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The Healthiest Ocean In Africa Is Found Around This Beautiful East African Island



Ocean health index africa - Beautiful East African Island

Beautiful East African Island – Seychelles Photo credit By Simon Dannhauer

Africa has some breathtaking beaches and ocean life.  Millions of people in Africa rely on oceans for employment, food, sports, and other important benefits, as well as economics and development. However, not all oceans get the same quality of care. The Ocean health index Africa report is an annual report that draws attention to the African and world’s ocean management and conservation efforts. The 2019 edition of the report shows Seychelles as the country in Africa with the best ocean index.

Morocco takes the second best position while Egypt takes the third. Despite taking the last three positions in Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya and Ivory Coast registered impressive scores. The three countries scooped 47.1 percent, 42.4 percent, and 41.3 percent respectively.

National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), based in the United States together with Conservation International, a global non-profit company conducted the research. Published recently, the report paints a positive picture of ocean health in Africa. Scooping an impressive 77.2 percent and first position in Africa, Seychelles is ranked position 33 worldwide.  Morocco and Egypt follows closely behind with 72.3 percent and 69.5 percent respectively.

Ocean Health Index Africa Improved

Ocean Health Index (OHI) research started since 2012. The study involves making a scientific assessment of ocean health in 220 nations and territories worldwide. This research involves various data analyses to evaluate the present and possible future states of oceans. The reason for this is to determine how these ocean resources in Africa and the rest of the world can be optimized for food, trade, tourism, leisure and other benefits.

The places studied in Africa scooped an average score of 60.2 percent in comparison with the global average of 70 percent. It is an indication that though Africa is doing well, more needs to be done. Additionally, with a little more efforts, Africa is going to realize the full economic, environmental, cultural, and developmental benefits that come with a good ocean health index.


Scores for Ocean Health Index Africa  

OHI examines a number of elements to arrive at the country’s ocean health score. These elements include the following among others;

  1. Artisanal fishing opportunities and Biodiversity
  2. Carbon storage as well as Clean waters.
  3. Coastal livelihoods and economies.
  4. Food provision and Natural Products
  5. Tourism and recreation.
  6. Habitats and Species.

“An annual, all-inclusive analytic for oceans provides policymakers with the knowledge to implement successful actions for enhanced sustainable ocean management,” said Dr. Halpern, the lead scientist for OHI.

Compared to the 2012 ocean health index Africa report, 14 out of 36 countries registered crucial improvements in their ocean health scores. Countries that made the most important improvements in their scores included Angola that rose from 53.1 percent to 59.3 percent. Egypt follows, rising from 65.9 percent to 69.5 percent.

“By giving a yearly all-inclusive catalog for world ocean health, OHI provides all countries a springboard for examining the status of their ocean and marine resources and environments,” noted Dr. Eva Schemmel, the Science Advisor with Conservation International.

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