Love Coffee? Then You Must Try These 10 African Coffee Brands. Thank Us Later

Africa, a continent renowned for its rich cultural tapestry, is also home to some of the worldโ€™s most exquisite coffee beans. With diverse climates and unique terrains, African countries produce coffee beans with distinct flavors and aromas that are unparalleled. From the robust beans of Ethiopia to the aromatic brews of Kenya, African coffee offers a symphony of tastes for every palate.

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10 Best African Coffee Brands To Try

african coffee brands

After an extensive sampling of various brands, weโ€™ve curated a list of the top 10 African coffee brands that every coffee enthusiast must try. Dive in and discover the aromatic treasures that the African continent has to offer. Whether youโ€™re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a newbie looking to explore, these brands promise a journey of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

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1 โ€“ Kahawa 1893

african coffee brands

Kahawa 1893, named after the year coffee returned to Africa for cultivation, is a brand that champions the Kenyan women who, despite doing 90% of the coffee labor, historically owned only 1% of the land. Each Kahawa bag features a QR code allowing customers to tip these women directly. The brandโ€™s exceptional coffee was introduced to the world on โ€œShark Tankโ€ in 2022.

Best Kahawa 1893 Picks

2 โ€“ Java Sunrise Coffee

Java Sunrise Coffee encapsulates the rich diversity of African coffee. Sourced from sustainable farms, each cup is a journey through Africaโ€™s unique coffee landscapes. Beyond the authentic flavors, their commitment shines in eco-friendly packaging and support for the One Earth Philanthropy charity. Itโ€™s not just about savoring a great brew; itโ€™s about making a difference with every sip. Their blends, like the African Kahawa, offer a symphony of notes from floral to citrus. For those seeking more than just coffee, Java Sunrise offers a blend of taste, tradition, and impact.

Best Java Sunrise Coffee Picks

3 โ€“ Safari Pride Coffee

african coffee brands

Safari Pride Coffee goes beyond the celebrated East African blends, introducing the unique flavors of other countries such as Cameroon, Burundi, DR Congo and Malawi. Ethically sourced from volcanic regions, their beans are handpicked and roasted to perfection. With each sip, embark on a journey that celebrates both the renowned and the lesser-known coffee treasures of Africa.

Best Safari Pride Coffee Picks

4 โ€“ Habasha Hand Roasted Coffee

african coffee brands

Habasha Coffee embodies the rich Ethiopian heritage, taking us back to the very roots of coffee. Their dedication to traditional hand roasting not only preserves but elevates the beanโ€™s authentic flavors. Sourced directly from Hรคbeลกha farmers and crafted in small batches, itโ€™s a genuine taste of tradition we canโ€™t resist.

Best Habasha Hand Roasted Coffee Picks

5 โ€“ Split Oak Coffee

african coffee brands

Split Oak Coffeeโ€™s dedication to hand-roasting and small-batch production ensures quality in every cup. While all their offerings impressed us, their Bourbon Barrel Coffee, aged in Bear Gully Classic Reserve bourbon barrels, was particularly memorable with its rich notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. Dive into Split Oak Coffee for a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Best Split Oak Coffee Picks

6 โ€“ Volcanica Coffee

african coffee brands

Dive into the world of Volcanica Coffee, a specialty roaster bringing you the finest brews from volcanic regions. From the renowned Kenya AA to the rare Tanzanian Peaberry grown on Mount Kilimanjaroโ€™s slopes, each cup promises a unique, rich flavor. With over 130 varieties, freshly roasted in Atlanta, itโ€™s an exotic coffee loverโ€™s dream.

Best Safari Pride Coffee Picks

african coffee brands

7 โ€“ Cooperโ€™s Cask Coffee

Dive into the world of John & Jason, the masterminds behind Cooperโ€™s Cask Coffee. Experience the magic of grade 1 beans, meticulously roasted and aged for unparalleled flavor. From the Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee with its bright and clean cup with accents of peaches, strawberries, and a touch of Dutch chocolate, to the Rum Barrel Aged Coffee with its rich cocoa complexity and notes of spice, vanilla, and oak, Cask Coffee is for the true coffee connoisseur, looking for something truly original and exceptional

Best Safari Pride Coffee Picks

8 โ€“ Moka Origins Coffee

african coffee brands

Founded by Jeff Abella and Ishan Tigunait after a transformative visit to Cameroon, Moka Origins is more than a brandโ€”itโ€™s a mission. Deep in Cameroonโ€™s Northwest Region, theyโ€™ve built a sustainable farm from scratch, turning cacao and coffee into a lifeline for local farmers. Their commitment? Ensuring fair wages, fostering community growth, and reinvesting profits into local infrastructure. With every Moka product, youโ€™re not just savoring quality; youโ€™re supporting a global familyโ€™s vision for a thriving, empowered community.

Best Moka Origins Coffee Picks

9 โ€“ African Coffee Club

african coffee brands

Founded by Mukurima Muriuki, a second-generation Kenyan coffee farmer, the African Coffee Club emerged from a desire to disrupt an unjust coffee industry. By sourcing exclusively from cooperatives that pay farmers a living wage, this LA-based brand ensures every sip supports a fairer future for African coffee farmers. Their hand-processed beans, roasted fresh in LA, capture the spirit of โ€œHarambeeโ€ โ€“ unity and collective progress. Dive into their rich flavors and join their mission to โ€œpay it Black.โ€

Best African Coffee Club Coffee Picks

10 โ€“ Dope Coffee

african coffee brands

Dive into the rich flavors of Dope Coffee Companyโ€™s Tanzania โ€˜Korongoโ€™ Peaberry, a dark-roasted delight sourced from Tanzaniaโ€™s highlands. Beyond taste, this brand stands out with its unique blend of Coffee, Culture, and Hip-Hop. Experience a coffee brand thatโ€™s as vibrant and dynamic as the Hip-Hop beats itโ€™s inspired by.

Best Dope Coffee Picks

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