10 Powerful African Dance Workout To Melt Excess Holiday Pounds

African dance workout is a fun way to burn calories
African Dance Workout
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Everybody looks forward to the end of the year because of the festivities that come with the period. With festivities come merriment that often ends with gaining considerable pounds within a short time. Many are turning to African dance workouts to melt the excess fatโ€”and we will tell you how.

Africans have a unique resource in the form of African dance workouts that can help people to remain active wherever they are. So, dance is more than just a way of catching fun. They offer incredible health benefits within a short time that some donโ€™t get even after spending long hours at the gym.

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The African dance workouts below will get your heart pumping and your feet moving to the beat. It takes a great deal of practice to keep up and helps you to born huge calories in the process.

Is dancing for 30 minutes a good workout?

African dance workout are so much fun
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Any activity that leads to the movement of different parts of the body in a repetitive rigorous manner is a good workout. According to the American Heart Association, an adult requires a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity per week.

This is equivalent to 2 and half hours of rigorous physical movement. Broken down, that will give you about 22 minutes of intense physical activity per day for 7 days in a week. Being really busy is not an excuse not to make out 22 minutes for your health.

If you dance for 30 minutes every day for 5 days you would have met your weekly requirement. Most importantly, you will get fit whilst engaging in an enjoyable form of workout that will not tire you quickly.

The benefit of resorting to African dance workouts over other forms of exercise is that they rarely leave you with sore muscles. Also, they work on different parts of the body at once.

Which dance is best for weight loss?

Aerobics causes your heart and breathing rates to increase. Any African dance workouts that involve vigorous movements of the arms, legs, pelvis, and chest can result in weight loss.

However, you need to make sure that you burn more calories than you take in. Also, the number of calories you burn while dancing will depend on the style and intensity of the dance.

The higher the intensity of your dance moves, the higher the number of calories you will burn. Most people struggling to lose weight sometimes find it hard to keep up with motivation. The reason is that most workouts are not fun. Hopefully, our list will encourage you to work out in a fun way.

Do African dance workouts really work?

African dance workouts really work, and their effectiveness can never be subject to debate. Healthline published an article on the benefits of dance in which Erica Hersh said,

โ€˜โ€™Dancing is a great way to boost your fitness, lose weight, and gain other health benefits. Itโ€™s a form of exercise thatโ€™s often a lot of fun and done in a group setting, which may motivate you to keep at it over the long term.โ€™โ€™

The article goes on to point out that thereโ€™s more to gain in dance workouts beyond physical benefits. Dance workouts boost your mood, reduce stress, improve your sense of balance, and result in better sleep.

What are the most popular African dances?

Individual tastes vary when it comes to dancing. However, the following Afrodance fitness videos have gained a huge following and many have even garnered followers internationally. Below are our 10 dance workout videos that will help you melt that excess fat.

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#1. Afrifitness

This is a 20-minute Afro dance workout by Rachel Okesola, a fitness expert. The routine incorporates resistance training and you burn calories as you move to the motivating afrobeat.

This high-intensity workout begins with a warm-up followed by side steps and repetitions of arm movements. You proceed to march with an โ€˜attitudeโ€™, pushing the hips forward as you bring the knees up. It is an excellent body-toning routine.

ย #2. Kukuwa African Dance Workout

Dancing can be an energetic and fun way to start the day. This brief but intense workout is not only uplifting, but it also burns calories and leaves you with a smile on your face. It starts with a vigorous march and arm movements as a warm-up.

Thereafter, you move from side to side as you raise your arms. More arm movements follow as you move them in circles. The routine proceeds with leg pushbacks and leg lifts, accompanied by more arm movements. This will probably be the best part of your morning.ย 

#3. Afrovibe Cardio Dance Workout

Being a full fat-burning cardio workout, this intense Afro dance session is guaranteed to work up a sweat. See whether you can keep up with the beats of the energetic drummer.

You begin with a slow march, following the drumbeat. Thereafter, there is a side-to-side waist movement that is excellent for toning that area and squats to work on the thigh muscles.

#4. Kukwa โ€“ Naija Love Edition

Work out with this group of lively fitness experts and burn calories as you listen to inspiring Afrobeats. Begin by dancing on the spot followed by arm push-backs.

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Thereafter, there are forward thrusts with the arms, leg lifts, and more arm movements to thoroughly work out the upper arms. Waist movements follow for an all-around workout. This is one African dance workout video that works on every part of your body.ย 

#5.Afrifitness โ€“ Belly Fat-burning Routine

This is a dance cardio routine that targets belly fat. Work out to titillating beats by Sudxn and Bracket ft Tecno. Warm up with a gentle walk before embarking on a skipping movement from side to side.

You will catch your breath before continuing with side-to-side leg movements. Another pause is followed by leg lifts. The focus is on working those leg muscles.

Lift your arms bring them down, lift your leg and clap underneath the knee. This is a routine that requires a good level of fitness to attempt.

#6. African Dance Online Workout

Learn new dance moves as you lose weight and up your fitness levels. This workout involves fluid movements as you gently dance to the rhythm and gyrate from side to side working those waist muscles.

You continue with graceful movements backward and forwards as you follow the rhythm. This can pass for a fun freestyle session. Therefore, make sure you time yourself or you will spend hours without knowing it.

#7. African Dance Online Workout Number 9

This is the ninth in the series of African dance online workouts. This version is accompanied by a narrativeโ€”which hopefully makes it more engaging. It provides further proof that cardio does not have to be boring, especially with uplifting Afrobeats in the background.

This is a vigorous routine that involves rapid leg movements first from side to side and then down to a squat. You march backward shaking the waist and giving those muscles a thorough workout.

#8. Afrobeat dance workout

This is a full-body dance workout that burns lots of calories in a short period of time. It is a high-energy routine. Performed by Esosa Ogbebor, this workout is high-impact and a bit tough, but doable.

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Begin by marching and shaking the booty. This is followed by squats and knee lifts all to a rapid beat. More squats are followed by arm-punching movements. This routine is excellent for toning the leg and arm muscles.

#9. African Dance Online Workout 3- Dancehall

This video is guaranteed to lift your spirits and leave you with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the workout. It is a gentle routine that involves dancing to the music by performing knee bends as you move from side to side.

Arms are rolled to the beat and lifted above the head and the waist is shaken vigorously to give those muscles a workout. While you can perform this routine alone, you can make it more fun by challenging your friend to a contest.

#10. Werk Dat Dance Fitness

This 20-minute Afrobeat cardio workout is low-impact and easy to follow but will make you sweat all the same. Most importantly, it is fun and enjoyable. Before you know it, the 20 minutes will be over.

The routine begins with arm gestures to warm them up. This is followed by side-to-side leg movements and back kicks all to the rhythm of the pulsating music.ย By following the routine in this video to the end, you would have satisfied your daily physical activity requirement.


African Dance Workout
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While the pandemic led to lots of restrictions and bad memories, it also made lots of people turn to home workouts as a means of staying healthy and retaining their sanity. It proved an important means to regain control of our lives and safeguard our well-being.

The benefits of a dance workout extend beyond acquiring muscles and achieving weight loss. This type of exercise boosts confidence and alleviates anxiety. It can even help families and friends bond better.

Hence why not put on your dancing shoes and participate in an African dance workout? Tell us how you are keeping fit in the midst of the holiday merriment.ย 

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