If you are a sucker for headgear, Yassmin Abdel-Magied is one of the celebrities that you should be following. She manages to pull off incredible knots using a variety of materials. Below are some of her appearances that caught our attention.

Yassmin gazing into the sky (photo credit: www.yassminam.com)

Yassmin must have a special place where she orders such beautiful fabric from. She seems to know what suits her too. Wrapping this tough but beautifully embroidered cloth around her hair severally, while leaving a couple of strands from the rough edges of the fabric to fall on the left side of her face, is definitely the look for those who want to blend casual and official look.

Yassmin Abdel
Yassmin Abdel-Magied striking gorgeous poses (photo credit: The New Arab)

This tie and dye multicolored silk fabric is very pretty with a sensual touch to it. Yassmin wraps the scarf from back to front, ending in a complex bow. Could be used to complement a bikini or sleeveless dress. Also, for dinner or clubbing, this headgear would do the trick.

Yassmin on blue and matching scarf (photo credit: www.yassminam.com)

Here is a beautifully embroidered blue fabric, nicely knotted directly on the top of the head. The wrap highlighted her features, further exposing her beauty. One thing is obvious here. When done right, headscarves can change the contour of your face and enhance your look.

Twist and wrap

Yassmin Abdel
Yassmin Abdel-Magied glowing in pink (photo credit: Nettavisen)

A stretchy headwrap is the right choice if you intend to cover your hair completely and still look chic. It appears like several styles merged in one. This multicolored wrap mixed with beautiful embroidery just makes it look even more glamorous. Yassmin wears it quite beautifully too.

Yassmin Abdel
Yassmin Abdel  (Photo credit: Yassmin official Instagram)

Beige has a way of making things look soft smooth and gentle. A stretchy headwrap of fine beige and silver knotted together certainly says it is time for business. Remember, the more wrapper there is to go around the better. This must be one of Yassmin’s favorites because you will see more of this style in different colors.

Top knot

Yassmin wearing a lightbrown headwrap in a top knot style (photo credit: www.Yassmin.com)

Wrapped around the head and neatly knotted to stand tall, this brown turban on its own speaks volumes. Jada Pinkett Smith actually rocked a similar headwrap during one of her interviews. Looking at Yassmin, it seems everyone needs to give it a shot.

More twist and wrap

Yassmin Abdel-Magied at a book signing event
Yassmin Abdel-Magied at a book signing event (Photo credit: Amaliah.com)

There’s never enough pink for it to be too pinky. Yassmin definitely knows that. This light see through fabric of beige and light pink sure compliments all the bright colors around her. Obviously, your headgear should be part of your fashion.

More top knot

Yassmin Abdel
Yassmin Abdel looking chick in contrasting colors (Photo credit: www.Yassmin.com)

This tergal green turban wrapped to form a knot at the front of the head feel like a crown. It looks simple but we can bet it would take you a long time to perfect. Don’t forget to wear it with a bold smile like Yassmin Abdel-Magied and you will surely be irresistible.

Complex wraps

Yassmin Abdel
One of the most complex headwrap worn by Yassmin Abdel-Magied (Photo credit: Virgin)

Some things are just astonishing to behold such that you lack the words to express how you feel. This Yellow and light blue turban is one of such sights. It’s really hard to explain how to knot this. Perhaps, you can give it a try and explain the process in the comment box below.

Yassmin Abdel
Yassmin Abdel putting forward a fist (Photo credit: www.Yassmin.com)

Behold this very pretty red scarf wrapped carefully to fully expose the design and beads in all their beauty. No need for words. Just feast your eyes and imagine this heardscarf idea on that new outfit you just bought.

Yassmin Abdel
Yassmin Abdel-Magied striking a pose on purple stairs (Photo credit: www.Yassmin.com)

Expressing oneself can be done in several ways. Through our speech, clothes, shoes, and in Yassmin’s case, headgear. What are you trying to say? The choice is yours. You can be subtle or loud. In this case the message is sutle yet strong. I am a woman of class, strength, beauty, and many hidden gifts. The headwrap here resembles the gele which is famous among Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria.

Yassmin Abdel
Wearing a frong knot with broad smile (Photo credit: www.Yassmin.com)

Every Woman wears a headgear at one point in her life—whether as a child or an adult. The difference is in how you wear it. Knowing how to wrap a beautifully designed scarf to form a knot is no child’s play. But as soon as you succeed, you realize it was worth the hassle.

African touch

Yassmin Abdel
Yassmin Abdel giving a speech (Photo Credit: Conor McCabe Photography)

The beautiful design on this turban is similar to the one Gabrielle Union and her daughter had during a photoshoot at their mansion. It is usually a mash of two different fabrics. The blend is cool and nice. The big question is, can you rock it as perfectly as Yassmin?

Yassmin Abdel
Matching African print wear with headgear (Photo credit: www.Yassmin.com)

Bold and beautiful is what comes to mind at the sight of this image. The checkered fabric is typical of African print. Yassmin Abdel-Magied does something phenominal by matching her dress with her headgear. This is one of the easiest headgear style you can learn from Yassmin.

Yassmin Abdel
Yassmin Abdel-Magied blends pink with black and white ( photo Credit: JadetJia )

Some colors just make you feel warm on the inside like on the outside. This headwrap makes it easier for every other piece to fall in place. Like saying the story is now complete. This is yet another simple headgear wrap worn over animal print.


Just like Yassmin, if your plan is to keep your beautiful hair covered at all times or even occasionally for whatsoever reason, any of these beautifully arranged headgear styles will do the trick. Guess you now know that it is possible to match your dress and headgear and still look cool. Which of her headgear style stood out for you? Let us know in the comment box below.