These 20 Stunning Airbnb Homes Will Change The Way You Experience Nigeria

Airbnb home
One of the luxurious Airbnb Homes in Lagos
One of the luxurious Airbnb Homes in Lagos, Nigeria (Photo credit:

Are the stresses of life getting you down? Perhaps, you need a break from the daily routine. Experts agree that holidays boost our mental and physical health. However, the quality of your holiday hinges on the accommodation that you choose. It is important to feel safe, secure, and to have pleasant surroundings. The question is whether a hotel stay is preferable to an Airbnb home. Here are some pros and cons to consider.

Is Airbnb available in Africa?

In 2007, two hosts welcomed three guests to their home in San Francisco. That was how Airbnb was born. by the next decade, the service had spread to virtually all parts of the globe with no fewer than 4 million hosts welcoming 1 billion guests. It took a while for African countries to come on board. However, as soon as they did, Africa Airbnb homes became the fastest-growing market across the globe.

In 2018, Airbnb revealed that at least 3.5 million guests have arrived at Airbnb homes across Africa. Also, Airbnb homes listings across Africa have grown to over 130,000. Three locations in Africa namely Mozambique, Ghana, and Nigeria were listed among Airbnb homesโ€™ fastest-growing countries in 2018.

Other African countries with a rising number of Airbnb homes were Rwanda, South Africa, and Kenya. Out of all the African countries on the list, Nigeria had the highest growth in guest arrivals at 213%. Ghana and Mozambique came a distant second and third at 141% and 136%. So, why are so many guests heading to Airbnb homes in Nigeria? You are about to find out.

Airbnb home
Growth in Guest Arrivals (as of July 1, 2018) Year over Year (Photo credit: Airbnb)

Is an Airbnb home better than a Hotel?

Generally, Airbnb homes offer more space than hotel rooms.ย Many come with a living area and kitchen features that hotels do not offer. If you are the type that loves cooking your own meals, Airbnb homes will offer you the freedom to do so. This is critical for those with special diet needs visiting a destination for the first time. Drawing the comparison, renowned Indian actor Milind Soman said,

โ€˜โ€™When Iโ€™m traveling, I donโ€™t like hotels that much because the spaces they have are really small. So, I look for a homestay or an Airbnb property which is large enough where you could just stretch out to do your thing.โ€™โ€™

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Another advantage of an Airbnb home is that you get to experience life in a local neighborhood. In addition, the rates are lower than hotel rates, especially if you are looking to stay for an extended period of time. Nevertheless, Airbnb homes have their own share of troubles. One of them is that they are not always centrally located. Also, the check-in process may be complex.

Airbnb Homes in Nigeria

Airbnb started running a feasibility study in Nigeria in 2014. However, the platform saw its biggest growth in the number of Airbnb homes in 2019. The coming of Airbnb services soon led to the emergence of hybrid homes across the nation, particularly in commercial cities. A lot of people and agencies now build homes that they donโ€™t put up for rent. Rather, they list them on Airbnb.

Many consider building Airbnb homes more lucrative than building commercial homes. Firstly, they earn in foreign currency which tends to pay more compared to renting homes locally. Also, by not renting their homes, they avoid the frequent interchange between landowners and tenants on non-payment of rent. Across Africa, Nigerian Airbnb homes are among the most stunning.

When next you visit Nigeria, why not check out one of the Airbnbs homes in the country? It will give you a fresh perspective of this vibrant destination. Here are 20 of the best Airbnb homes in Nigeria. The prices indicated are based on the prevailing rates at the time of writing and are subject to change without prior notice.

#1. Exquisite Penthouse Eko Atlantic City, Lagos

Exquisite Penthouse, Eko Atlantic City Lagos
Exquisite Penthouse, Eko Atlantic City Lagos. (Photo credit:

Why not book a stay in an upscale area of Lagos? The Luxury Penthouse offers an unmatched view of Eko Atlantic right from the sitting room. Both short-stay and long-stays are possible, and the bedrooms all have ensuite bathrooms.

Number of bedrooms: 3

Amenities: Swimming pool, WIFI, TV, Dryer, Gym, Hot tub, Washer

Rate: $500.00 per night

#2. Nicotel Apartment, Abuja

Nicotel Apartment an Airbnb home in Abuja
Nicotel Apartment an Airbnb home in Abuja (Photo credit:

This stunning apartment not only offers privacy and serenity but it also comes with 24-hour service from dedicated household staff. Best of all it is spacious, hence, perfect for a family holiday or reunion.

Number of bedrooms: 7

Amenities: WIFI, Washer, patio, and bathtub

Rate: $500.00 per night

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#3. A Luxurious and Relaxing Villa in the City, Abuja

A luxurious and relaxing villa in the city - Abuja
A luxurious and relaxing villa in the city, Abuja (Photo credit:

Here is an opportunity for you to have the best of both worlds; an Airbnb that is close to the excitement of the city and one that also offers peace and quiet in the evenings. This villa is in close proximity to all the cityโ€™s buzz but still offers enough calm for a perfect retreat.

