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The COVID-19 affected the world in several ways—but job websites for diversity recruiting are booming. It led to the closing down of many businesses and forcing many nations into total lockdown. The economic fortune of most countries plummeted and many individuals lost their jobs. While every country in the world shares the pain of the pandemic, America is one of the worst-hit countries. 

Many people in America, especially black minorities, have lost their jobs, leaving them with no means to take care of their essential needs. If you fall into this category, all hope is not lost. You can rely on several job websites to find jobs and increase your income. Below are some of the sites that encourage diversity recruiting. Black minorities can rely on them to break even.

#1. Black Career Network

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One of the leading job websites for black minorities is the Black Career Network. This is an excellent place for you to search for jobs. The advantage of this job platform is that it allows you to work conveniently from the comfort of your home. Also, many jobs are posted on this platform daily that you can check to find one that suits you. It is more of a freelance platform that connects employers with skilled employees.

First, the requirement is pretty simple, as you only need to create an account on the platform. You will have to provide your basic details, skill, and qualifications that show you possess such skills. It also allows you to upload your portfolio so that prospects can know more about the services you offer. The pay on this job site differs depending on the job done and your experience. The more reviews you get from past jobs, the higher the chance you will get paid more.

#2. Diversity Job Board

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Diversity Job Board is one of the more popular job websites known for connecting blacks with companies that need the skills they possess. Several immediate positions are available for black minorities to choose from on this diversity recruiting platform. First, this job site’s layout allows you to search for keywords of specific jobs or skills that you possess. Also, you can include your location in the search filter to help streamline the available options.

Jobs that are available on this site include copywriting, mobile app development, finance, and business management, among others. The requirements are pretty simple, making it a very versatile option. All you need to provide are your details, including your name, location, skills, and the type of jobs you desire. You will get alerts as soon as there is a job that matches your skillset. There is no fixed pay for the jobs that are on this platform. Therefore, the amount you get depends on the particular job that you complete.

#3. PDN Recruits

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PDN Recruits is the platform for employers who look to hire diverse professionals. This job website is an excellent place to visit for black minorities who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of jobs are available on this platform daily by employers from across the globe.

To apply for jobs on PDN Recruits, you will have to provide your name, email address, and the groups you identify with from the options the site provides. After, you will go to a page where you will need to provide your skillset and what qualifies you as a good fit for the job you are seeking.

Also, payment for jobs on PDN Recruits can either be hourly or tasked based. How much you get for a job done depends on your level, including entry, intermediate, and expert levels. The more skills you include, the higher the chance of getting paid more than others.


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For several years now, workplace diversity recruiting is known for connecting companies with employees from different backgrounds, including black minorities. The best side of this job site is that black minorities can work with minority-owned companies and businesses.

The basic requirements of the jobs posted on this platform include your skillset, how long you are available to work, and the skill you possess that makes you a good fit for the job. Also, there are several ways of posting jobs on this platform; this causes variations in the pay. However, a single 60-day job posted on the site is between $150 and $200.

#5. Black Jobs specializes in diversity recruiting
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This popular job website is a booming online diversity job board that provides black professionals with jobs cutting across various industries. Over 300,000 African American job seekers visit this job hub monthly to search for jobs. They feature well-paying jobs from diverse hiring employers such as Amazon, Netflix, Oprah Winfrey Network, Walmart, etc. Various professional job positions are available on this platform, such as Data Scientists, Project Managers, Editors, developers, Regional directors, etc. Due to the nature of jobs on this platform, black or diverse minorities who intend to apply for jobs must meet some basic requirements.

Firstly, some basic requirements include a bachelor’s degree, years of working experience, good communication skills, team spirit, and so on. Secondly, diversity recruiting employers may have other specific requirements depending on the job position. Finally, there are no fixed payment rates for these jobs, and the pay will vary based on the job position offered and the employer.

#6. HBCU Connect

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HBCU Connect creates a platform for Historically Black Colleges & Universities students and alumni to network and access job listings. This platform creates an escape route for black minorities who have faced significant financial difficulties due to the pandemic. Job websites like this one are available to people across all skill levels and industries, so every job seeker can stand a chance of getting a suitable job. Job seekers are allowed to upload their CVs after signing up to increase visibility.

They work with various diversity recruiting companies to provide graduates and students with job positions such as Executive director, nurses, human resources officer, manager, engineers, etc. This platform not only offers job opportunities to alumni but students through internships, externships, and scholarships. Basic requirements needed to qualify for the job opportunities include GED, Bachelor’s degree, work experience, and hard and soft skills depending on the job. Note that the pay for each job is subject to the job position, working contract, and the employer.

