Which Of These Nollywood Actresses Is Your Favorite?

Nollywood actress

nollywood actress

Nollywood is exploding and on the stage are newcomers and seasoned veterans. We are singling out four talented and gorgeous women in the industry. So which of these Nollywood actresses do you like the most?

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Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Dakore Egbuson
Dakore Egbuson-Akande Photo credit @AkandeDakore twitter

Genevieve Nnaji
Genevieve Nnaji Photo credit The Genevieve

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde nollywood actress
Photo credit Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

nollywood actress Rita Dominic
Photo credit Facebook

Stephanie Okereke nollywood actress
Stephanie Okereke Photo credit Facebook


Which of these Nollywood actresses is your favorite?


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  1. I just love all her actions in all her movies whether good or bad she does it perfectly.i admire her i love her she is my fan.i won,t miss a movie that I see Genevieve on case of the cd.i love her

  2. Omotala seems to be immortal. She has been arround the camera longer than the others. If you go to a beauty contest with your mother then ur a fool of your own making. She’s endoured with every sculpt and African man cannot resist especially me. Omotala is the one and only beauty id want to see every minute in a nigerian movie.. Infact she’s the Omotala international airport for evry African man.

  3. Omo is natural. She’s sleek. There is no one compared to her. Although i love Dakore’s dread locks. still choose OMO BABY.

  4. genevieve,is the best,she is beutiful,professiomal,no one can beat her,i really like her and i just buy every movie she played in it.

  5. Omotala, what a wonderful woman you are, a mother of four still looking this beautiful what is the secret. You are the hottest actress let the other try and have even one baby let see how they will look

  6. all the actresses mentioned above are very beautiful and sexy.each of them has something that makes them unique.but i i were to choose,i will go in for Gen,she is very natural in her acting,she is my fan and i will one day act like her.i love her soso much.she is very pretty.you are the best girl.keep up and just be the person you are.i will love to meet you one of theses days for you to tell me the sacret of acting

  7. Omotola Jolade. You are very active and still very beautiful at your age. Continue to take good care of yourself. I like watching your shows / movies.

  8. Of course, Rita Domnic is the hotest as far as i am concerned. She is extemely charming and i frown at any firm(s) without her angelic face. She is my kind of gal any day any time and any where.

  9. Gene and omo are the real babez. I can`t even choose the best between the two, I love them both they are hot. Their NO 1 fun till the end


  11. Omotola, I must confess you are the best actress so far. You are a combination of beauty and intelligence like my friend Lara. I love watching home movies because of you. Keep it up!

  12. Omotola is the hottest. She acts any part perfectly whether good or bad. I love watching her movies. She is beautiful and intelligent.

  13. Omo u are a beauty queen u too much . i love u. tell me ur secret
    u are the hottest babe

  14. Bu again Stephanie is also cool her height so sexy
    everything on her is fabulous

  15. I will go for stephane and omotola because in terms of beauty heights speak so i think these two are the hottest chicks amongs these others

  16. Beauty they say is in eyes of the beholder. However one thing is certain,the more children one gives birth to as a woman the more her beauty becomes, I mean the physical appearance in terms of shapes, it shows in every black woman and Omotola is just one of them. What makes her unique is that she never allowed those fat takes over her, however, in as much as she tried, she appears plumpy but i bet you if her husband should confess the Omotola he used to know can never be the same. i love stepnie for her height but hate her for being single. She need to be called a mother before is too late, any way i love them all for being Africa

  17. If I am to choose ,I think omotola,I see the pride of beauty , mother and who’s got all respect than any of the nollywood actresses,talking about in tears in movie, angry in movie ,you will never see an ugly face than the maintained beauty. It’s not an easy task to be a working class with four children.I pray to be like u someday and live in respect as you live today.And Gene & Dakore are not bad too.

  18. Myself i like Omotola i really wonder whats her secret, Omo dear one of these days share your secret for your shape and everything. Gen is not bad also.

  19. I wud definitely go for omotola she’s simply alluring n ultra georgous for an actress mother and wife combined,go girl you are the bomb.

  20. Stephanie is a model and deserves to be the best. She is tall, has natural colour and slim not too fat what else do u want? Steph. i go for u.

  21. omotola you are the best among the best, all 5 women are very sexy and beautiful.

  22. Omotala is such a natural lady.She knows how to thrill her fans.Once a star,always one.love baby

  23. well, she pretty to me, i had a dream last night that i was on a date with her and when woke up i couldn’t believe it will happen to me and omotola. u’re beautiful omo. can we make this real?

  24. Stephanie O. is among the top best actress,I admire her style of acting, also my favorite actress. Keep up