20 Top Ghanaian Fashion Bloggers

Did you know that fashion is one of the earliest forms of human expression? Now you know! Basically, fashion is described as a form of self-expression at a given period of time through lifestyle, clothing, hairstyle, accessories, footwear, and body posture among others. On the other hand, fashion bloggers mainly analyze various fashion trends and share their ideas and experiences using written blogs on social media platforms.

In that light, Ghana’s fashion industry has grown rapidly recently. As a country with great riches in diverse traditions and cultures, Ghana is determined to make an impact in the fashion industry as well. The diverse ethnic groups living in this endowed country together with fashion lovers from all over the world have led to the huge growth of the country as a producer and consumer in the fashion industry. Today we feature 20 top Ghanian fashion bloggers who are setting standards in the African fashion industry and beyond.

#1. Akosua Vee

Akosua Vee chilling out
Akosua Vee chilling out (Photo Credit: Instagram @oxty_impressions)
  • Instagram page: @aakosua_vee
  • Posts: 14 posts
  • Followers: 788k

Vee is a mum, a wife, and most importantly a skilled fashion blogger worth a slot in this post. Akosua Vee was born in April 1987, in Ghana. Her formal name is Violet Bannerman Quaye. Her career as a fashion blogger started out normally just like many other bloggers out there. Eventually, her fashion styles were noticed by celebrity Nana Ama Mcbrown who requested her to be her stylist. Since then her star started shining and she has dressed other celebrities like Claudia Limuor and Irene Logan.

#2. Lharley Lartey

Fashion blogger Lharley Lartey posing for a photo
Fashion blogger Lharley Lartey posing for a photo (Photo Credit: Instagram @_lharley_)
  • Instagram page: @_lharley_
  • Posts: 405 posts
  • Followers: 321k

Born Lydia Laurey Laryea in Ghana, this beautiful young woman has done a lot in the fashion industry. She believes she was born for the camera and many will concur with her. In 2018, she won the Glitz Style Award. This award seeks to reward celebrities who manage to raise the bar as far as fashion style standards are concerned. It also recognizes fashion influencers who set fashion trends. Apart from creating digital content, Lharley Lartey is also a host for @#letsdodrinks and @mkaliafrica.

#3. Hamdeeya

Hamdiya Hamid posing for a photo during the holidays
Hamdiya Hamid posing for a photo during the holidays (Photo Credit: Instagram @abdul__fatahi)
  • Instagram page: @mss.deee
  • Posts: 612 posts
  • Followers: 24.7k

For Hamdeeya whose official name is Hamdiya Hamid, fashion doesn’t have to be indecent. Her style brings out modesty in the modern world. She refers to herself as a modest style enthusiast, beauty and lifestyle content creator. Her main interest as a fashion blogger is to educate, entertain and inspire. As a Muslim, she ensures that her fashion styles remain modest despite being trendy and chic. Hamdeeya is also the founder of a clothing brand called ibisastyles.

#4. Steloo

Fashion bloggers

  • Instagram page: @steloolive
  • Posts: 92 posts
  • Followers: 3,256k

Apart from storming the airwaves with your favorite music, Steloo will also give you a tip or two on how to be stylish in your own way. Although his sense of style does not comply with social norms, he surely has a unique and unpopular fashion inclination. Interestingly, his style portrays self-confidence and resonates well with the enthusiastic nature of Accra’s streets. Steloo is also popularly known for his sound, performance, and DJ act. Have a look at more of his work here @#Steloo#Steloolive#FashionDJ .

#5. Papa Oppong

Papa Oppong excited to receive his copy of Voix Meets Mode magazine
Papa Oppong excited to receive his copy of Voix Meets Mode magazine (Photo Credit: Instagram @iamasephua)
  • Instagram page: @papaoppong
  • Posts: 162 posts
  • Followers: 19.9k

Papa Oppong is a different and interesting kind of fashion blogger. In fact, he is a fashion storyteller. He has successfully and uniquely married fashion and art. His background in visual arts and textiles enables him to become an astute fashion designer and illustrator. In 2015, he was featured on CNN as an emerging talent. He was also among 8 designers who were selected to participate in a fashion incubator by Macy which took place in Washington D.C. One year later his ‘A Celebration of Makola’ collection was exhibited in one of Macy’s stores. Later on, Papa Oppong was featured on Voix Meets Mode magazine which showcased his work and vividly describes his art journey.

#6. Afua Rida

Fashion blogger Afua Rida posing for a photo
Fashion blogger Afua Rida posing for a photo (Photo Credit: Instagram @afuarida)
  • Instagram page: @afuarida
  • Posts: 1,687 posts
  • Followers: 128k

Afua Rida is a Ghanian model, stylist, and fashion blogger who portrays great splendor in all her work. She gives handy advice on how to clad and look great in all your events be they formal or casual. She has also taken it upon herself to mentor other upcoming stylists and models. Apart from fashion blogging, Rida is a consultant and a runway producer. She is also a co-founder of House of Cramer, which is a styling firm. Being appointed as the Head Stylist of ‘An African City’ a popular TV series in Ghana, and scooping the Glitz Africa Magazine award for the Fashion Blogger of the Year 2015, were her biggest career breaks. Visit her blog Styled by Rida to see more of her work.

