8 Long Distance Relationship Games To Keep The Feeling Burning

Long distance Relationship

Hi Zola,

My boyfriend moved to Russia end of last year for work, and we agreed to a long distance relationship. It has only been a few months but I feel like the distance is getting to us. We had talked about him leaving and how we were supposed to live from there on but nothing could have prepared me for the emotional emptiness and the loneliness that I feel. Iโ€™m finding it hard to keep the spark on. What if he already found another woman and Iโ€™m here thinking that we are still a thing? No one told me that a long-distance relationship would be this hard. Zola, please help me to keep the spark glowing in my love life, I canโ€™t lose him.

Communication is essential to keep the fire burning in a relationship.
Communication is essential to keep the fire burning in a relationship (Photo credit: DLA)

Hello dear,

Long-distance relationships are not easy. Neither are they flattering, but there are different fun things you could do to keep your love spark glowing brightly. Iโ€™ve heard this story countless times and I would like to tell you that there is hope. Do not let the spark die. There are long-distance relationship games you could play with your spouse. That will bring back that sense of closeness that you once had despite the distance between the two of you.

There are different factors that cause physical distance in relationship
There are different factors that cause physical distance in a relationship (Photo credit: Brooke Salamone)

First things first, there could be two reasons why your relationship is not working as before. One could be that itโ€™s the distance getting to you and the second is that your partner could possibly be seeing someone else. If your spouse is exhibiting these signs, there could possibly be someone else in the picture;

  1. If he avoids talking about your future as a couple
  2. When he is only available on his own time and doesnโ€™t pick when you call on your own time.
  3. If he becomes defensive when you ask about his day or his schedule.
  4. If you confront him about being with another partner and he throws the allegations back at you.
  5. The fifth and the most obvious sign is when he starts to distance himself from you.

If he doesnโ€™t exhibit any of the above signs, then you are safe. You can still revive the closeness in your relationship regardless of the distance barrier. I have some game suggestions that you could use to bring back that sense of fun and take your long-distance relationship to the next level (with the help of technology of course).

#1. Guess the Celebrity

This game is simple, you choose the celebrity of your choice or from your favorite movies and you do a role play, this could be via text or video call. You can turn up the heat to whatever extent you want but make sure you do it indoors where you can play as naughty as you want. Who knows, you might just discover an acting talent that has been dormant within you.

#2. Never Have I Ever

The good old Never Have I Ever is one of the best drinking games ever invented. One person says something that theyโ€™ve never done before and everyone who has done it before drinks. You can play this game on a video call or you can make a slight switcheroo and do it over chat where you can send a text of something youโ€™ve done before and your spouse instead of drinking responds by sending a relevant picture of him doing the action.

#3. Fill-in-The-Blank

Let your flirty and naughty side take control over this game. You can ask questions like,โ€ Your _____ turns me on.โ€ You just start a question then leave it hanging for your partner to fill in the blank. You can be as naughty and as dirty as you please with this fun game. Moreover, that is the idea of the game. Side effects from this game may include your sweetheart cutting short his Russia trip and returning earlier.

#4. Guess the object

In this game, you send a photo of an object or a body part or an item and your partner has to guess what part it is or what item is displayed in the picture. It is a very fun game. Most of the time, what you see is not really what they are. A picture of a dressed elbow, for example, can be very confusing. I would recommend this particular game if the both of you are really creative. Interestingly, this is a memory game that will also have immense benefits on your brain.

#5. Strip Cam

This is by far my favorite long distance relationship game. Each partner has to guess the number of clothes the other partner is wearing, then you take turns asking each other questions that you ought to know about each other. If someone gets the answer wrong, they take off a piece of clothing. Try not to be the first to get nude.

#6. Guess What Iโ€™m Thinking

In this game, you have to guess what your partner is thinking about in just 20 questions. The game can begin by saying, โ€œIโ€™m thinking about something____โ€ then the other player will ask questions like, โ€œis it a person? is it alive? What color is it?โ€ Until they get it right. If they fail you agree on a punishment (a fine) or a price. The smarter you frame your questions, the more likely you will get the answer before your chances run out.

#7. Where am I?

This is a very interesting game for a couple, it helps you remember the special moments that you shared in a particular place. What could be better than a trip down memory lane? You simply describe the location without going into much detail and let your partner guess the place. The caveat is that you need to be vivid with your description without giving away the answer.

#8. Truth or Dare

One of the oldest games ever invented is the good old Truth or Dare. I donโ€™t really think anyone needs a tutorial on how to play. Weโ€™ve all played truth or dare either with our friends or in the family game night at some point in our life. You can also use this game to bring a funky feeling and spice to your long-distance love life.

Final Thoughts

As I said earlier, long-distance relationships are not the best love situations to be in, but that does not mean that you canโ€™t make it work. As long as the love is mutual and genuine no distance can cause a turmoil in your love life. Just be patient, trust your partner and add some spice and a funky taste with these games. If you are experiencing challenges in your relationship, feel free to Ask Zola through the comment box below.

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  1. Hello.
    I am currently in a LDR for about 4 months now we met on the internet. Everything is going really well communication, trust etc.. One of the things he is struggling with is feeling like we always have to โ€œ start over โ€œ every time he sees me versus just continuing from where we left off . How do you make it continuous so it doesnโ€™t feel like we are missing a bet ,whether we are together or not

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