What A $1M Home Looks Like In 10 Different African Countries

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When visitors or immigrants hear about Africa, the image that comes to mind is the global headquarters of squalor. However, before long, they discover Africa is home to the most beautiful and luxurious $1M homes in the world. Some of these homes have all you need to live almost exclusively with little or no interaction with others. For Africans in the diaspora—as well as African Americans—returning or visiting Africa, looking for a luxury $1M home should be the least of your worries. Are there exotic homes in Africa? Do they measure up to the global standard? Well, read on to find out.

For this list, we present ten $1M homes across different African countries. In this list, you will find homes with secure and serene neighborhoods with proximity to urban facilities. These homes are built in reserve, lush neighborhoods, and they will make your stay in Africa worth it.

1. Nonus Villa, Anahita  (Mauritius) 

$1M Home Nonus Villa Design
Nonus Villa is an exotic masterpiece.
Developed by the renowned Sotheby’s International Realtors, this property is a luxurious family villa in the prime waterfront area of Anahita. Sitting comfortably in an exclusive lifestyle residential resort, it is one of the most exotic on the continent. Beautifully designed with great top-end finishes, the downstairs interior includes two en-suite bedrooms which open out to a lush green landscape.

Also, it has an office, a state-of-the-art designer kitchen, and a double-volume open-plan dining area. The glass sliding doors at the entrance create an indoor/outdoor flow to the outdoor entertainment space, where a covered veranda, a sun deck, manicured lawns, and an alfresco await. With this property occupying about 28,000 square feet of land, you will live out your fantasies—without breaking a sweat.


2. Lanseria (Gauteng, South Africa) 

Lanseria’s Grand Living Room
Lanseria in its glory
This million-dollar luxury home is one of Africa’s finest. It is the brainchild of the Pellerade Design Group and occupies the heart of Gauteng’s open country. Serene and secure, Lanseria is sought-after because of its proximity to urban facilities. Although it is pulled back from the bustle of the city, you are always 15 minutes away from the nearest mall, ATM, or restaurant. 

Within this home is a fully equipped, ultra-modern 24-hour security system with armed response. Inside the gates is a beautiful outdoor swimming pool. Also, the home has a Grand Sitting Room with sumptuous chandeliers with a view of the city that screams luxury.

3. Beachfront Villa (Eden Island, Seychelles) 

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Beach Front Villa’s aesthetics
Beach Front Villa is the epitome of luxury.
This masterpiece by Pam Golding International is dramatically different from everything you’ve ever seen before. The stunning double volume entrance features a glass staircase to a fascinating upstairs interior that includes stylish living rooms, a kitchen, and a spacious patio. The patio ushers occupants into a perfect entertainment area including a luscious well-maintained garden and a play area. The design cabinets and furniture are Italian specials. Also, the wooden-decked pool offers a refreshing feeling.

4. Diani (South Coast, Kenya)

Diani’s ambience
Diani in South Coast, Kenya.
This $1M home features 12 lavishly furnished, ensuite two-bedroom units. Although each apartment is slightly different, they comprise imported fitted kitchens from Germany. The home invites you through its double-revolving glass doors, ushering you into the Giant sitting room. Other amenities include a swimming pool with camouflaging evening lights, Wi-Fi, a spacious well-manicured garden. The 24-hour CCTV surveillance and security system will leave you sleeping with both eyes closed. What’s more, this home offers a beachside view of the Indian Ocean via a 10-minute walk. Other urban facilities are also a stone throw from this palatial home. 

5. Luxury Villa Chania Crete (Cairo, Egypt) 

The Cozy environs of the Luxury Villa
The Luxury Villa offers a unique view of the Sea.
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This $1M home is the perfect description of the cliche ‘small but mighty’. The villa is located just 600m from the Kalathas beach and 1km from the city center in Chania. This seafront villa offers a panoramic view on a 4.000m² plot with 486m² of living space, and a balcony that is a stone throw from the beach. 

Indoors, the ground floor is designed using an open floor design. There is a grand living room with a fireplace and underground heating for surviving the cold. Upstairs, there are six ensuite master-sized bedrooms, each with a Jacuzzi. Outdoors, there is a 400m2 side terrace, including a swimming pool covering 110m². There is also a carefully tended garden to complete your luxury experience.

6. Marrakech Luxury Villa (Marrakech, Morocco) 

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This $1M home is worth every penny.
Developed by North African giants JT-Estates, this palatial home towers above most houses from a 1100m2 compound. The moment you step in, the outdoors screams luxury. There is a pond of ducks, lots of ornamental trees, a barbecue area, a large heated osmosis pool, and a heated jacuzzi. Other facilities include a sauna, and a multi-sports ground (tennis, volleyball, basketball). The strategic location of the 24-hour security cameras and the serenity of the Medina area are some of the reasons why you should consider buying this $1M home.

7. BUA Villa (Lagos, Nigeria)

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$1M Home Nonus Villa Design
The BUA villa is one of Nigeria’s finest.
Located in the upscale neighborhood of Ikoyi, this is an exclusive duplex in an exclusive area known as The Residences. This home features five open-plan lounges, three semi-open kitchens which come with light cabinetry and sleek utensils. Upstairs, there are two game rooms and six ensuite master bedrooms. 

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this building offers unique views of the sea that you will not get anywhere else in Lagos. To provide you a complete lifestyle, the home comes with a gym and fitness room, and a landscaped pool.

8. Beach Front Villa (Sal Island, Cape Verde)

Image of the Beach Front Villa
The Beach Front Villa
Live out your dream on the beaches of Santa Maria with this exotic $1M home. This villa is located at the heart of MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort and offers complete luxury, comfort, and privacy. Within the home, there is an open living and dining area, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a jacuzzi, sauna, and a gym. Outdoors, there is a private terrace with sun loungers and a terrace with a shaded pergola for private meals. Also, there is a small swimming pool in the middle of the manicured private garden with a close view of the beach.

9. Ycona Royal Luxury Villa (Zanzibar, Tanzania) 

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Ycona Luxury Village Image
Royalty and Luxury intersect at the Ycona Luxury Villa
This luxury home is located within the Ycona Resort, with access to all the 5-star amenities the Resort offers. The Royal tropical villa is a must-have, thanks to the unique ocean view. The privacy in the 1500 sqm private garden, tropical blossoms, and unique palm trees is fitting for the best experience. Other amenities include a stylish Italian design outdoor and indoor, large private pool, Jacuzzi, and solariums.

10. The Abidjan House (Abidjan, Ivory Coast) 

Abidjan House Image
The Abidjan House will redefine your African experience.
Designed by Modern Villas, The Abidjan House epitomizes the growth of the real estate industry in Africa. In terms of exterior and interior design, this $1M home screams ‘luxury’. The entrance itself is a refreshing oasis that makes visitors feel at home immediately. There is a cool lagoon flanked by interior gardens on both sides. There is also a sculptural waterfall. 

The left-wing contains the formal dining room just west of the designer gourmet kitchen. Behind both kitchens (gourmet and industrial) is a bar/playroom. The right-wing holds other amenities including another terraced garden, a mini sports complex, a jacuzzi, another bar, and a car park.


One of the guarantees of luxury and affluence is owning an exotic home. Whether you’re an African returning home or an African American looking to settle in the continent, rest assured that the continent is replete with luxurious homes. Do you know any exotic home(s) which you feel we should have included in the list? Let us know in the comment section. 


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