Nigeria’s First Certified Graphologist Oladipo Macjob Can Tell Your Mood From Your Handwriting

Oladipo Macjob, the first certified Nigerian graphologist

Do you know the quickest way to tell your mood or assess if you are fit for a job is by merely analyzing your handwriting? If you are in doubt, you will believe it after reading Oladipupo Macjob’s story. This is neither magical nor diabolical but a science called graphology. Before we tell you who Macjob is and what he can do, let’s first understand what this science is all about.

What is Graphology?

Graphology is simply the study of handwriting. Also referred to as handwriting analysis, graphology is the study of a person’s personality traits by interpreting the graphic aspects of their handwriting. According to the British Institute of Graphologists, everyone learns to write in their own specific way during their early years in school.

Nonetheless, nobody continues to write the same way as they grow. This UK institute established that people begin to alter the sizes and shapes of letters soon after they learn to write. The reason for this is that one’s personality affects the way their handwriting develops. Therefore, a person expresses their psychology through the symbols of his or her handwriting.

Graphologists believe that when these symbols are written on paper, they are as unique as a person’s DNA. The graphological process involves the analysis of spacings, angles, and slants of written words. These help to determine the form, spacing, and movement of handwriting. Subsequently, a graphologist attaches physiological interpretations to it.

You could be forgiven for thinking that graphological analysis is a new concept. It dates back to 500 BC when Confucius, a Chinese teacher and philosopher, said, “beware of a man whose writing sways like a reed in the wind”. Ever since, handwriting analysis has been in practice in some developed societies and is now being practiced in Nigeria.

Oladipupo Macjob is the first Nigerian Graphologist

Oladipupo Macjob is the first certified Nigerian graphologist. He is a handwriting expert and consultant at Macdiptoy Consulting Ltd, Nigeria, where he teaches corporate and private companies handwriting analysis among other nonverbal intelligence skills. Macjob is an alumnus of the Body Language Institute in Virginia and Handwriting University in Los Angeles. He is a pharmacist by profession but abandoned this career to pursue graphology.

He can study and analyze handwriting and relate it to specific personality traits. To do so, he says there are several things he considers. First, he looks at the space, form, and movement of written words. Next, he analyzes individual letters, which are categorized into three: upper zone, middle zone, and lower zone letters. For example, the small letter “t” is an upper zone letter.

Writing letter t
Writing letter t (Photo credit: Wings Education)

How high you write it as well as where you put the crossbar and the bar’s angle talks much about you. A high crossbar that slants upwards shows optimism and high self-esteem. By assessing all these, he can identify the personality traits of an individual. Also, by evaluating handwriting, the Nigerian graphologist can tell whether the writer has a fluidity of thoughts, which is a trait of intelligence.

A person that possesses this trait can connect and manage ideas easily. He can know if a person loves attention as well as identify an extrovert and an introvert. Oladipupo Macjob can also understand the mood, emotions, and confidence level of an individual. He notes that the acceptance level of graphological analysis in Africa is very low. However, he appreciates the effort being made by TV and radio stations in Nigeria to create more awareness about the concept.

Applications of Graphology

He says that handwriting analysis is a common practice in Israel, France, and some other developed countries. Macjob points out that over 80% of recruitment candidates in these countries are evaluated through graphology. Handwriting can reveal how the writer behaves, feels, and thinks. It indicates the motivation that precedes a person’s actions.

This method of understanding personality traits can expose information that may not be known in any other way. Thus, it is a powerful personality assessment tool. Other than recruitment, it is also applied in security checks, personality profiling, forensic analysis and document examination, and compatibility assessment. In addition, it is used in career guidance, historical profiling, and corporate training.

Oladipupo Macjob is particularly encouraging human resource managers in Nigeria to acquire graphological analysis skills. He believes that handwriting analysis will receive more acceptance in Africa as its awareness increases. Does graphology sound like what you want to give your time and attention to? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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