OPINION: No Way, No How, No McCain

John McCain smile

John McCain Smile
John McCain photographer dsb nola from Flickr

Finally, after a week of attempting to weasel out of the first , John McCain takes time off of trying to save the American economy and possibly the world at that to show up for the debate. How noble of him …

During the debate, was Obama and McCain was McCain, nothing new there except as I watched I saw the wolf begin to show in McCain as he let the sheep clothing slip off. At first, I thought John McCain was doing well. Until he started patronizing and undermining Obama leaving a truly nasty aftertaste in my mouth.

How could he keep saying “Barrack just doesn’t understand”. Or that Barrack was naive when Barrack was in clear command of the facts? These are serious times that call for a grown-up mature leader and with age and experience on McCain’s side. He is leaving much to be desired still … at least from me.

McCain seems to have forgotten that Barrack Obama was not appointed to run against him for President. Barrack Obama went through the toughest primaries ever and against a political celebrity, Hilary Clinton with the odds against him and still came out on top.


Who do you think won the first Presidential debate?


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