DISCUSSION: Which Of The Qualified African Teams Do You Think Stands The Best Chance Of Winning The World Cup In 2010?

Which of the qualified African Teams do you think stands the best chance of winning the World Cup in 2010?
Which of the qualified African Teams do you think stands the best chance of winning the World Cup in 2010?
Image Credit: 2010 FIFA World Cup

In 2010 Africa will be hosting the World Cup for the first time. Algeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa have qualified to compete in this historic event. Will Africa set a new record by winning the world cup for the first time in history? And if that were possible, which team will most likely bring about soccer victory to the continent?


Which of the qualified African Teams do you think stands the best chance of winning the World Cup in 2010?


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  1. the lions of cameroon stand a better chance of bringing the cup to the continent of africa.who would have believed that they will make it to the world cup in south africa when they were last in their group.cameroon is the greatest football country in the continent of africa .FIFA number one ranking in africa and number 11 in the whole world.are we not great.we have very good players and i know we will make it

  2. I believe the Indomitable Lions could make it,though we’re recently underestimated by many Europeans who believe more in Cote D’Ivoire & Ghana…This is also a proof of the maturity of African football….GO LIONS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I beiieve Ivory coast stands a better chance of winning this world cup turnament in south-afrika. To me they have the best eleven Afrika can provide at the moment. They are the shooting-stars of afrika and i strongly believe now is thier time to brake-through

  4. Let’s face it…cameroon’s football team is like a smart child who’s exam’s results are not a true testament of their knowledge.

    I don’t know if it’s performance anxiety or what but am tired of the team. We have excellent players. We’ve seen them play at their best especially in their club teams.

    Yet somehow….
    on the ONE DAY that we do REQUIRE them to perform…they always fall short or when they do win..it’s more from luck or something other than a clear cut better performance than the other team.

    I think Egypt and Ghana as of NOW…are the better teams. Until the Eagles and Lions decide to get up from the century old siesta.
    We need players who will get the job done irrespectful of their skills or lack of….get the job done.

  5. It takes talent plus HEART to win the WC. Camerron is the only African team that believes it can beat any team in the world on a good day. because she has done it before. Cameroon can win. I hope Ivory coast can find that believe then they will be a formidable challenge, they have the best collection of talents. But they need “HEART”.

  6. It is quite clear that the Nigeria Super Eagles stand a chance to win beacause the team has been fortified with a foreign coach to boost their confidence

  7. Can you refrase that question? Can the any of the African Teams win with a white coach? Why after all these decades, we still feel a white coach who lives outside Africa; can motivate Africans to win the World Cup? I mean really! It’s not about race alone to win; but with pride, hardwork and consistency, any of the African Teams have a chance to win!

  8. Why can’t the African Teams score? There’s is no execution, they play well but cannot score. It’s frustrating watching them play, when they miss golden opportunities to score. Use both black and white coaches and lets see the difference!