DISCUSSION: Will Condoms make the African Aids crisis worse?

DISCUSSION: Will Condoms make the African Aids crisis worse?


DISCUSSION: Will Condoms make the African Aids crisis worse?
Image by Francesco Nigro from Pixabay

The Guardian reported today that the Pope reignited the controversy over the Catholic church’s stance on condom use as he made his first trip to Africa. He said condoms were not the answer to the continent’s fight against HIV and AIDS and could make the problem worse. Benedict XVI made his comments as he flew to Cameroon for the first leg of a six-day trip that will also see him traveling to Angola.


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  1. Peace be unto u Amabel. The spread of AIDS/HIV canbe prevented by getting people into THE WORD OF GOD ie The Lord Jesus Christ and by telling them what the “fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden” was that the serpent gave to the woman and she later gave to Adam. That fruit was SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.
    The fruit was NOT, Has Never Been and will NEVER BE Apple or Adam’s fruit. That’s nonsense!
    The truth is IT WAS SEX.

    This is the time for u to laugh with us. So together, let us laugh at OURSELVES.
    To know best of not having sex with Love and having sex with love, let’s us go back to the Beginning. Let’s go to Genesis. The first time the word “LOVE” is used in the Bible is when God distributes punishment to “the woman” in : “and thy DESIRE shall be to thy husband” . Why is it now that God is directing “the woman’s desire” BACK to her husband? This statement also verifies God’s punishment to the serpent when He says in : ” And I will put enmity between thee and the woman.” Was the woman and the serpent friends till the point that her desire was first to the serpent other than Adam?
    This comes out clear in the statement: “she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. ”

    Did you ever perceive this? I tell u now, sex without love(desire) started in Genesis. What is sex today with love?

    Sex today without love is called : FUN, ya moh, etc..
    So the first instance in which there was sex without love was when the serpent had SEX with the woman, and the serpent was not HER HUSBAND! God said in : ” thou shalt not eat of it, ” ie you should not have sex now, WAIT.


    What about condoms or pills? God says in the Bible that a Child is a blessing. So, if I use a condom and later on throw away the sperms, in so doing, I push away the conception of a child. Can I be blessed? NO. I will be PSEUDO-BLESSED.

    Bros and Sisters, the cure to HIV/AIDS is entering into JESUS CHRIST. How do u enter into Jesus Christ? By sincerely asking God every day and night on your knees to Give you His Holy Spirit.

    “You Shall Know The Truth & The Truth Shall Set You free”

    Cho Ransome

  2. I don’t know that it will help. If anything, I feel that the birth of condoms gave people an excuse to become more promiscous. Making comments like…” I used a condom”..as if that should justify the action. I also think that science has contributed to this by providing medical treatments and ways of suppressing many stds. In the US, its very common on college campuses to find people with stds. It’s as if, its no longer a shame to have an std!
    If condoms where 100% safe then I will say YES! it will help….but they arent…and there are already million of organizations out there passing out free condoms and people are still not using them. so what is the point.
    NOTHING can replace the 100% protectiveness of abstinence.
    It is sad that churhces are now passing out free condoms instead of preaching abstinence. I say the church and the government should invest their money into workshops and events to teach and promote abstinence instead of promoting condoms and the morning after pill and etc.

  3. Condoms are the symptoms of the problem, but a more excellent way is the attack the problem at its roots. No sexual unfaithfulness no spread of the HIV virus. It is that simple, but many people question this approach, because they are not willing to face reality. The fact that they are living in rebellion to God’s commands. Sex one way to express love for the opposite sex and it is also a means of procreation. The creator made sex to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage. But humans are doing it their own way and as it is written the wages of sin is death. Those who are already married must remain faithful to their partners, those who are not married should not engage in sexual any activity.
    Those proposing condoms without with abstinence should address the issue of difficulties using the condoms in the first place. In the heat of the moment, the condom can be pulled off. What about it failing? If that happens what will happen to those using it if one of them is a HIV carrier.
    Please abstinence and fidelity is the best thing to do and condoms are a solution to the symptoms.
    Dr. Eric

  4. Condoms, when used correctly, work to stem the spread of HIV. Abstinence only education in every jurisdiction it’s been tried doesn’t stop people from having sex, it only makes people have riskier protection-free sex. Unfortunately many Southern African countries suffer from massive amounts of religious disinformation and suffer from high infection rates because of it.

  5. i think the invension of condoms has instead increased the number of HIV/AIDS patients in the world today.there are still many people who don’t believe that Aids exist.to me i think condom or no condom ppl still do carry this virus in them without even knowing.let me give you a tipical example.a 15 years child woh is a virgin has been tested positive.it is not only through sex that we get sick.so far as we live,no one is free from HIV/AID.all i can say is that we should pray,pray very hard.nowadays HIV/AIDS is just like any other normal sickness.my own little advice is that even you are using a condom to do what ever you want to do ,GET TESTED.