Wanuri Kahiu takes first Kenyan Sci-Fi short to Sundance

Wanuri Kahiu takes first Kenyan Sci-Fi short to Sundance


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Wanuri Kahiu
Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu takes her sci-fi short #Pumzi to Sundance this year. Photo By: Chris King

Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu takes her sci-fi short Pumzi, the first-ever Kenyan Sci-Fi to Sundance this year.

Pumzi โ€œstarted off as a small script about what kind of world we would have to be if we had to buy fresh air,โ€ย writer/director Wanuri Kahiu told Wired.com in a Skype interview. The movie wasย made with grant money from Focus Featuresโ€™ย  short film program, the Goethe Institut, and the Changamoto arts fund. Pumzi will share the screen with two other films as part of Sundanceโ€™s New .

This special program presents three films that reflect a new wave of African cinema. South African filmmaker draws from ancient mythological storytelling traditions to create a kind of historical magical realism in relating a modern-day tale of warfare in Zimbabwe in her film .

Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu creates a brightly original science-fiction vision in her film Pumzi, a story of a botanist who risks everything to nurture a plant 35 years after the โ€œWater War.โ€ And Senegalese filmmaker draws from the fifties- and sixties-style French musicals to breathe fresh air into Saint Louis Blues, a buoyant road-trip tale set in the clogged urban streets and dusty roads of Senegal.

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PUMZI is a Sci-Fi short film written/ directed by Wanuri Kahiu. (2009)

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