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From the beautiful landscapes to the smiling youth of the continent, there are many positives that make the following African countries rank highly on the latest World Happiness Report. The rustic feel along with the breath of fresh air will give any traveler the reason to want to seek the hidden gems on the charming continent. Famous American Author, Ernest Hemingway was once quoted saying;

The 2021 World Happiness Report is out. Like the previous year, some of the countries on the list will leave you wondering. Perhaps, you have heard about the many troubles going on there. However, one thing that this report proves is that happiness is a choice. You can have all the world and still not be happy. However, another can have very little and yet be very happy. 

How The World Happiness Report Ranks Each Nation

Since July 2011, the United Nations General Assembly alongside member countries decided to adopt a happiness survey to measure the happiness of the people in their respective nations. The data for grading each country comes from Gallup World Poll and other surveys such as the World Value Survey. The rating criteria span business & economy, technology, social issues, education, safety, environment, and government.

The World Happiness Report 2020, ranked a total of 156 countries using surveys from 2017—2019. Scandinavian country, Finland, retains the position as the world’s happiest country for three consecutive years. However, Afganistan is the least happy nation in the world according to the world happiness report. 

Top 10 Happiest African Countries According To The World Happiness Report

#10 Senegal

World Happiness Report - Senegal
Photo credit: Unsplash

The large West African country makes the top ten list of the World Happiest Report 2020. Their engaging cultural practices and beauty make Senegal a rising African country for tourism. The country is also due to make history as Senegal will be the first African country to host an Olympic Games in 2026. This epoch event will bring the best youth athletes to contest in various sports for the Youth Olympic Games. There are also seven official UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country. 

#9 Algeria

Constantine Algeria
Photo credit: Unsplash

The largest country on the African continent, Algeria is mostly covered by the Sahara Desert. With its extremely warm living conditions, the majority of Algerian’s live along the coastal parts of the country. However, the northern parts’ more Mediterranian weather allows for better living conditions for its citizens. Just like Senegal, Algeria also has seven official UNESCO World Heritage sites. This makes it one of the world’s leaders in sightseeing and historic trails.   

#8 Cameroon

Bessengue Douala Cameroon
Photo credit: Unsplash

This particular West African country boasts one of the most diverse cultures. Cameroon has a total of 230 languages spoken in their country including English and French. In the northern part of Cameroon, Waza National Park is home to thirty species of mammals. The park, favored by locals and tourists alike features indigenous wildlife. These include the African bush elephants, cheetahs, lions, giraffes, and much more.

#7 Morocco

World Happiness Report - Fes Morocco
Photo credit: Unsplash

This diverse and colorful country has been a travelers’ favorite African destination for decades. Therefore, it is no surprise that it’s ranked highly on the World Happiness Report. The old, rustic cities along with the Islamic culture have always been an interest for international tourists. Morocco is only 8 miles from Europe, which makes it easy for many travelers to visit. Also, its major cultural cities such as Rabat, Marrakech, and Fez are some of the best destinations to explore. With a variety of delicious foods and very high-quality green tea, Morocco offers plenty for its locals and visitors to experience. 

#6 Ghana

Tokoradi Ghana
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Known as “The Land Of The Warrior King”, its natural beauty and pristine coastlines make Ghana one of Africa’s greatest countries to experience. The country takes huge pride in wearing their traditional Kente, a handwoven cloth with colorful patterns that carry meaning. The expressive local music is also a must-see when you visit. Ghana’s popular genre, highlife is often described as an African style of jazz. It combines with African drum rhythms signaling an invitation to join the party and embrace the ambiance of the beautiful land. 

#5 Congo Brazzaville

World Happiness Report - Congo Brazzaville
Photo Credit: Congo Conservation Company

Known formally as The Republic of Congo, the one-of-a-kind Central African nation has a unique landscape. About 70% of the country is covered in an inhabitable rain forest. The countries longest river, The Congo River, is the border between The Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville. The river is also the second-largest river in the world. Further north in Congo Brazzaville is the world’s famous national park, Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park. It is no wonder this country is on the World Happiness Report.

#4 Benin

Benin - Porto Novo
Photo credit: Unsplash

The small West African country is culturally one of the most welcoming countries on the African continent. Home to “The Venice of Africa”, Benin offers its visitors a unique African experience. The Ganvie Village is popular for its colorful homes floating on water. Benin is a large exporter of cotton and many travelers enjoy visiting the West African country to get amazing deals on originally authentic garments of rich quality. Its rank on the World Happiness Report is totally deserving. 

#3 Ivory Coast

Abidjan - Ivory Coast
Photo credit: Unsplash

From its lavish beach resorts to the tropical rain forests, Ivory Coast is a great tourist destination. Ivory Coast has three UNESCO sites. Also, the country is a global leader in producing cocoa beans. There are plenty of activities to keep every tourist occupied while visiting this lovely West African country. Ivory Coast is also famous for its architecture. In one of the country’s capital cities, Yamoussoukro, “The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace” is the world’s largest church in the world with a total exterior area of over 30,000 square meters.   

#2 Libya

Tripoli Libya
Photo Credit: Unsplash

The discovery of oil in the 1950s set Libya on the path to becoming one of the most thriving economies in Africa. Producing on average over 1 million barrels of oil per day, Libya is home to some of the largest oil reserves in Africa. There are many beautiful sights to see in Libya particularly in the city of Shahhat. It was a former Greek empire and today a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city has a rich ancient history and is known for being one of the first cities to practice philosophy through education.

#1 Mauritius

World Happiness Report - Mauritius
Photo credit: Unsplash

The World Happinness Report confirms the beautiful islands of Mauritius as the happiest African country on the continent. Famous American writer, Mark Twain states: Mauritius was made first, and then heaven and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Mauritius is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. However, with arguably the best coastlines and continuously warm weather, it’s doubtful that would affect the citizens on these beautiful islands. The island locals are also famous for their traditional sega dance. Also, the friendly locals love inviting visitors to join in. Whether you decide on the lavish resort lifestyle or galavanting through the local shops, you’re guaranteed to return for a second holiday!


With countries like Libya and Cameroons which are facing internal crisis making the list, it is obvious happiness goes beyond peace. The World Happiness Report proves that lifestyle, surroundings, and brighter opportunities for the people are what actually make individuals happy with their countries. Perhaps, you need to take a trip to one of these countries to actually judge the credibility of this report. However, if you have already been to one of these countries, we would love to hear about your experience. Feel free to share with us in the comment box below. 

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