Designer Spotlight: Pawan Seewooruttun Takes Mauritius Fashion To New York Fashion Week

Pawan Seewooruttun
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The designer Pawan Seewoorruttun
Pawan Seewoorruttun posing in his office (Photo credit: 5Plus Dimanche)

Our designer spotlight shines on Pawan Seewooruttun. He is a brilliant young designer who received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. His dream came true when he presented his collection in front of top fashion editors, celebrities, and influencers at the New York fashion week. Such events rank highly on the calendars of key players in the Fashion industry. Moreover, buyers and representatives of media houses rely on fashion weeks to define future fashion trends.

For instance, they gain insight into the color, textiles, style, and other factors that will dominate the new looks. Likewise, for an emerging fashion designer, participating in a fashion week is a great milestone. The New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest in this regard. We will see how Seewooruttun used the opportunity to let the light shine on the beauty of Mauritius.

Pawan Seewooruttun Debuts at the New York Fashion Week

In 2016, Pawan Seewooruttun’s wishes became a reality. He was the first Mauritian designer to take part in the New York Fashion Week. The staging of the runway show took place on 9th September. It was held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, Manhattan. Tagged, ‘Sunspring’, the elegant, romantic collection found its inspiration in the warm colors of the subtropical island of Mauritius.

Seewooruttun received excellent backing from his home on this venture. The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) lent support. Likewise, the Ministry of Arts and Culture was among the designer’s top supporters. The collection from Seewooruttun’s design house ‘’New Miuz’’ was a great hit. This was especially remarkable as the young designer presented his first-ever collection a year earlier in 2015.

The ‘’Sunspring’’ Collection

The New Miuz Spring/Summer 2017 collection was refreshing with classic silhouettes. The dreamy hues represented the transition of the sun’s colors from morning to sunset. Seewooruttun’s color palette included shades of pale orange, peach, and tangerine. He used floaty fabrics such as chiffon and tulle and enhanced them with a variety of embellishments. The end result was a fitting tribute to the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Pawan Seewooruttun Returns to the New York Fashion Week

Subsequently, on 08th September 2018, Seewooruttun’s collections once again graced the runway during the New York Fashion Week. On this occasion, the designer presented a line of evening wear called “Midnight Blues”.  This was a collection with a difference.

Firstly, unlike his debut collection, Seewooruttun created the New Miuz Spring/Summer 2019 collection from sustainable, eco-friendly denim. This was through the use of laser technology. Secondly, he used muted colors that were darker than those of the previous collection. He compared them to the navy blue shades of the velvety Mauritian night skies.

The designer creatively elevated the denim from a functional fabric to a glamorous one with the addition of pearls and other creative enhancements. As a result, he produced a collection that was exquisite and unique.

Pawan's''Midnight Blues'' collection
Pawan’s ”Midnight Blues” collection (Photo credit: Colors Magazine)

Pawan Seewooruttun Named Best Designer of the Year

Modupe Omonze had a vision when she founded Runway Dubai in 2013. She wanted to establish a hub for fashion industry players. An event where creatives could interact and support emerging talent. On 25th November 2015, Runway Dubai held a design competition. Top designers from different countries of the world participated.

Seewooruttun toiled for 2 months in preparation for the competition. In the end, his hard work bore fruit. He received the title of ‘Best Designer of the Year 2015’’. He was only 25 years old at the time. To his delight, the award came with a scholarship. Thus, it opened the way for him to attend a college in Spain to study textile finishing and nanotechnology.

A Peek at his Early Life

Pawan Seewooruttun was born and grew up in Mauritius. As a child, he loved to accompany his mother to the seamstress. Whilst there, he would flip through fashion magazines like Marie Claire, Vogue, and Elle. Subsequently, it ignited in him, an interest in fashion. So, he decided to pursue this exciting field. He studied textile and fashion at university and emerged with flying colors. Seewooruttun achieved a first class degree in Textiles and Fashion Design from the University of Mauritius.

His Career

Apart from the win in Dubai, the designer won ‘Best Designer’s Dress for Miss Mauritius 2012 and was a finalist in the Origin Of Africa Fashion Competition. Seewooruttun also designed the evening dress that Miss Jamaica UK wore in 2014.

Like many other African Fashion designers, his focus is on the International market. Speaking to, he said that the fashion industry was still finding its feet in Africa.

“This is one of the main reasons why I focus more on the international market where people value talented and creative persons.”

New Miuz is also a luxury brand hence the prices are out of reach for many. The brand specializes in resort wear, evening gowns, and wedding dresses. They also carry accessories such as jewelry and footwear. Below are examples of some of the brand’s best looks.

Peach Delight

The designer's 'Pretty in Pink' creation
The designer’s ‘Pretty in Pink’ creation (Photo credit: New Miuz Facebook)

This fascinating peach creation mimics the blush of an early morning sunrise. The full-skirted satin skirt has a chiffon overlay and the bodice has an exquisite embellishment of floral cutouts.

Timeless Elegance

Pawan Seewoorruttun's looks of timeless elegance
Pawan Seewoorruttun’s looks of timeless elegance (Photo credit: New Miuz Facebook)

Reminiscent of by-gone days, the off-the-shoulder gown is form-fitting with an antique-look feathery texture. Her partner looks debonair in a well-cut tuxedo and bow-tie, perfect for a formal event.

Pawan's New York fashion week debut
Pawan’s New York fashion week debut (Photo credit: New Miuz Facebook)

Feminity is the buzzword for this sleek, sophisticated number. The ‘fit and flare’ cut is flattering and the skirt flows out and ends in a train, fit for a modern bride.

 Pawan's Snow White Splendor
Pawan’s Snow White Splendor (Photo credit: Pinterest Source:-PsPawan Facebook)

This is cutting-edge chic personified. Although the polo-necked top of this lacey creation is prim and proper, the hemline daringly ends well above the knee. The charming fascinator adds a touch of fun to the look.

Pawan's Snow White Splendor
New Miuz Snow White Splendor (Photo credit: Pinterest Source:-PsPawan Facebook)

Pawan Seewooruttun presents another walk down memory lane with this classically elegant evening gown. The mix of textures combining feathers and flowing chiffon is strikingly unusual.

Purple Accents

New Miuz presents a look of Purple Elegance
Pawan’s look of Purple Elegance (Photo credit: Ps Pawan Facebook)

This beautiful gown personifies the vivid colors found on the island of  Mauritius. It brings to mind the lovely tropical flowers and the prolific birdlife. The form-fitting gown has a majestic cloak draped over it. The focal point is the beautiful exotic buckle of the belt around the waist.

Shimmery Splendor from Pawan Seewooruttun

 New Miuz presents shimmery splendor
New Miuz presents shimmery splendor (Photo credit: Pinterest source: Ps Pawan Facebook)

This is a splendid example of how Pawan Seewooruttun celebrates his homeland. The feathery collar of this exquisite gown sitting on the multicolored shimmery fabric. This brings to mind the flight of a colorful tropical bird.


Seewooruttun dared to dream big and he is reaping the rewards. Moreover, he has succeeded in applying innovation and technical expertise to produce elegant and sophisticated designs that celebrate his homeland. Above all, he promotes the use of sustainable textiles for the good of the environment.

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