Top 10 Elegant Neighborhoods In Kenya Where The Wealthy Live

wealthy neighborhoods in Kenya

Over the last few decades, Kenyaโ€™s economy has grown exponentially, and evidently, this will be an upward trend in the years to come. In 2019, the World Bank reported that her economy had grown by 5.7%, making Kenya one of the fastest-growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa. These findingsย indicated that the economic shift was contributed to by a stable macroeconomic environment, adaptable services sector, and positive investor confidence.

That aside, Kenya is quite a developed country. The amenities, stability of her currency, and several other aspects give her a competitive edge compared to other African nations. To put this into perspective, we compiled some locations that positively contribute to the countryโ€™s GDP every year. Therefore, here are 10 of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Kenya.

Expensive Neighborhoods in Kenyaโ€™s Capital City, Nairobi

Nairobi city is home to many politicians, business people, ambassadors, diplomats, and expats. Being the capital city of Kenya, many investors, innovators, and the public have been drawn to it for its strategic location, among several other things. Eventually, the Central Business District and the suburbs have developed to accommodate certain classes of people. Features of the following neighborhoods include homes to High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), luxurious amenities, and generally high cost of livingโ€”in no particular order.

ย  1. Runda Estate in Westlandsย 

Houses in Runda

Runda is an abbreviation for Reserved United Nations Development Area. This estate is regarded as the poshest place to live in Nairobi for several reasons. Everything from housing, restaurants, shopping, and general expenditure in Runda is expensive. For instance, a spacious double-storey mansion with over six rooms and multiple en suite bathrooms could go for up to $ 900 thousand. On top of it, you will hardly find meals going for less than $10, even for a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, most prominent and HNWIs living in Runda like to keep a low profile. Consequently, it would be hard to pinpoint them.

ย  2. Muthaiga Estateย 

residential neighborhood in Muthaiga

Here is another serene neighborhood in Kenya. It is located 8 minutes away from the capital cityโ€™s central business district (CBD). It is accessible via Limuru, Murangโ€™a, or Muthaiga roads. This neighborhood evokes a modern lifestyle feel with its evergreen vegetation in the parks and homes. Most buildings found in this area are residential, with a few commercials along the main highway. A standard mansion in Muthaiga will range between $300 thousand to $ 1 million. Therefore, you will find top-tier individuals in the line of expats, politicians, and business people living in this neighborhood.

ย  3. Karen Estate

wealthiest neighborhoods in Kenya

Even though Karen is located quite far from the CBD, this neighborhood is a sight to see. Karen has it all in terms of affluent shopping experience, luxurious amenities, urban life, natural living. Karen is known to host several politicians, such as the current Kenyan opposition leader and African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development Raila Odinga. More so, many c-level decision-makers of Kenyan companies live here. Housing property in Karen will differ, but they will generally cost up to $ 5 millionย for a fully furnished mansion.

Expensive Neighborhoods in Other Kenyan Citiesย 

As of October 2020, Kenya is known to have five main cities; Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Eldoret. However, most of these cities face geographical disadvantage and hence fail to make comparable living alternatives for the wealthy. Nevertheless, current infrastructural developmental projects will render most of these cities habitable for the moneyed.ย 

  • Luxurious Neighborhoods in Mombasa City

Mombasa is a coastal city bordering Tanzania to the North and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Principally, as a town, Mombasa has few residential and more staycation and vacation properties. This is contributed to by its tourism-based lifestyle. Furthermore, a significant percentage of Mombasaโ€™s revenue comes from tourism.ย 

ย  4. Nyali Estate in Mombasaย 

Nyali Mombasa

Nyali has grown from a wealthy neighborhood in Kenya to a mix of different social class. However, it remains one of the wealthiest places to live in Mombasa city. Also, the cost of living in the area remains high. Land for sale is still on the rise, as well as the cost of goods and services.ย 

ย  5. Kizingo Estate

wealthy neighborhoods in Kenya

Given that Kenyaโ€™s Mombasa statehouse is situated here in Kizingo, you expect this estate to attract upper-class citizens and lifestyle. Kizingo is in the middle of deluxe amenities, such as the Mombasa golf course, several high-rise buildings, Mombasa Law Courts, and large private hospitals. In this neighborhood lives the current Mombasa Governor, Hon. Hassan Joho.

Wealthy Neighborhoods in Kisumu and Nakuru Citiesย 

Kisumu and Nakuru cities are in the Western and mid-Western sides of Kenya, respectively. While Nakuru is known for being a metropolitan city, Kisumu is predominantly made up of the Luo tribe. However, like Mombasa and Nairobi, Kisumu and Nakuru have neighborhoods that attract the wealthy. These include,

ย  6. Milimani Estate in Kisumu City

wealthy neighborhoods in Kenya

This estate is considered the hub for the rich in Kisumu. You will find modern villas, maisonettes, and mansions in this neighborhood that will make you appreciate modern architecture. Due to its high cost of living, Milimani estate has a low occupancy rate. Additionally, security in the area is usually tight.

ย  7. Riat Hills Estate

wealthy neighborhoods in Kenya

Talk of perfection and Riat hills will immediately come to mind. This Heaven of an estate is furnished with neat gardens, bungalows, and mansions. In this estate, you will find several business people, politicians, and other HNWIs residing. Neighboring the estate are expensive restaurants, glamorous shopping malls, and cushy recreational amenities.

ย  8. Section 58 Area in Nakuru Metropolitan City

wealthy neighborhoods in Kenya

This exquisite neighborhood is located along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway and itโ€™s home to wealthy people in the city. It blends a touch of urban life with nature. In Section 58, you will find many expensive residential and a few commercial houses. The cost of living is high compared to other areas within the vicinity of Nakuruโ€™s CBD.

ย  9. Milimani Suburbs in Nakuru


The name Milimani seems to go well with trendy neighborhoods in Kenya. This fancy neighborhood is home to influential people in Nakuru. It is located a few minutes away from Nakuruโ€™s central business district, making it an ideal location for business executives and politicians. Milimani is also a stone throw away from the Menengai crater, the extinct and dormant yet strikingly beautiful volcanic crater.

ย  10. Other Wealthy Neighborhoods in Kenya

If you thought that Nairobi was the only city for the wealthy, you need to think again. Undoubtedly, the urban lifestyle in Nairobi is lavish. However, some high-profile personalities have preferences that may seem strange to the public. Consequently, we have seen people who live in private forests, military camps, and private beaches. These neighborhoods are owned by HNWI who prefer to lead a personal life away from the public.

The list goes on

Most Kenyans and other travel enthusiasts will agree that the places above are just a handful of Kenyaโ€™s wealthy neighborhoods. However, these neighborhoods made our list simply because they fit our selection criteria. We were looking at estates with influential personalities, huge housing costs, and expensive lifestyle in general. The neighborhoods will definitely change if we flip our selection criteria. Before you go, weโ€™d love to know which neighborhood resonates with your taste. Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. We read every comment!

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