Didier Drogba and Liya Kebede on TIME Magazine 100 List

Didier drogba



Didier drogba
Photo by Brian Minkoff-London Pixels from Wikimedia Commons

Ivory Coast’s 32-year-old Soccer Super Star, Didier Drogba is on TIME Magazine. The striker plays for England’s Chelsea Football Club and he is the captain of the Côte d’Ivoire team. Didier Drogba has shown the world what’s possible when power and grace fuse on the soccer pitch. He is considered one of the world’s most influential people in the TIME Magazine 2010 100.


Liya Kebede
Photo by Nicolas Genin from Wikimedia Commons

Also on the list is Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede. She was appointed as World Health Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health in 2005. However, this year, in recognition of her work in this field, the World Economic Forum named her a Young Global Leader.


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  1. do you honestly belive that this Liya kebede`s success has nothing to do with her being from Tigray?If you do you have to wake up and start smelling reality. It is a fact she is as corrupt as it gets and all her success didn`t happen by her special talent only. She is highly connected to the Tigray thugs clique more than you can imagine. If you donot belive my words check out this link so you can have an idea of what I am trying to say http://www.ethiopianreview.com/content/11761

    Go Liya!!! Influence this world`s third from the last ugliest Prime Minister to humanity!!

  2. Let us not condemn Liya Kebede, by viewing the report posted on https://www.ethiopianreview.com/content/11761 yet. First let us find out whether she endorses this regime and its policies or not. Second, let us find out if her husband is managing the money only without endorsing the policies.

    It is nice that we know who is managing their money if the issues comes to court, we can ask the court to freeze it and get hold of the money on behalf of the Ethiopian people.

    Managing money is not a crime on its own. Many dictators and Sheiks in Saudi Arabia get their money managed by hedge fund and other managers. So let us not carried away on that account.

  3. X&y had things in maid for loot such amount where’s mama africa to take of his chid steal & loot

  4. Even a commore person everbody vote for power and ture everthing upside by letting africa contries put to shame we should go back to pupil of solve head