Will an Obama Presidency bring change to Africa and the lives of Africans?

Obama Presidency

DISCUSSION: From Kenya to South Africa, Nigeria to Egypt, Africans all over the continent and diaspora have embraced and claimed Obama as one of their own but will an Obama Presidency. It makes a groundbreaking difference in Africa and the lives of Africans.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 19: U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and first lady Michelle Obama (L) welcome Chinese President Hu Jintao for a State dinner at the White House on January 19, 2011, in Washington, DC. Obama and Hu met in the Oval Office earlier in the day


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  1. Listen, this is an opportunity for Africans to clean up their own house. Barack Obama in my view, is Americans next president. First and foremost, President Barack is going to help all black people unite, Then is going to transform Africans, teach them to do things for themselves, rather than begging throughout their life span. Depending on handout has cost Africans a great deal, includes,their future and resources.

  2. It is important for black people to understand, Barack is not going to do things for black people, but black people still rest with responsibilities. Like a education, moral standards and crime control. President Barack, is going to call on black leaders, to be more active in their communities and families hit hard on family values. What l want President Barack to do, is to give free education to all black people, and that will be more historical than his presidency.

  3. people take Barack Obama as president of black America
    c-hill: and thats a big mistake
    c-hill: he is the president of America (white and black alike) so he is not a president to help Blacks do what they have not been able to do
    c-hill: he is just a human being and another American President
    c-hill: only thing is he will give more strenght and hope to guys like me
    c-hill: who have great ambitiions to be leaders in one field on earth
    c-hill: I will say my color cant stop me since it didnt stop Obama

  4. I believe an Obama presidency will bring about change to the lives of Africans in the diaspora. His presidency will reinforce that believe that hard work, determination and rising above obstacles are key factors to living the American dream or propelling yourself forward.

    As for the continent of Africa, i think 90% of the countries have a long way to go and an Obama victory will not change their views as they are used to getting their way to office through corruption and violence rather than democratic means. Until the leaders in the continent of Africa start putting people first and country forward, the dark cloud of despair, desolation, regression, infrastructural decay, corruption, lack of innovation e.t.c that surrounds it will linger for a much longer time with devastating consequences to itself.

  5. An Obama presidency within the short term would might be to farmiliarize himself with his presidential responsibilities, and placing people in key positions to facilitate the success of his presidency. His presidential campaign slogan as we all know is: change at home and abroad ( world). He has the talent to do what he can do, with appropriate personnel, to better the living conditions of for US citizens, that of disporic Africans in the US, and the lives of other global citizens living in different parts of the global village without limit(s). Let us give him time and see what the spirit in him would lead him to accomplish. He seems to be one of the rare persons sent to alleviate the sufferings of a generation. It happens once in a life time. Let’s wait and see what the Lord would guide him to accomplish. By the same token, let those who believe in the triune God pray for his safety. He is first an American. Charity begins at home! He will straighten problems at home, before extending his reflections, effort and may be actions overseas. It’s too early to dream or speculate on what he could or would do anywhere within the sphere of globalization.


  6. I don’t think an Obama Presidency will make much of a difference. I don’t think his foreign policy is that different from McCain’s or George Bush. As a matter of fact I worry that Obama will be very cautious when it comes to decisions that relate to Africa in fear of being accused of having a bias. He is facing a big challenge. Becoming the President is one thing, performing is a totally different ball game. He has to dot his i and cross his t carefully.

    I find so many Africans in places like Kenya looking to Obama for salvation whereas they should be looking to their leaders and finding ways to improve circumstances in their country. Obama will bring change to the United States. He is not the President of Africans. Africans need to to go through their journey and transitions the same way the US is now finally making progress for the better and healing from its past.

    Look at Congo, Rwanda, Sudan …

  7. I believe Obama becoming the first black president in the United states is good enough to instill in the black man the “yes we can” attitude which he brought into the race.
    The African benefits from this because as Africans we now understand that hard work, determination and a strong self esteem can make a difference anywhere in the world.
    That time has come where the hope, and the fight for change is inevitable and i see Africans embracing it more than everybody else.
    I would like to point out the fact that Barack Obama if he becomes president will be the president of the United States and not the president of Africa and will be expected to protect America’s interest first.
    Our very corrupt leaders will stay in power for life and not even Barack will change that.
    I only hope one of us or most of us will copy Barack and fight for that change we so desperately need in Africa.
    Lizzy Bronte

  8. YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! Hope has been re-born. Shattered dreams have been brought back to life, YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!

