Volsus Energy Explores Solar Power For Improved Healthcare

volsus energy

Many African countries including Nigeria are facing an energy crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has made things worse for many citizens who cannot afford to pay for power. As global economies rebuild from the effects of the pandemic, clean, and renewable energy can give citizens access to affordable and reliable energy. This is one of the goals of Volsus Energy. The young start-up is building a mini power grid to provide renewable energy to Nigeriaโ€™s teeming population.

Talking about Nigeria, as many as 85 million lack access to electricity and 176 million with no access to technologies. Therefore, to fast-track the post-coronavirus economic recovery government authorities need to deliver sustainable energy to the people. Interestingly, by championing renewable energy, the government creates enormous opportunities for companies like Volsus Energy. Obviously, the country cannot achieve sustainable electricity for all by relying on the hydroelectric power grid.ย 

Another crucial provision in the federal governmentโ€™s plan is its commitment to provide and maintain nearly 5 million solar power connections under the new solar power strategy. This will boost wealth creation and create 250,000 new jobs. Nigeriaโ€™s Rural Electrification Agency (REA) is playing a key role in stepping up infrastructure to help deploy off-grid energy solutions. Besides the economic impact, off-grid energy solutions can provide energy for rural hospitals to perform life-saving procedures.

Volsus Energy Unveiled Solar Scheme for 5,000 Health Centers

Recently, in Abuja, Volsus Energy presented its solar mini-grid plan for health care services. Earlier this month, the company flagged off its first mini-grid program at the Karu Primary Health Centre in the city of Abuja. Now, the startup firm is targeting the installation of nearly 5,000 units across the country to help improve the health systems. Goddy Jedy-Agba, Nigeria Minister of State (Power), commissioned the Karu mini-grid.

volsus energy

Meanwhile, the chief executive of Volsus Energy, Engr. Tomiwa Bayo-Ojo, said that the installed mini-grid station is sustainable, clean, efficient, and most importantly, a reliable energy facility. He added that it was conceived towards improving the health care system across Nigeria. Engr. Bayo-Ojo further added that the trend of the lack of support from the private sector in promoting solar energy was halting the process. However, this is changing rapidly in the face of the pandemic outbreak.

According to Engr. Bayo-Ojo the key aim of his firm is the electrification of the remote areas of the country. Furthermore, he reaffirmed his commitment โ€œto promote the attainment of Goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)โ€. The firm also highlighted its plans to provide access to sustainable and clean energy across Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) nationwide. They plan to achieve it by deploying state-of-art solar power facilities.

Sustainable Energy is the Future For Health Care

Bao-Ojo also thanked the minister for his support. He said the ministry assisted in funding the project up to commissioning, including three years of maintenance plan. Recounting the impact of the project, the Volsus Energy CEO said,

โ€œBefore the installation of the solar mini-grid, access to uninterrupted power has been the bane of the center. However, this success story of the Volsus Solar For Health (VSFH) mini-grid is changing that story. The mini-grid is now providing 24-hour electricity to the wards, the labor room, the laboratory, and the entire building. There is also the component for a refrigerator to improve the storage process of vaccines for immunization at the center.โ€

Many African countries need to look towards renewable energy to meet the demands of her citizens. No doubt, the infrastructure for sustainable energy is expensive but it pays for the cost overtime. However, with public-private partnership the goal is achievable. Also, such projects will create jobs and foster economic growth. Do you forsee more companies like Volsus Energy springing up in other African countries? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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