17 Small Kitchen Design Ideas For Young Moms

Everyone will naturally love a big kitchen with sky-high ceilings and great space. However, we don’t always get what we want. In fact, some really big apartment buildings still have small kitchens. This could be very distressing especially to young moms. A small cooking space can trigger claustrophobia. How do they cope? It really boils down to having a great kitchen design.

Due to rising economic challenges, young couples are choosing smaller apartments with smaller rooms. A great kitchen design gives the perception of space and also helps you to manage space. Today we explore17 different kitchen designs to help African-American moms achieve this spacious feel. Some of them may look a little bit sophisticated but are easy to pull off.

#1. Use Floating Shelves

Image Showing Floating Shelf Kitchen Design Idea
Floating Shelf Kitchen Design Idea (Image Source: Home Design Lover)

Creating space in your kitchen while making your kitchen fashionable is achievable using wall-hung shelves. One creative way of doing this is by mounting shelves on different heights and in random places on the wall. For instance, your prep area can have a high shelf while your cabinet area can have lower ones. This will ensure that you don’t bump your head while working in the kitchen. The design of every shelf should be customized for different kitchen wares.

#2. Install Bright Lighting

Led Kitchen Lighting (Image Source: Lumega)

Bright and colorful lights could act as mood enhancers. In your small kitchen design. The orientation of kitchen lighting should focus more on work areas to reduce the possibility of accidents. You should consider modern lighting systems like those provided by Lumega. According to the company, these lights have dim functionality for both cooking and guest conditions. They are also made of LED bulbs that last longer and give a warm feel. Creating the right mood with lights can overshadow the effect of the kitchen size.

#3. Add a Bit of Nature

Image showing plant inclusion in kitchen design
Plant Inclusion in Kitchen Design (Image Source: Pexels)

Plants are great components of the outdoors. Having one as a part of your small kitchen design can produce a sense of space. Beyond that, a beautiful vase in a convenient spot with an equally beautiful plant in it will play a great aesthetic role. Also, plants can purify the kitchen air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. You can find 8 of the best kitchen plants on Kitchn. They include English ivy, aloe vera among others.

#4. Utilize Concealed Cabinets

Image showing kitchen design with concealed cabinets
Concealed Cabinets Kitchen Design Idea (Image Source: Pexels)

Every small kitchen needs concealed cabinets for cutleries, plates, and even kitchen appliances. It declutters the kitchen which could make it look smaller. You’ll know where to find utensils when you need them. Concealed cabinets can be integrated with pull or touch-to-open functions. The latter is great for bringing a tech feel to your little cooking space.

#5. Avoid a large Number of Utensils

With a small kitchen, it is important to only buy what you need. Having a bunch of plates you don’t need is unnecessary. Most often, a few different sets are enough unlike the huge numbers found in many kitchens. Keeping a lot of unneeded plates leads to reduced storage spaces, stuffed work areas, and the possibility of accidents. Asides from the physical disadvantages, purchasing a lot of utensils can be financially strenuous too.

#6. Consider a Pull-out Pantry

Image showing Pull Out Pantry
Pull Out Pantry (Image Source: Arova)

A roll or pull-out pantry moves on a slide and allows access to items at the back of a cabinet-which is normally beyond reach. This is a good design idea, especially where quick and easy access is required. Using a pull-out pantry will ensure that you don’t have to take out items from a cabinet one after the other mid-cooking. Since they also have several layers, a pull-out pantry is great for conserving space. Some can be built to embed into the wall to create more room in the kitchen.

#7. Keep Only Relevant Appliances on the Counter

There’s no point turning your kitchen into a showroom for appliances especially when it’s a small one. Appliances that you do not use 3 out of 7 days a week should be on the kitchen counter. This is not just important for utilizing space but also to avoid personal damage to appliances from an accident. For example, a small bread toaster, an oven, and a portable microwave should be tucked away when not in use to create space on the counter.

#8. Choose an Inspiring Color

Image showing kitchen color design idea
Kitchen Color Design Idea (Image Source: Home Designing )

Sometimes, colors do the trick. Brighter colors tend to create an illusion of space than darker colors. However, it is more about the effect of the color on your mood than just aesthetics. Also, it is possible to use two different tones of your final pick. For instance, your prep area can darker hue while your cabinets take on a lighter hue.

