Small Zimbabwean Handmade BaTonga Baskets


    • Handmade
    • Materials: Natural Grasses, Natural Dyes, Palm Leaves, Natural Reeds
    • Height: 9 centimeters
    • Width: 21 centimeters


These beautiful bowl shaped Binga baskets are hand woven by the Tonga or BaTonga people of Zimbabwe in a village called Sidinda. Traditionally they are used for carrying grain and are made from natural grasses and naturally dyed, using a simple weave and featuring a coiled rim. Each basket pattern represents a story traditional to the Tonga people. Use on the table as a platter or hang on the wall. The two-toned baskets are always unique in pattern, and each one is different. As they are handmade the sizes may vary only within one centimetre. 100% of sale goes back to the Sidinda women to fund their โ€œRiver Roadโ€ Craft Project.
NB These are a small size, 21 cm diameter. Larger sizes are available in our shop.


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