Number of bedrooms: 5

Amenities: Swimming pool, ping-pong table, indoor Jacuzzi

Rate:ย  $449.00 per night

#4. Eko Pearl Penthouse

Eco Pearl Penthouse in Lago
Eco Pearl Penthouse in Lagos (Photo credit:

Yearning for a fancy hideaway in a penthouse with picture-perfect marine views? Eko Atlantic home apartment offers the creme de la creme in luxury Airbnb homes. The interiors are exquisitely designed and there is an adult and childrenโ€™s pool in the complex.

Number of bedrooms: 3

Amenities: Dishwasher, extractor hood, swimming pool, WIFI, balconies, daily housekeeping.

Rate: $525.00 per night

ย #5. Topnotch Luxury Condo, Lagos

Topnotch Luxury 3 Bedroom condo
Topnotch Luxury 3 Bedroom condo. (Photo credit:

Experience the holiday of your dreams when you stay at this art-deco condo located in the heart of Ikoyi. Shopping and business areas are just around the corner and Victoria Island is a short distance away.

Number of bedrooms: 3

Amenities: WIFI, Air conditioning, hot tub, swimming pool

Rate: $1,150.00 per night.

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#6. An Airbnb Luxury Villa in the Heart of Victoria Island, Lagos

Luxury Villa in the Heart of Victoria island
Luxury Villa in the Heart of Victoria Island (Photo credit:

Are you planning a retreat with your closest friends? Spoil yourselves by booking a stay in a 5-star villa. This luxurious property is located near Eko Atlantic City and is professionally managed. It has enough rooms to accommodate a large company.

Number of bedrooms: 12

Amenities: Free breakfast, laundry, gym, WIFI,

Rate: $2,300.00 per night.

#7. Vita Di Lusso, Abuja

An Airbnb home in Abuja Vita Di Lusso.
An Airbnb home in Abuja Vita Di Lusso. (Photo credit

This grand residence is located a mere 3-minute drive away from the Hilton in Abuja. It has spacious airy rooms and is furnished in an elegant minimalistic style. The gated apartment gives you the feeling of driving into your dream home.

Number of bedrooms: 3

Amenities: WIFI, swimming pool, gym

Rate: $1,020.00 per night.

ย #8. Anabel Suites, Abuja

Anabel Suites, Abuja
Anabel Suites, Abuja (Photo credit:

Experience your home away from home at this apartment located within the Bespoke Boutique Apartment Hotel, Abuja. This comfortable apartment is trendy and stylish. If you love a communal experience, this would be a perfect stop.

Number of bedrooms: 1

Amenities: 43โ€™โ€™LED TV, pool garden, air-conditioning

Rate: $98.00 per night.

#9. Ultra Luxury 3-Bedroom Apartment with Waterfront, Lagos

Ultra luxury 3 bedroom apartment with waterfront
Ultra-luxury 3 bedroom apartment with waterfront (Photo credit

Do you relish the good things of life? This Airbnb home will enchant you. It combines luxury with comfort and state-of-the-art appliances. Best of all, you get to enjoy stunning views of the neighborhood.

Number of bedrooms: 3

Amenities: 24 hours power, security, spa, gym, swimming pool, boathouse

Rate: $900.00 per night.

#10. Banana Island Exclusively Furnished Airbnb Home, Lagos

Banana Island Exclusive furnished apartment
Banana Island Exclusive furnished apartment. (Photo credit:

This exclusive property is not only pristine but also comes with a private chef. Enjoy the comfort of a hotel with the advantages of your own private space. This is one of the Airbnb homes in Nigeria that compares with what you will get anywhere else in the world in terms of luxury.

Number of bedrooms: 4

Amenities:ย  Hot tub, washer, pool, TV, WIFI

Rate: $1,055.00 per night.

#11.ย  5-Bedroom Luxury Apartment at Eden Heights, Lagos

5 bedroom luxury Apartment at Eden Heights Lagos
5 bedroom luxury Apartment at Eden Heights Lagos. (Photo credit:

A small family of 5 planning a vacation in Nigeria can scale up their experience when they choose this apartment over a hotel. Design Union Royal Residences is a high-end exclusive property that offers the highest standard of accommodation. Come to think of it, the apartment is more affordable than some of less enticing offers.

Number of bedrooms: 5

Amenities:ย  24-hour concierge, spa, gym, swimming pool, restaurant

Rate: $960.00 per night.

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#12. A Tastefully Furnished /Luxurious 4-bedroomed Duplex

A tastefully furnished and luxurious 4-bedroom duplex
A tastefully furnished and luxurious 4-bedroom duplex (Photo credit:

You donโ€™t have to break bank to afford an elegant stay. This duplex is in a secure neighborhood with security cameras in the compound. The rooms offer top-class luxury that beats what you will get in some 5-star hotels.

