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African Americans are often told how easily they can fall sick when they visit Africa. For this reason, they become curious and eager to find a good health insurance company when visiting or relocating back to Africaโ€”regardless of the duration of their stay.

Ghana is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Whether you are thinking of visiting or already reside in the country, getting the right health insurance company is highly important to save you the financial strains that come with hospital bills.

An overview of healthcare in Ghana

Health insurance in Ghana
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Ghana has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in Africa because of its National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Before the coming of the NHIS, the country used a โ€˜cash and carryโ€™ scheme. This requires you to pay money before getting access to quality healthcare. The โ€˜cash and carry schemeโ€™ prevented many people from getting quality healthcare services.

The country has approximately 3,500 public, private, and faith-based healthcare facilities. However, according to the World Bank Group, about 57 percent of these facilities are public, 33 percent are private, and 7 percent are operated by the Christian Health Association of Ghana.


Ghana created NHIS in 2003 to abolish the โ€˜cash and carryโ€™ healthcare delivery system. The focus of the NHIS was treating common diseases like malaria, respiratory infections, hypertension, diabetes, etc. People who enroll in this scheme are likely to get healthcare services. However, out-of-pocket expenses are relatively high for many. There are many flexible premiums to help low-income earners in the country, but they have to wait for a longer time for enrollment.

Public healthcare

Ghana has many public hospitals that receive funding from the government. The standard of public healthcare facilities differs in many places in the country. About 31 percent of public health facilities are in urban areas. For instance, in Accra, there are many healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and hospitals. However, rural areas do not have the right healthcare facilities, unlike in urban areas. Even though NHIS are relatively cheaper, many expats still prefer private healthcare.

Private healthcare

Many African Americans relocating to Ghana prefer private health insurance programs because it covers lots of health issues. Private hospitals and health systems provide better healthcare services and modern equipment than public ones โ€“ although the standard of every private health system in the country varies. However, expats relocating to Ghana should opt for a private insurance plan before arriving in the country.

Spotlight On The Top 7 Health Insurance Companies in Ghana

Since private healthcare insurance companies in Ghana are popular due to the better healthcare services they offer, letโ€™s take a look at some of the best. These health insurance companies stand out for one reason or the other. Weโ€™ll highlight all of these.ย 

#7 โ€“ Cosmopolitan Health Insurance Limited

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Cosmopolitan Health Insurance Limited started operations in 2014. It began as a small private company. Now, it is one of the best health insurance companies in Ghana. It has a 3.3 out of 5-star rating, according to customersโ€™ reviews on Google. Also, this insurance company has full license to operate in Ghana. Its aim is to give top-notch services to its members.

#6 โ€“ Apex Health Insurance

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Situated in Accra, Apex Health offers a wide range of healthcare plans ranging from inpatient and outpatient care. It also provides wellness consultation, solutions, pharmaceutical services, diagnostic investigations, surgeries, hospital accommodation, etc. This insurance company is duly licensed by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) under Act, 2012 (Act 852). Apex has a 3.8 out of 5-star rating, according to Google user ratings.

#5 โ€“ Metropolitan Health Insurance Limited

Metropolitan Health Insurance Limited is a five-star, award-winning company. It is also one of the top insurance companies in the country. It offers flexible insurance packages for everyone. Also, Metropolitan Health Insurance Limited gives its members a ten percent refund if a member goes for a year without a claim. According to Google user ratings, Metropolitan has a 3.9 rating out of 5-star.

#4- Kaiser Global

Kaiser is one of the top health insurance companies in Africa
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Kaiser is a fully licensed company based in Accra. It offers a wide range of healthcare coverage for every group. Kaiser is another award-winning health insurance company. It has a composite score of 3.9 out of 5-star rating according to Google reviews.

#3 โ€“ GLICO Healthcare Limited

GLICO is a household brand in Ghana. GLICOโ€™s subsidiary companyโ€”GLICO Healthcare Limitedโ€”was the best health insurance company in 2018. It partnered with Vodafone to offer more robust healthcare services. It is essential to know that GLICO Healthcare Limited was the first Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) incorporated in Ghana. This insurance company has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating, according to customersโ€™ reviews on Google.

#2 โ€“ Phoenix Health Insurance

Phoenix Health Insurance is one of the nationโ€™s largest health insurance providers. Also, it has an excellent rating. According to the Phoenix Health Insurance website,

โ€œPhoenix Healthcare is an accredited healthcare service provider. Over the past six years, we have provided healthcare services to adult individuals and groups with diverse health challenges, in many cases in the comfort of their homes. We have worked with customers in the diaspora who need care for their loved ones at home in Ghana.โ€

This insurance company offers its members flexible insurance plans and specializes in preventive care. It has a 4.9 out of 5-star ratings, according to customersโ€™ reviews on Google.

#1 โ€“ Premier Health Insurance

Premier Health Insurance is a registered private-commercial healthcare insurance scheme under NHIS ACT 2012 (852) of Ghana. The company offers a comprehensive range of packages. The beneficiaries include surgeries, diagnostic scans, lab investigations, etc. According to their website,

โ€œPremier Health Insurance is experienced and well-networked to provide quality and affordable health care delivery to the optimum satisfaction of all members.โ€

This company has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, according to customersโ€™ reviews on Google.

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Final words

So you have it! There is no doubt that there are lots of health insurance companies in Ghana. The healthcare insurance industry in the country is competitive as they all strive to offer the best. Do you want to visit Ghana anytime soon? Get your health insured! Although the media blow the African condition out of proportion, you should never leave your health to chance. Which of the insurance companies do you want to try first? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, if you have tried any of the companies, let us know your experience.ย 

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