#7. Sarf Bort

Street fashion Blogger Sarf Bort posing for a photo
Street fashion blogger Sarf Bort posing for a photo (Photo Credit: @sarf_bort)
  • Instagram page: @sarf_bort
  • Posts: 58 posts
  • Followers: 11k

One of the ways that youths like expressing themselves is through fashion. Sarf Bort has put this into consideration and he uses color themes to determine his fashion choices. Apparently, the youth resonate very well with his fashion style which is mainly street fashion. His work expressly shows how young people are coming up with new creative ideas and using them to suit their desired fashion styles. Yevu Clothing is one of Sarf Bort’s engagements. It is a clothing label made in Ghana which works to ensure that women are empowered economically so as to make a transformative impact in society.

#8. Jihane Chagraoui

Fashion blogger Jihane Chagraoui showcasing a brown leather top
Fashion blogger Jihane Chagraoui showcasing a brown leather top (Photo Credit:

Jihane has been a fashion enthusiast since when she was young. She always felt obliged to offer fashion advice to her family and friends. It is therefore obvious why she chose fashion blogging as a career. Her blog is called She claims that fashion blogging is lucrative and Africa is the next stop as far as fashion matters are concerned. Jihane also doubles up as a style consultant and is making her impact in the African fashion industry. Her main inspiration is to see beautifully clad ladies.

#9. Hayet Rida

Hayet Rida in a happy moment
Hayet Rida in a happy moment (Photo Credit: Instagram @hayet.rida)
  • Instagram page: @hayet.rida
  • Posts: 2,079 posts
  • Followers: 107k

African women were initially classified as plus size due to their curvaceous bodies. That’s not a bad thing but over time their clothing style was neglected as the fashion industry focused on petite body sizes. Hayet Rida is one of the fashion bloggers who chose to fill that gap. She is also a stylist and a plus-size model. She exudes so much positive energy and encourages women in Ghana and all over the world to be proud of who they are. Get to see more of her work and personal styles at

#10. Tracy Jamilatu Iddrisu 

Blogger Tracy Jamilatu Iddrissu feeling jovial
Blogger Tracy Jamilatu Iddrissu feeling jovial (Photo Credit: Instagram @chocolate_shot_it)

Tracy Jamilatu Iddrisu popularly known as Empress Jamila, is a Ghanaian stylist, personal blogger, and shopper. Her prowess in fashion styles has given her the opportunity to dress prominent people in her home country as well as international clients. Some of her clients include Shirley Frimpong-Manso a Film Director/Producer, songstress Efya, Becca among others. Empress Jamila is also into other businesses like Empress Events, Empress jamila Limited which deals with home electrical gadgets, Empress Jamila Styles, and The Empress Jamila Effect.

#11. Amoafoa

Fashion blogger Amoafoa looking her best
Fashion blogger Amoafoa looking her best (Photo Credit: Instagram @_amoafoa)
  • Instagram page: @_amoafoa_
  • Posts: 563 posts
  • Followers: 13k

From the time she was fourteen years old, Amoafoa knew what she really wanted to do with her life. So when the opportunity presented itself, she was ready to hit the road running. Her blog, Amoafoa, named after her, is the avenue that she uses to explore her love for self-care and visual art. Through the blog, she shares ideal fashion styles and helpful tips that come in handy especially for black African women. Amoafoa has gone beyond just writing blogs but also shares her advice on her YouTube channel.

#12. Yakubu Sheilla

Young fashion blogger Yakubu Sheilla in all her glamour
Young fashion blogger Yakubu Sheilla in all her glamour (Photo Credit: Instagram @_under__cover)

Yakubu Sheilla is another young and beautiful Muslim woman who has gone all out to bring modest yet modern and stylish fashion styles to the world. The key to making it in this section of the fashion industry is to abide by the set rules of Muslimah fashion. On her social pages and blogs, Yakubu shares her elegant and modest fashion styles that any woman can manage comfortably. She proves that women can be fashionable and modest at the same time. She shares much more on her YouTube channel. Apart from blogging, she also runs an events decor business.

#13. Daniel Quist

Daniel Quist chilling out
Daniel Quist chilling out (Photo Credit: Instagram @getupstandout)

Though Daniel Quist began his career on a totally different path, his love for trendy and unique outfits opened a new door for him. After finishing his film course, Daniel secured a job as a club promoter. His stylish outfits were appealing to his friends and the clubbers in general. Eventually, they started asking for what he was wearing and that is how he found himself in the fashion industry. His choice of outfits has bold colors and they are mainly custom made. He also couples up as an events organizer for live radio shows, talks, and performances and runs an online fashion shop @ de fortyfive.