#9. Avoid Bulky Utensils

This is just as straightforward as it sounds. Avoid bulky utensils. Having oversized pots or coolers will only take up valuable storage space in your cabinets. Also, many bulky utensils could lead to a crowded work area or bumpy walkways in your kitchen.

#10. Install Large Windows

Image showing kitchen with large widows that open wide
Kitchen with Large Windows (Image Source: Housely)

Small kitchens have a higher tendency of heating up or becoming stuffy. Installing large windows in your small kitchen design improves airflow to keep it fresh. This is particularly important if any member of the home is asthmatic.

#11. A Little Artwork to Inspire

Inspiring wall art kitchen design idea
Inspiring Kitchen Wall Art Design Idea (Image Source: Ideal Home)

Whether you are a superstar in the kitchen or not, a little artwork can inspire you to do more. It can be a framed quote by a famous chef or your cooking experiences. The main goal is to choose artworks that don’t only add to aesthetics but also inspire. Your kitchen can easily become a place to build memories. Eventually, the excitement of the memories overshadows the small size.

#12. Introduce Multi-purpose Furniture

Image showing multi-purpose furniture for small kitchen design
Multipurpose Kitchen Table Design Idea (Image Source: Home Designing)

For a small kitchen design, you cannot overlook the importance of introducing multi-purpose furniture. For example, your kitchen table can be designed to double as a small dining table. Creatively combining multiple pieces of furniture effectively limits the space that they occupy and gives you more room.

#13. Use a Marble Finish

Image showing Marble Countertop Kitchen Design Idea
Marble Countertop (Image Source: OfDesign)

Just because you are stuck with a small kitchen doesn’t mean it should be messy. Most often, the best way to do this is by using a marble finish. In fact, as far as getting your kitchen surfaces to be smooth, shiny, and beautiful is concerned, marble is the first option. It is water-resistant, durable, and strong. Thus, you can expect it to outlast the price.

#14. Convert the Kitchen to a Bedsitter

Converting a small kitchen to a bedsitter cam create space
Converting a small kitchen to a bedsitter can create space (Photo credit:

An extreme small kitchen idea is to turn it into a bedsitter. No doubt, this is a project that will have a huge financial implication in the short term. However, it will guarantee you more kitchen space and give you the freedom to install a few heavy appliances. Just make sure you have the right to transform the apartment.

#15. Make do with a Smart Setup

A smart setup is the right use of space when carrying out your small kitchen design. For instance, let’s say you have a whole lot of cabinets, appliances, and utensils to fit into your kitchen. A smart setup will mean that you separate all of them into two categories; short and tall. After doing this, the next step is to fit everything in the short category on one side of your kitchen and everything in the tall category on a different side. It brings a sense of space to the kitchen.

#16. Install a Mirror Backsplash

Image showing Backsplash Kitchen Design Idea
Backsplash Kitchen Design Idea (Image Source: Elle Decor)

After fitting marble countertops and using dazzling color tones in your kitchen, a mirror backsplash is the perfect finish. This mirror backsplash, if done right, will beautifully reflect the entire kitchen giving your brilliant setup a second side. The kitchen will appear double the size due to the illusion created by the mirror.

#17. Consider a Disappearing Kitchen

Image Showing Disappearing a Kitchen
Disappearing Kitchen Design Idea (Image Source: Remodelista)

What is better than having a cooking space only when you need to use one? Well, disappearing kitchen grants that magical wish. In this setup, most features of your kitchen will be made to flush into a wall compartment leaving little or no traces. The benefits of this are tremendous including hitting the top on space conservation. This is definitely a worthy consideration for your small kitchen design.

Final Word

Just like apartments, kitchens come in varying sizes that are often not what we would have loved. Regardless, we can still make it look like what we want, not in terms of size but in feeling. We are glad to help you with 17 amazing kitchen design ideas that will help you to stop feeling stuck. Which of our small kitchen design ideas struck you? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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