  9. I believe President Barack Obama has ushered in some euphoria, some sort of trance-like belief in HOPE!! His campaign and his inevitable success have been built on HOPE… and that I believe is the essence of his message to the world; everyone is supposed to feel a sliver of Hope regardless of the desperate situation in which we find ourselves… Obama’s Success has swept all and sundry into a state of Utopia compelling us to believe!! And I dread that this Utopia is going to be Obama’s Achilles’ heel:

    I withhold my assent from the fact that Obama is going to bring any change in or to Africa, Africans and Africa leaders should learn to prop themselves up, instead of clamouring for support and aid from everyone… dependence has until date been the popliteal notch of African leader, and raising their eyes and staring at Obama like an expectant doe in woe is going to place both Obama and Africans as well as African leaders in a very precarious position. I believe Obama’s influence on the African leaders should stay at the ideological level; he will not leave the wreckage in the USA caused by the previous government to come save Africa from drowning in the flood of ruin, which has been caused by age-old selfishness, idleness and slothful leadership!! Let’s believe in the “Obama-legend” and start working today to achieve a dream like his, because Obama is definitely NOT Africa’s saviour. I am not saying he will neglect the statute of his African descent, I am simply saying let us exalt Obama’s victory and learn from it as Africans, but let us not expect a lot (too much) from him, because right now the expectations are too darn enormous!! And that might equally lead to an enormous disappointment!!

    Dorothy Fohtung
    Cameroonian in Germany

  10. Well yah Obama is the next President of the United States Of America that cannot be neglected,what does this means for Africans in diasporal? is that with hope and conviction in oneself the sky is onl the begining.ObamaHimself said this is the time for everyone of us irrespective of colour or race to stand up and make the world a better lace and now Africans should put or thier dofference behind and join hands in making Africa a better place because not only do we have someone who came out of AAfrica been the strongest man in the world but we must put every effort to make sure that Africa is a better plac where unimmaginable things(good things) i mean can come out from. He(Obama) is about to embark on a journey where he needs everyone of ue supports

  11. Obama is not the president of Africa, but the president of the world! He is not black nor white, but human. That is what makes him one of us. He cannot do for Africa anything we cannot do for ourselves. But my brothers and sisters, he has opened the door. He dared to dream and surpassed all dreams. Then what, oh Lord, what stops us Africans from showing our true potential, from developing our gift from God, Africa! As he said yesterday, this is “OUR” journey, the worlds journey, and we each have a part in it. Obama has already improved Africa. He is AFRICAN and he is the PRESIDENT of the United States of America, the PRESIDENT of the WORLD! And that has done for Africa and Africans what no roads or bridges or skyscrapers could ever do. IT HAS GIVEN US PRIDE!!!!

  12. President Obama’s victory is exhilarating. I think his victory will bring change not only to Africa and Africans but to the whole world. The kind of change that is not necessarily material. He will bring change to the moral of a people. The way Africans and the world view Africans/blacks. To expect him to change Africa in one term is too much to expect. But with time , when Africans realize we can play this game of politics on the same field as the western world, we’ll see talent and success that the world has seen never before.
    I can only hope that in this term, he can effect change in issues like bioenergy. It bothers me to see the movement towards the use of corn as a source of energy to fuel e.g. cars. Western companies including America are buying land in Africa to farm corn for energy. Corn is a major source of food and nutrition amongst the poorest of Africa. So what will happen when we turn corn into a priced commodity like oil? What will the natives survive on? I thought we are fighting world hunger. What will happen to our continent when the war for oil becomes the war for corn? If there isn’t enough oil to sustain the extravagant lifestyle of the western world (using SUVs) , who thinks there is enough land in Africa to produce enough corn to meet the energy demand. The solution, the western world needs to curb its appetite for energy and conserve. Also, the western world needs to stop pretending that use of bioenergy is based on a concept that it is safer for the environment when indeed, it is a concept based on selfish gain. The truth is that they are running out of options…they are running out of oil!!!

  13. Amabel and all u reading,yes it will bring change for Africa and Africans! A black can go to Havard easily,a black can fight and win,a black can stay calm and gain respect in oproar,a black can be black but his/her light can be shinier than Gold.I witnessed History,I will write a whole story on this history and African vibes will receive a copy.My eyes were blurry with tears when i left skul,confused and excited i missed my exit a million times.That is the feeling of change.We cannot be selfish,or afraid or doubt ourselves.Africans need(and i think they are begining to),to know their worth and embrace it.I too can believe and attempt to speak wisdom and it will be heard.I know for a fact that any African can boldy attempt to save the world or some part of the world.MARTIN LUTHER KING’s remains are shaking with pride,Rosa Park’s spirit is roaming and strengthening us.WE cannot stop now,it is time to get ready for an unending and most needed change!!African leaders better be watching.Jesse Jackson saw his dream realised through another brother….I did too and i know we all did…AND SO I BELIEVE THAT IF AFRICANS CAN LEARN ANYTHING FROM THIS EXPERIENCE,THEN IT IS LIKE YOU ASKED-THAT WITH THE HELP OF GOD,AN OBAMA PRESIDENCY CAN N WILL FOR SURE BRING CHANGE TO AFRICA AND AFRICANS!!!GOD IS LOVE!!