#14. Neal Davids

Fashion bloggers

  • Instagram page: @neal__davids
  • Posts: 129 posts
  • Followers: 5,978k

In 2014, Neal Davids managed to design a brand known as Doneal which makes accessories and clothes inspired by real-life and artistic scenarios of Ghana. Neal sought to supply the demand of his local clients. He has made major strides in the fashion industry as a creative entrepreneur, fashion designer, and stylist. However, he says that the going has not been easy and he will remain faithful to his Ghanaian roots. Do you know that Neal Davids is also a Laboratory Medic? Find out more on his Facebook account and also check out his blog here.

#15. Karen Kash Kane

Fashion blogger and stylist Karen Kash Kane looking glamorous
Fashion blogger and stylist Karen Kash Kane looking glamorous (Photo Credit: Instagram @karenkashkane)

From a popular wardrobe stylist to media personality, to CEO of Kash Boutique and Salon, Karen Kash Kane jungles many hats on a daily basis. Her career has seen her brush shoulders with prominent people like Joselyn Dumas and Berla Mundi among others. In 2005, she participated in Miss Malaika Beauty Pageant contestant. A clear indication of her passion for the fashion industry from a young age. Karen is a proud mother of one and a loving wife. She also shares her experiences and fashion ideas on her YouTube channel.

#16. Nuel Bans

Nuel Bans posing for the camera
Nuel Bans posing for the camera (Photo Credit: Instagram @nuelbans)
  • Instagram page: @nuelbans
  • Posts: 918 posts
  • Followers: 14.9k

After trying to secure jobs for a long period of time unsuccessfully, Nuel Bans, whose real name is Ekuban Emmanuel, finally got a job as a fashion assistant. Interestingly, that’s all he needed to start souring high in the fashion industry. Later on, he became the editor of Debonair Afrik, a popular African-based digital magazine that mainly covers lifestyle and fashion stories. Although he admits that his heart is in fashion and not digital content, the digital publication has continually done well, thanks to his brother and friends who helped him maneuver the digital space. Nuel Bans’ fashion style is unique in that he does not follow fashion rules and dogmas to the latter. This allows him to create attires that make a bold statement.

#17. Jessica Konney

Fashion blogger Jessica Konney posing for the camera
Fashion blogger Jessica Konney posing for the camera (Photo Credit:Instagram @sharon_o_photography)
  • Instagram page: @dje_djelyn
  • Posts: 1,629 posts
  • Followers: 7,279k
For Jessica Konney, fashion was just a hobby and so she started her blog @trendsandblendsgh just for fun. Little did she know that her hobby would later on turn to be her full-time career. Her style as a fashion blogger is different in that she prefers to share trending African fashion news and hold events like interviews, publicity, and consultations rather than showcasing fashion styles. Jessica is also a media executive at Trends&Blends.

#18. Eryam

Fashion Blogger cum stylist Eryam
Fashion Blogger cum stylist Eryam (Photo Credit: Instagram @ _its_eyramgh)

Eryam is among the fashion bloggers or influencers who have done a lot in making an impact in the fashion industry. No wonder she has a huge following. She majors in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty topics. Eryam is a proud mother and a wife. The beautiful yellow print cape dress she is wearing for example is from Akorwa’s Wardrobe. Get to learn more about her fashion work on her Instagram page.

#19. Abena Aboagyewaa Budu-Boafo

Abena Aboagyewaa Budu-Boafo upcoming fashion blogger and influencer
Upcoming fashion blogger and influencer Abena Aboagyewaa Budu-Boafo (Photo Credit: Instagram @ms_budu)
  • Instagram page: @ms_budu
  • Posts: 240 posts
  • Followers: 107k

This list could not be complete without showcasing some of the new and upcoming fashion bloggers or influencers. One of the very promising is Abena Aboagyewaa Budu-Boafo who is a young woman determined to make it in the fashion industry. In 2018, when she was just 19 years old and still a college student, she participated in the Miss Malaika Ghana pageant which was a dream come true for her.

 #20. Boylondonn

Boy London basking in the sun
Boylondonn basking in the sun (Photo Credit: Instagram @apartment4studios)
  • Instagram page: @boylondonn_
  • Posts: 1,028 posts
  • Followers: 22.4k
Hopefully, Boylondonn can see the future and what it holds for him and fellow upcoming fashion bloggers, stylists, and influencers. So far he is doing well as portrayed in his Instagram and Facebook pages. The sky is the limit for him and in his own words “the higher you go, the humble you must become”.


It is crystal clear that the fashion industry in Ghana and in Africa at large is growing like never before. All the featured fashion bloggers in this article have done a tremendous job in ensuring that Africa as a continent shines for all to see. These creative men and women are focusing on putting Ghana, and by extension Africa, on the map. In fact, there is also a lot more to gain in this industry that is worth billions of money. Who is your favorite Ghanaian fashion blogger? Let us know in the comment box below.

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