Afronista Spotlight: Why Does Judicaelle Irakoze Describe Herself As Ungovernable?

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Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle Irakoze in a pink dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

Women go through a lot of challenges and injustices, especially if they live in developing countries. Whenever there is civil unrest or when a selfish president decides to run for an illegal third time, it is mostly the women and children who end up in refugee camps. It is women who mostly endure psychological suffering from rape.

A lot of fearless feminists have been able to speak up against such injustices. They are not afraid to call out those that perpetrate these injustices on women. One name that comes to mind for such fierce and bold outcry is Judicaelle Irakoze.

Who is Judicaelle Irakoze?

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle Irakoze in a cute black dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

Judicaelle Irakoze is a young fearless, and if we are to use her own words, ‘disruptive and ungovernable’ feminist writer who resides in the USA. Born and raised in Burundi, she knows exactly what it means to carry the tag an ‘African Woman’. She knows that the tag means you are constantly under watch and people will judge you.

You have to learn how to talk, wear, walk and even work like an ‘African Woman’. This means being submissive and not having your own mind or voice—even when you have better decisions than those oppressing you. Her exposure to understanding human rights and feminism all but changed when she moved to the USA for her studies before her 18th birthday.

At the age of 24, Judicaelle had simply broken barriers many thought impossible. She not only got the attention of the president of Burundi but also got herself blacklisted in a country she calls home. Judicaelle is a fierce Afro-political womanist, a feminist writer, a social entrepreneur, a speaker, and an advocate for young women. She is simply a lady who has many hats at her disposal to wear and she often wears them all at once.

Judicaelle Irakoze’s rise to becoming a renowned feminist writer

In 2015, the then president of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza decided to run for office for a third term. This led to protests that resulted in the deaths of around 2,000 people and over 350,000 refugees. There were also gangs targeting families of those protesting Nkurunziza’s move. There were reports of rape, torture, extrajudicial killings, and other crimes against the people of Burundi.

At the time when Burundi was up in flames, Judicaelle was in studying and living in the United States. She penned an article titled ‘Burundi Stop Rape’ and it was published by the Washington Post. In no time, the piece went viral and this contributed to global attention focusing on Burundi. Of course, the article did not sit well with the government and this was how Judicaelle found herself blacklisted.

The decision by the government to blacklist Judicaelle was painful as she never got to attend her grandmother’s burial. All was not lost though, she got the fuel to learn and embrace radical feminism. Since then, she has found herself become a vocal advocate for women around the world and Africa in particular.

The Growth of Judicaelle Irakoze

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle casually dressed in high heels (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

After the ‘Burundi Stop Rape’ article, Judicaelle became a social media sensation. Many people listened to her when it came to issues relating to feminism, human rights, social injustices, and refugee rights. Subsequently, she founded ‘Choose Yourself’, where she is a director. The organization’s aim is to empower the next generation of community leaders. She was a member of the 2019 European Commission Young Leaders as well as a delegate at the International Congress of Youth Voices.

According to Judicaelle’s official website, she has had the chance to work on a number of research projects that range from case study organizing, documenting, monitoring and evaluation. She has also been sought to give baseline recommendations that mainly touch on disruptive community-led changes.

As a global leader, she has worked as a facilitator in projects involving critical analysis and collective organization of different movements. She moderated in the Horasis Global gathering of business leaders and other United Nations summits.

3 Interesting facts about Judicaelle

#1. Angela Davies works led her into feminism

After reading the works of Angela Davies, Judicaelle moved from the idea of female empowerment to the understanding that ‘there are systems that should be dismantled before talking about female empowerment. She went through a phase of constant anger, then started advocacy on social media. Even though she was attacked for it, other women could draw strength from that boldness.

#2. She has a soft spot for refugees

Every time (leaders) sit to make decisions affecting a group of people that don’t have a seat at the table, they should ask themselves if they are making the right decision for those people who aren’t at the table. There is also a disconnect between the big organizations and the Westwood organizers. She doesn’t know how the EU is going to make sure they listen to the refugees but they need to finds ways to get connected to the local problems.

#3. Racism disgusts her

Judicaelle has experienced racism as a black person living in America. She thinks it is important to understand the systems that run the country. This realization dawned on her after she became a victim of a racial attack.

Judicaelle Irakoze’s Iconic fashion pieces

Judicaelle Irakoze
A beautiful orange dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

Judicaelle rocks a chic orange dress with a simple cut design. The dress has one arm sleeve while the spreads out like a butterfly. She accessorizes with some beautiful beads and white shoes to complete the dashing look. If you want to try this, make sure you iron it for a more striking look.

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle in a white top and blue jeans (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

This is one of the casual yet impressive designs rocked by Judicaelle Irakoze. The dark blue jeans compliments the white top that clearly reveals Judicaelle’s beautiful figure.  The leopard print shoes match with the exotic Louis Vuitton bag. This is a casual look is perfect for a sunny day.

Summer Collections

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle in a cute red dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

It is impossible to look at this picture without first noticing the chic black handbag. Judiacaelle rocks a stunning dress here and compliments them with several accessories. This is a unique dress that you can rock when out for a meeting. The cute handbag and black shoes make it more imposing.

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle in a pretty black dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

This is one of the photos that show how eccentric and diverse Judicaelle is when it comes to fashion. Here she rocks a beautiful black dress that is complemented by some gorgeous brown boots. As is mostly the case with her appearances, she has a dashing black handbag among other accessories.

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle wearing a summer dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

If you are out on holiday or enjoying the summer sun then you can try out this stunning look by Judicaelle Irakoze. She rocks a cute yet comfortable dress that makes a great summer essential. The purple bra and brown hat complete this great look.

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle in a beautiful evening dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

This is one of the photos that shows Judicaelle’s great fashion sense. She wears a denim skirt that matches with a denim bra. This look is a great choice when going out in the evening or hanging out with friends. Although this dressing is not African, it shows how versatile Judicaelle can be when it comes to fashion.

Her Casual Look

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judiaelle in a casual look (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

This is one of the images of Judicaelle that shows her love for designer wears. This is a good fashion choice if you are looking to run some errands. She is wearing a unique white shirt with inscriptions paired with a blue denim booty short. A  Christian Dior bag is balanced on her arm.

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle in a beautiful dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

This is another picture that clearly shows Judicaelle Irakoze’s great fashion sense. She wears a multi-colored dress that reveals her beautiful African body.

Judicaelle Irakoze
Judicaelle in a casual look (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

Everyone can easily tell how unique Judicaelle’s shirt is even from afar. The shirt features newspaper cutouts that create a unique design. She pairs it with blue jeans and some brown shoes. As usual, Judicaelle also rocks a beautiful green handbag.

Judicaelle in a stunning animal print dress (Photo credit: Instagram @Judicaelle)

You have to love this pretty animal print dress rocked by Judicaelle. This cute dress is great for evening meet-ups or parties. The dress is complemented by white shoes and a small handbag.


Judicaelle Irakoze is a notable figure in the modern feminist movement. She has stood up for the rights of women and this has made her a global sensation. She continues to write and advocate for women’s rights all over the world. Judicaelle’s confidence in fighting for women’s rights around the world radiates even in her fashion sense. What else do you know about Judicaelle? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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