Personalized Charcuterie Planks and Beer Flights – 4 Styles and Gift Sets Available

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: Bamboo

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Original design, handmade right here in our workshop in Largo, Florida.

Serve your guests with style and panache with a personalized Charcuterie or Beer Flight Serving Trays.

Our cleverly designed Beer Flight Trays hold the wider flared part of the glass for stable carrying and serving. They are designed to hold most any size or shape of beer glass. The smaller Taster Flight Tray holds smaller taster glasses, most any style or shape fits perfectly.

Select from the:
1. 8×16 – Small Charcuterie Plank
2. 12×22 – Large Charcuterie Plank
3. 6×18 – Taster Beer Flight Tray
4. 8×18 – Pint Glass Beer Flight Tray

Gift Sets
1. Set of 2 Beer Flight Trays – Taster and Pint Glass Size Holder Trays (Save 5% on this set!)
2. Set of Charcuterie Planks – Large and Small (Save 5% on this set!)
3. Small Set – 1 Small Plank & 1 Small Flight Tray (Save 5% on this set!)
4. Large Set – 1 Large Plank & 1 Large Flight Tray (Save 5% on this set!)
5. All 4 Serving Trays – (Save 10% on this set!)


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