Top 10 Best Airports in Africa 2024: A Skytrax Guide to Exceptional Air Travel

Best Airports in africa

Discover Africa’s Premier Best Airports – Where Comfort Meets Convenience – In the dynamic realm of air travel, the quality of airports can profoundly impact your journey. Skytrax, a renowned aviation industry reviewer, has released its 2024 rankings for the best airports across Africa, reflecting superior standards in service, facilities, and passenger experience. Here’s a detailed look at the ten top-notch airports leading the way in Africa this year.

1. Durban King Shaka International Airport (South Africa)

Durban King Shaka International Airport (South Africa) - Best Airports

Durban King Shaka International Airport continues to set the benchmark for airport excellence in Africa. With a spacious terminal spanning over 102,000 square meters, it smoothly accommodates 7.5 million passengers annually. Known for its efficiency and high-quality facilities, King Shaka offers a comfortable and seamless travel experience, making it a traveler’s favorite.

2. Marrakech Menara Airport (Morocco)

Best Airports

Marrakech Menara Airport serves as the key gateway to one of Morocco’s most enchanting cities. The airport features two terminals covering 22,000 square meters designed to handle up to 2.5 million passengers per year. Its architectural beauty combined with efficient operations makes it a standout in North Africa.

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3. Kigali International Airport (Rwanda)

Best Airports

Positioned as a central hub in East Africa, Kigali International Airport boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a streamlined design that can manage a capacity of 1.5 million passengers annually. Its importance extends beyond Rwanda, serving as a vital link for travelers to neighboring countries.

4. Port Elizabeth Airport (South Africa)

Best Airports

Linking major South African cities, Port Elizabeth Airport, known for its accessibility and friendly service, facilitates over 1.2 million passengers and more than 800 tons of cargo each year. It offers a range of flights to domestic destinations and is pivotal for regional connectivity.

5. Bloemfontein Airport (Bram Fischer International Airport, South Africa)

Best Airports

Renamed after the anti-apartheid activist Bram Fischer, this airport caters to over 300,000 passengers annually. Known for its exceptional operational standards and customer service, it plays a crucial role in connecting the Free State province with the rest of the country.

6. East London Airport (South Africa)

Best Airports

Though smaller in scale, East London Airport is bustling with activity, supporting 946,000 passengers each year. The airport ensures consistent daily services, making it a key player in South Africa’s aviation landscape, particularly for business and tourism in the Eastern Cape.

7. Entebbe International Airport (Uganda)

Best Airports

Strategically located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe International Airport is famously dubbed the “Airport on the Equator.” It is vital for the region, serving as a primary aerial gateway for Uganda and offering connections to various international destinations.

8. Antananarivo Ivato International Airport (Madagascar)

Best Airports

Following significant upgrades, including a new terminal opened in 2021, Antananarivo Airport now handles over one million passengers annually. These enhancements have dramatically improved the travel experience, marking a significant milestone for the airport.

9. Rabat-Salé Airport (Morocco)

Best Airports
Best Airports -Rabat-Salé Airport (Morocco)

Serving Morocco’s capital, Rabat-Salé Airport doubles as a civilian and military airport. It is essential for both national and regional air traffic, providing a strategic entry point to Rabat and the surrounding areas.

10. Best Airports – Luanda International Airport (Angola)

Best Airports
Best Airports – Luanda International Airport (Angola)

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As Angola’s premier international gateway, Luanda International Airport serves the capital city and plays a critical role in the country’s global connectivity. With modern facilities and services, it supports extensive international flights and continues to grow in importance.

The airports listed in Skytrax’s 2024 ranking exemplify Africa’s commitment to enhancing its aviation infrastructure. As these hubs continue to develop, they not only improve the travel experience but also contribute significantly to the economic development of their respective regions. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, these airports promise a journey marked by comfort and efficiency, setting a high standard for air travel in Africa.

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