Uber Takes High End Rides To Kenya

Uber - now in kenya


Uber - now in kenya
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Uber has increased charges for select vehicles driven by highly-rated drivers. What the taxi-hailing company says will give its customers a better trip experience. The e-hailing firm, which says it has 5,000 drivers and 363,000 users on its Kenyan database, says the new product โ€“ dubbed UberSELECT โ€“ will cost riders a minimum of Sh300 per trip, compared to Sh200 charged by taxis on its other service, UberX. Sh100 is approximately $1.

The base fare for UberSELECT is Sh100 that compares to UberXโ€™s Sh80. While the charge per minute and per kilometer is Sh4 and Sh43 respectively. This is an increase from the Sh2.40 per minute and Sh33.60 per km currently charged.

โ€œWe believe our customers should be allowed more choice in the way they travel.โ€. Loic Amado, Uberโ€™s general manager for East Africa, said in a statement.

โ€œThis is the inspiration behind the introduction of UberSELECT, which is ideal on special events such as date nights and important business meetings,โ€ he added.

Only experienced drivers who have completed over 300 trips, with a rating of 4.7 or above and who have the eligible vehicles will receive trip requests on the new service.

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