Number of bedrooms: 4

Amenities:ย  TV, swimming pool, pets allowed, WIFI, washer.

Rate: $900.00 per night.

#13. 6-Bedroom Beach House (HOV Beach Resort), Lagos

 6 Bedroom Beach House in Lagos
6 Bedroom Beach House in Lagos (Photo credit:

If you are a sucker for spacious accommodations, this beach resort will hit you differently. The most scenic view for those that are willing to pay the price is that of the Atlantic Ocean. You will get to watch the rise and fall of the ocean waves at a proximity like you have never seen before.

Number of bedrooms: 6

Amenities:ย  Air conditioning, TV, swimming pool, pets allowed

Rate: $2,000.00 per night.

#14. The Seattle Residences and Spa, Lagos

The Seattle Residences and Spa in Lagos
The Seattle Residences and Spa (Photo credit:

For a holiday to remember, choose this beautiful upscale Airbnb home located right at the center of Lagos. This modern home offers excellent views and all the comfort your typical home will have. It will almost feel like visiting a distant cousin that is living a flamboyant life.

Number of bedrooms: 3

Amenities:ย  WIFI, swimming pool, TV, washer, hot tub, elevator

Rate: $900.00 per night.

#15. Brand new 8 Bedrooms, Abuja

Brand new 8 bedrooms with maximum comfort in Abuja.
Brand new 8 bedrooms with maximum comfort in Abuja. (Photo credit:

Enjoy a memorable holiday with your family and friends when you choose this fully detached duplex. Its 8 bedrooms offer just the right amount of space to do whatever you want. This Airbnb home also has the highest level of security detail you can think about for a residential property.

Number of bedrooms: 8

Amenities:ย  Hot tub, swimming pool, WIFI, pets allowed, washer

Rate: $2,450.00 per night.

#16. Boho 3 Bedroomed Apartment by Utobert

Boho 3 bedroom Apartment by Utobert
Boho 3 bedroom Apartment by Utobert. (Photo credit:

Is a laid-back vibe your style? This Airbnb home has a relaxed charm without compromising comfort. It is spacious and airy and you can bring your pet with you. The golden glow will leave you feeling like royalty.

Number of bedrooms: 3

Amenities:ย  WIFI, patio, air conditioning, TV, crib

Rate: $124.00 per night.

#17. Beachfront apartment in Lekki, Lagosย 

 Beachfront apartment in Lekki, Lagos
Beachfront apartment in Lekki, Lagos. (Photo credit:

Located on Victoria Island, this pristine apartment offers spectacular views of the ocean. However, its stylish furniture depicting the creative prowess of Africans is a memory that will live with your forever. Also, it is a great stop for those with large appetites and small pockets.

Number of bedrooms: 2

Amenities: Swimming pool, hot tub, washer, airconditioning

Rate: $155.00 per night

#18. Casa Apt By Corina, Abuja

An Airbnb home in Abuja, Casa Apt By Corina.
Casa Apt By Corina. (Photo credit:

Perhaps, you are on a really low budget but still want to have a taste of luxury, this property got your back. Located 20 minutes from the city center, this luxurious apartment is inside Suncity Estate in Abuja. Its exquisite dรฉcor and guaranteed power supply make this apartment truly exceptional.

Number of bedrooms: 1

Amenities: WIFI, backup generator

Rate: $65.00 per night

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#19. Lakewood Luxury Apartment

Lakewood Luxury Apartment in Abuja
Lakewood Luxury Apartment in Abuja (Photo credit:

A serene and secure luxury apartment, Lakewood lies in the vicinity of Aso Villa, Abuja. It has a cozy ambiance and the kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary appliances. If you are a foodie, this is one of the places you will love to be.

Number of bedrooms: 2

Amenities: 1 swimming pool, elevator, air conditioning

Rate: $157.00 per night

ย #20. Ziggyโ€™s Place, Abuja

Ziggy's Place.
Ziggyโ€™s Place (Photo credit:

For excellent views of the city of Abuja, head to Ziggyโ€™s Place. This modern apartment is located in Highbrow Wuse II, Abuja. Some of its standout features are 2 balconies and a reliable supply of electricity. For Nigeriaa where having constant electricity is a big deal, Having it on the menu is reassuring.

Number of bedrooms: 2

Amenities: WIFI, Patio, power inverter, and generator

Rate: $119 per night


So, take a break and make memories with friends and family. If you opt to stay in an Airbnb home in Nigeria, be sure to make lasting friends from the neighborhood. Obviously, Airbnb homes are not always cheap. Nevertheless, the experience is closer to home than living in a hotel. Have you booked an Airbnb home in Nigeria before? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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