Ewash Is Beating Drought Restrictions With 35cl Of Water

Omar Bouziane sitting in front of his garage (Photo credit: Twitter/@TelQuelOfficiel)

Many African countries continue to witness the negative consequences of global warming. While flood is sweeping through Chad, Morocco is witnessing an unprecedented level of drought never seen before in the Kingdomโ€™s history. Consequently, the government has resorted to rationing water.

Front view of Ewash car washing station
Front view of Ewash car washing station (Photo credit: Instagram/ewash.morocco)

To that effect, the use of portable water for washing cars is banned starting from August 2022. However, a startup, Ewash has found a way to circumvent the restrictions. They do this by using only 35cl of water in their wash. Explaining the concept, the founder of the startup Omar Bouziane said,

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โ€œEwash is using s concept of washing cars without water by leveraging professional products. Some of the products still need to be mixed with little water. On average, we save 150 liters of water in each wash.โ€

Bouzianeโ€™s goal is to democratize water. Interestingly, the use of 35cl of water is for big 4ร—4 jeeps. The startup washes as many as 400 cars. This innovation puts less pressure on the already scarce portable water.

An economical ecology solution

Water availability in Morocco is below the scarcity threshold of 1,700 cubic meters per capita per year. In the 1960s, the available water in Morocco was above 2,600 cubic meters. Since the start of water restrictions in Casablanca, many car washing stations have had to close their doors.

Car washing stations that source their water from wells are exempted from this restriction. However, wells are often not easy to come by. The situation has led to the rise in demand for dry-cleaning services. This increasing interest in dry-cleaning has opened the door to opportunities for Ewash.

The Ewash model has garnered lots of positive reviews and its popularity has continued to grow. ย Those who have used it always keep coming back. One of such users is Karim. While narrating his experience, Karim said,

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โ€œThis is the sixth time I am using Ewash and the result is always satisfactory. Due to the current water crisis, I advise everyone else to do the same.โ€

Ewashโ€™s lofty ambition to take over Africa

While the current Morocco water crisis may have seen the patronage of Ewash soar, the startup has plans to expand to West Africa. According to Hajar Toufik, a correspondent of Africanews, the startup is eyeing a move to Senegal and other African countries.

A World Bank report in July 2022 said Morocco is in a situation of โ€œstructural water stressโ€ due to the scarcity of renewable water. With that problem not expected to go away any time soon, Ewash is positioned to help Moroccans drive cars that donโ€™t bear the dirt of the current reality.

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