soul style.

#5. Dina El Wedidi (دينا الوديدي‎)

Egyptian Music
Dina El Wadidi. (Photo credit: Dina’s Instagram page.)

Dina El Wedidi is a composer, singer, duf drummer, guitarist, storyteller, and actress. She has been the lead in a group of Egyptian musicians performing widely in the last two years. They fuse global and local music styles. She is best known for her part in an Operetta titled Khalina Nehlam (Let’s dream) during the Egyptian revolution in 2011. Dina performed alongside other famous musicians, and the song was an instant hit.

#6. Malak El Husseiny

Malak El Husseiny makeup session. (Photo credit: Malak’s Instagram page.)

Malak El Husseiny became famous after she sang in the X-Factor in 2015. She blended indie instruments with Arabic lyrics. This made her stand out and get more fans. After launching her EP “Alters,” which included “Spirits of Time” and Wild Summer Hearts, she has since made a comeback with her debut album, “Can’t catch an emotion”.

#7. Molotof

Molotof: (Photo credit: Molotof’s Instagram page.)

Molotof is a famous and equally loved artist. The most iconic songs that shot him to the limelight are “Valhalla,” Waladi, and “Sa7Bi M3Aya”. It may take a while for him to become a national sensation but he is well on his way.

#8. Nouran Abutaleb

Nouran Abu Taleb. (Photo credit: Nouran’s Instagram page.)

Nouran excels in Arabic pop and Oriental ethno jazz, a subgenre of world music and jazz. This style was developed in the 1950s and 1960s and characterized by a mix of jazz and non-western elements. Nouran fuses various styles for a unique sound. Nouran is currently preparing to launch her first Album, “Ta Negma” (O Star). The album was inspired by the artist Van Gogh’s life.

#9. Abyusif

Egypt Musicians
Abyusif. (Photo credit: Abyusif’s Instagram page.)

Abyusif is an Egyptian rapper who was into metal, and rock music before he switched to rap. His most popular songs are Sit, Wala, E3Sar Katrina, and Los Cuervos. It would not be long before he breaks into the international scene.

#10. Nesma Mahgoub

Egypt Musicians
Nesma Mahgoub at a farewell dinner. (Photo credit:  Nesma’s Instagram page.)

ma Alaa Eldin Ali Mahgoub ( نسمة علاء الدين علي محجوب‎) is an Egyptian musician and actress. Nesma started singing in 2011. This was as a result of winning in the Star Academy-MENA. She sings in different languages such as Arabic, Italian, English, Latin, Spanish, German, Hindi, and French. The young singer sings Opera, Pop, Oriental, Rock and other types of music. Her latest albums include Arouma (2021) Ya Ghawy Horoub (2021) and-Kefaya ft. Amir Hedayah (2021).


The Egyptian music scene is moving away from the old Arab genre. More musicians are getting into rap, hip hop, and other styles. Egyptian musicians are doing well and enjoying freedom and fame. Is there any Egyptian musician that is supposed to be on this list that we missed? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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