5 Accessories From Safari Curios That Will Earn You An Afronista Stamp Of Approval

Gonerural Necklace

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Afronista? Donning a certain type of dress or hairstyle? Well, it is a bit of all your appearance. Have you been looking for a way to earn our Afronista stamp of approval? Well, Gone Rural is giving you a chance to be more than just an Afronista. It is a chance for you to impact the lives of the rural dwellers while advancing your African style.

Gone Rural is spearheading an initiative that encourages the use of local craft to create beautiful African pieces. Some of the local craftswomen that are part of the initiative are seeing improving finances and better livelihood. Additionally, the initiative is helping to promote African culture beyond the shores of the continent.

Some Afronistaโ€™s rock their look with creative African style print outfits and headwraps while others use subtle accents to make a bold statement. Below is a list of 5 of our favorite items from the South African brand, Gone Rural โ€“ Safari Curios that will earn you an Afronista stamp of approval while developing and empowering women in rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa).

5 Simple Afronista Accents that Make a Statement

There is no way you can beat your chest as an Afronista if you donโ€™t have one of the following in your closet. The good thing with these accessories is that they blend with virtually any African attire.

Afronista Kitchen Accents

Out with the boring, in with the exotic. Living Afronista is not a โ€˜some daysโ€™ thing, it is an all-day thing. One way to incorporate the Afronista lifestyle is with a beautiful Zulu woven telephone wire bowl. You can use it to serve fruits or just as an accent piece in your home. It comes in different sizes.

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Afronista Statement Necklace

The Gone Ruralย Traditional African Zulu beaded necklaceAfrican Style is a statement piece. There arenโ€™t too many ways that can say โ€œI am proud of my African identityโ€ better than this delightful, authentic hand-made Zulu accessory.

African Style

Afronista Bold colored accessories

This colorful round Zulu multi-color beaded necklaceAfrican Styleย is all about boldly declaring your identity. It is beautiful and regal. It gives a boost to monotone outfits and accents bright-colored items.

Gonerural Necklace

Afronistaย African Styleย Stacked bracelets

Stacking beaded bangles is a lovely way to scream Afronista without trying. These bangles come in many colors and styles. Mix and match different types to create more interest with these African Zulu beaded large banglesAfrican Style. One important feature of Zulu accessories is their flamboyant colors.

Afronista African Style Jazzy Headbands

The Safari Curios headband may be subtle but it adds the noticeable element that says, โ€œAfronista in the houseโ€. You can don any outfit and simply put on your headband and that is enough to Afronize any look.

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ย African Zulu beaded wide Alice band โ€“ Sky collectionAfrican Style African Zulu beaded thin Alice band โ€“ Purple/white/gun-metalAfrican Style
African Style

The women behind Gone Rural โ€“ Safari Curios

The aim of the Safari Curios brand is to continue helping, developing and empowering women in rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), who otherwise would have no means of earning a living other than from social grants. They have over 80 women making bead and telephone wire crafts in rural areas. Most are the primary breadwinners in their families. Typically, the women support ten people including their own children and extended family members.

Safari Curios shares the traditional skills of these South African women passed down generations to create contemporary and unique African pieces that are fashionable, fresh, and wearable in everyday life.

Sponsored By: Gone Rural โ€“ Safari Curios

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