10 African Fitness Influencers To Follow On Instagram

African fitness influencer
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The fitness industry turnover in developed economies such as Europe and North America is over $30 billion every year. Fitness influencers play a major role in a huge percentage of this revenue. What about Africa? One might quickly assume that fitness isn’t a thing in Africa. That would be wrong. Countries such as South Africa have reported high cases of overweight men and women. In response, Africans are adopting the fitness culture slowly with the help of African fitness influencers.

Social media influencers are revered by many people nowadays. These are people whose influence greatly impacts the lives of their followers. The most common place to find them is Instagram. For instance, fitness influencers can motivate followers and educate them about the best fitness lifestyle approaches. Here are some of our favorite African fitness influencers on Instagram.

How to Become an Instagram Fitness Influencer in Africa 

As a fitness influencer, you get to inspire others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Influence is measured in how much engagement your presence on Instagram is causing. To build engagement, you need a significant number of followers. Then, you need to have practical knowledge about fitness, get certified, and post educative and captivating content.

How African Fitness Influencers on Instagram Make Money

Influencers make money by simply monetizing their metrics. Brand collaboration, leads generation, and content marketing are some of the most common monetizing techniques. However, you need a good strategy to make money off anything you are doing. Usually, you need to post regularly and target the right audience. Here is a comprehensive guide to making money on Instagram as an influencer.

Is It Hard to Become an African Fitness Influencer?

The question of whether or not it’s hard to become an influencer depends on various factors. Yes, it is hard but not impossible. However, since this is a competitive and fast-growing industry, positioning yourself is somewhat challenging. Regardless, you can bypass these challenges with the right strategy and execution.

Benefits of Keeping Fit and Healthy 

There are several life-threatening diseases linked to obesity. Luckily, these diseases can be avoided through regular exercise. Also, keeping fit amplifies your mood, builds your bone density, improves skin health, and improves brain health and memory. Surprisingly, all these benefits can be achieved just by adopting basic workouts like running, walking, and jogging. Most people fail to build the habit of exercising regularly due to a lack of motivation. If that’s you, the following African fitness influencers might ignite your desire to keep fit.

Top African Fitness Influencers to Follow on Instagram 

These influencers are living the talk. A look at their posture will tell you that they are really putting in work to match their words. However, they have varying posting times. So, it may be a great idea to follow more than one if you are struggling to get into shape.

#1. Sbahle Mpisane (@sbahle_mpisane) – South Africa

sbalhe mpisane
Image credits: Sbalhe Mpisane Instagram

The metrics of sbahle_mpisane Instagram account are remarkable. With a following of over 2.1 million people, an engagement rate of 0.70%, and an average of 15000 plus likes per post, she’s definitely one of the African fitness influencers to beat. Sbahle is primarily concerned with fitness, Yoga, and family. She posts regularly about her fitness journey and fitness lifestyle. Follow Sbahle to learn the benefits of consistency amid challenges.

#2. Coach Frankie (@frankie_justgymit) – Kenya

 frankie_justgymit showing off his strenght
Frankie showing off his strength with a human gym (Image credit: frankie_justgymit)

Frankie_justgymit is the most followed fitness influencer in Kenya. He has over 124k followers on Instagram. His account has an engagement rate of 4.60% and an average of 5787 likes per post. Consequently, Frankie is a fitness consultant at ‘Just Gym It’. He advocates for healthy eating and regular exercise. Follow frankie_justgymit for nutrition advice and workout tips.

#3. Kareem Amr Saif (@kareem_amr_saif) – Egypt

African fitness influencer kareem
Image source: Kareem Amr Saif on Instagram

Kareem is a top African fitness influencer who frequently shares educative content with his 807k followers. The dentist-turned online fitness coach is an active Instagram influencer. Usually, his posts are more of motivation and workouts. By following Kareem, you will get inspired by his numerous posts depicting “before and after” pictures of his clients.

#4. Hurricane Fitness (@hurricane_gh) – Ghana

Hurricane African fitness influencer
Image source: @hurricane_gh on Instagram

His real name is Jeffrey Duffour. Jeffrey is a fitness trainer and model with around 115k followers. He uses his influence to lead a cardio workout incorporating dance at @afrobeatsburnouts, a workout program using African dance moves. This approach makes his workout sessions interesting. Follow him for inspiration and workout sessions you will enjoy.

#5. Foster “Dovies” Agyei (@doviesworkout) – Ghana

doviesworkout showing off his stunning body
Agyei showing off his stunning body (Image source doviesworkout Instagram)

Foster is a self-taught fitness guru. The acclaimed all-natural physique he boasts is a result of hard HIIT workouts with improvised workout sessions. Particularly, he is famed for developing exercise that doesn’t require sophisticated equipment. If you are looking for natural and inexpensive workouts, you need to follow Dovies on Instagram. he has 974k followers.

#6. Fit Ouma (@oumaima_trad) – Tunisia

African fitness influencer on instagram
Image source: oumaima_trad on Instagram

Fit Ouma is a pharmacy student and fitness guru. She uses her influence to promote healthy living in her online community. She practices Yoga and other sports and posts content on the same field. Her current following on Instagram is at 228k, and she averages 13000 likes and a 6.00% engagement rate on her Instagram page. Follow her and get energized to work out more.

#7. Samuel Kulbila (Mr. Titanium @kulbila_fitness) – Ghana

Most African fitness influencers like to improvise workouts for their audience. In effect, they capture the culture and encourage their audience to live healthier. Samuel, just like Foster, posts workout content from his backyard. For instance, he can be spotted lifting makeshift dumbbells and barbells made from concrete. In return, he has accumulated a following of 284k plus followers on Instagram. Follow him for daily inspiration and fun fitness content.

#8. Jane Mukami (@fitkenyangirl) – Kenya

Jane mukami african fitness coach
Image credits: Jane Mukami on Instagram

As an award-winning weight-loss coach, Jane must know a thing or two about fitness and healthy living. Jane wasn’t always the fit Kenyan girl she is today. In an interview with Pulse Kenya, Jane recounts how she had gained weight after losing her brother. Afterwards, she got back to the gym and lost the 7.5 kilos she had gained due to stress-eating. She shares educative content along with weight loss tips and programs. She has 69.7k followers on Instagram.

#9. Mercy Mogase (@mercymogase) – South Africa

Image credit: Mercy Mogase on Instagram

Mogase is a reality TV star and a fitness model. She created @madamandmercy, a reality TV show where she shares fitness lifestyle with her daughter. Her current following on Instagram is at 390k, with an average of 12000 likes per post and a 3.10% engagement rate. With such huge numbers, it’s clear that she is an esteemed African fitness influencer. She shares lots of pictures of her stunning body which will inspire you to hit the gym.

#10. Roxie Beckles (@iamroxiebeckles) – USA

There are not many women bodybuilders, especially from Africa. However, Roxie decided to change the narrative. She is a certified personal trainer and coach currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. As an IFBB Pro and Olympia athlete. She has, over the years, maintained her physique and attracted 10.9k fitness enthusiasts on her Instagram account. Follow her for daily motivation and content about women’s fitness.


When it comes to Instagram influence, the metrics that matter the most are engagement rates, impressions, and click-through rates. In the end, it’s all about the numbers. However, it’s more than just the numbers for us. Our focus is usually on how the person in view is using their influence to spur positive change. Thus, we carefully chose our list based on this criterion. Nevertheless, we would never claim that this is an exhaustive list. So, which fitness influencer do you feel should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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