  14. President Barack Obama presidency is as significant and historical as the statue of Liberty. Extracted from Emma Lazarus’ poem “The New Colossus,” the plaque at the base of the statue reads:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door”.

    We have all sacrificed and have been confronted with obstacles and faced individual struggles here in the USA. Not to talk of our brothers and sisters in the Motherland. This ranges from racism, discrimination, unemployment, violence, immigration issues and poverty to health concerns.

    President Obama is a man of great intellect, compassion, energy and drive.
    His personal experiences and struggles including the loss of a mother and grandmother to cancer has helped shaped his vision.

    Travelling to various countries including his native country of Kenya was an
    eye-opening exeperience for him. I am confident that he will use his knowledge, skills and abilities to help shape Africa into a continent of endless opportunities in respect to its political, socioeconomic, cultural, financial, and global / market position.

    When he has completed his agenda here in United States and around the world such as ending the war, reestablishing peaceful ties among global nations, taking US out of this recession and back on track with economic growth, financial stability and prosperty etc … He will turn his and everyone’s eyes towards Africa.

    Development, prosperity, political stability, economic growth, improved immigration laws and the focus on health issues in our African nations will START on his watch (time) and by his rules. As we all know no one is in a better position to shape the continent of Africa then President Obama …. a Kenyan American !! Wait, watch and see ! This man will move mountains …

  15. The presidency of the United states of America is an institution not a person. Obama is an American just like other US presidents. in his nomination and elect speech, he made threats and promises and talk of US jingoism . He talk of (defeat) and (encourage).figuratively, talking of war and peace determined by them.he is just another American with a different skin.I am just ok with him because me and and him have same color of skin.But we should not count on USA except their interest is with you, the cannot help you

  16. I know African America and the world will be expecting so much from our new president and if not met with the expectations, they will be disappointed. They have to know that being an African American, president elect Obama will be very careful not to be over streched inorder not to be criticise. Therefore, there are things he won,t be able to do.This is b,c African Americans already are expecting alot fromthe president elect, thinking that all their problems are over by electing an African American.
    We also have to note that, there are things he might willfully not do for the monorities inorder to avoid criticism,therefore it might be difficult for us. Not withstanding that, i think he will be a good president.

  17. No doubt there is joy and euphoria after the epic history event in American history. Obama is now the President of the United states of America and being black is something to the black American. To the ordinary African like others and me, there is no light and no end of the dark tunnel. Africans must first carry out self cleansing and then begin to change a lot of their false policies that have seen choas and confusion become almost a batch of shame for Africans.
    We have organized the most charade and most agonizing elections in the world. Aparthy have now creeped in and elections no longer have any weight or significance. Nobody ever dreams of others coming in to clean his back yard for him. Remember in capitalism there is nothing like free Launch. We have to wear our thinking caps and come to self realisation. Obama is not going to formulate policies. The only thing that has changed in America after this election is leadership and personalities and never policies.
    “People who have succeeded in life have been self propelled and fueled by personal targets and dreams worth achieving” If Africa must dream joining the fast moving dream of changing times, then it must learn from Asian Countries like india and Indonesia. China is another mamba that Africans should dread. It has nothing to offer Africans. We badly need meetings aimed at raising funds and re-awakening the flame of development in Africans.
    Asians are building their economies while our hard earned money is shashed in foreign banks by our thievery leaders called Presidents. What they have shashed abroad in Baden Baden, Swiss banks, Marhattan in Washington, Hongkong in China and other Asian Countries can surfice kick starting giant projects across Africa that can help curb unemployment and engineer growth.” It is believed that where ever a road passed development follows.” As Africans we should crucify greed and allow pity querelling to the background so that our beloved mother land can become once more the model.
    We can not afford to be the craddle of civilization and yet be so poor and miserable. We can not be blessed with all and yet be pauppers and a laughing stock to the rest of the world. The moment has come for Africans to borrow from the Obama campaign slogan” Yes we as Africans can transform Africa to that land of honey and milk” Together we can rebuild the battered bridges in Congo and stop the wars in Uganda, Congo, Chad, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Somalia and Zambabwe. We can call for a ban of all guns and ammunition to Africa.
    In Hait, a group of armless Haitians campaigned against the military and today it has been dissolved. If our brutal military force can be dissolved, then money meant for military ware and guns will then be used for the construction of colleges and Universities. Yes we can do a lot after learning our lessons after the Obama victory in the November 4th,2008 election. Obama may play a role but Africans must be the dynamos and the fuel to keep it alive. We can not afford to count the amount of failed projects that cut across Africa. Aluta continua Victoria accertia. Bravo Africans and Africa the fight is still ours. make man no run.