#7. Black Career Women’s Network

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This platform is one of the leading diversity job websites that support black women and girls in securing well-paying jobs. It provides professional black female job seekers at various skill levels with jobs across all industries. Black Career Women’s Network also provides job seekers with networking tools and support to build their business relationships and increase their chances of finding the right jobs.

Although job seekers are allowed free access to the job board, they require users to sign up and subscribe to a moderate fee membership plan. Job listings include job positions such as Managers, graphic artists, directors, accountants, analysts, HR assistants, customer service representatives, and many others. Some of these jobs require work experience, a skill set specific to the job description, and BA/BS certification.

Like every other job listing platform, there are no fixed payment rates. However, payment rates may range between $10,000 (or less) to $50,000 (or more) monthly, depending on the contract time, job position, and employer.

#8. America’s Job Exchange (AJE) is one of the leading job websites for diversity recruiting
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AJE website provides a way out for black professionals who have lost their job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualified job seekers can find their desired jobs by location, keyword, company, education, or skill level search. Job seekers can upload their CV, fill in their location, skills, and qualifications to get job posting alerts, and streamline their search. Various job positions are available for black professionals as a way of maximizing diversity recruiting, across all industries. The payment rate for each job is variable.


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Photo credit: provides organizations and companies with a zeal for diversity inclusion an opportunity to connect with professional black minorities. Job websites such as this platform are primarily education-centered and serve as a medium for higher education diversity recruiters to connect with qualified candidates. It helps the higher education community by providing job opportunities for black professionals and other minority groups seeking career advancement opportunities.

Some of the job positions available on this platform include lecturers, research administrators, directors, vice-chancellors, and several other positions within the education setting. Basic requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in your field of practice, years of experience, predetermined skillset, and several others, depending on the employer. Candidates are paid based on the time contract of the job position, school, and job position. However, the pay may vary from $1000 to $10,000 or more monthly.


One of the best job websites for diversity recruiting
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This site began as a small black family-owned business. However, it has grown to be one of the most outstanding online diversity recruiting job boards. It gives people of color, varying abilities, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, and immigration status, especially the black minorities, a chance to utilize their skill set and get paid for it. 

Jobs for black professionals across all organizations and industries are uploaded daily. However, most of these job postings are in the areas of technology, education, science, and the healthcare industry. The basic requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in related courses within your industry, specific skill sets, and years of experience. The pay for each position varies depending on the industry, employer, your skillset, and the type of job.

#11. Jopwell

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Jopwell is a job website that is popular for connecting black minorities with the jobs that they desire. It is a very diverse job site that has grown over the years due to the many strategic partnerships. Jopwell helps employers reach employees at the community levels.

The primary requirement for getting a job on this site is to request a quote. To get a quote, you will need to schedule an appointment with a representative on the platform. As there are various jobs on this platform, there is no fixed payment. The pay depends on your skill and the type of job that is available.

#12. The Black Perspective

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Are you an African American freelance writer looking for an alternate source of income? Then, it would be best if you visited the Black Perspective. It is one of the largest job sites that features many articles on employment and available diverse opportunities. The good thing about this job site is that you can apply to write articles on the website or read through the many job opportunities posted there.

To find a job on the Black Perspective, you will need to fill a recruitment form available on the site. By doing this, you can get notified when there is a job posting that matches your skills. The pay for jobs posted on this site varies and ranges between $99 and $280 per job.

#13. Upwork

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Upwork is a global freelancing platform that has over three million jobs posted on it annually. It is a diverse platform that offers all types of jobs from content creation, 3D animation, graphics design, etc. Jobs on Upwork do not require your presence as many are remote jobs meaning you can work from the comfort of your home.

To qualify for jobs on Upwork, you have to create a profile that states your skills, experiences, and past works that you have done. You will also have to send out proposals for job postings available. Other job websites may also advertise work from Upwork, depending on how the client wants the task promoted. Since people all around the globe can apply for work on the site, Upwork is a top-notching diversity recruiting platform. 

Pricing on Upwork can be by the task or hourly basis. As a starter, you can earn as low as $5 per task or as much as $1,000, and you can work multiple jobs a day.

#14. Black Tech Jobs

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We are at the height of technological advancement, where technological innovations appear to be the order of the day. Are you a tech-savvy person who has just lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic? Visit Black Tech Jobs to apply for any of the tech jobs posted there daily.

The requirements to be eligible for jobs on this site varies from one job to another. However, every employee is expected to have a relevant tech skill or innovative idea that can drive technological advancement. Payment for jobs on this site starts at about $249 and can go up as much as $3,200 per job.

#15. People of Color in Tech (POCIT)

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If you are a black minority looking for an alternative source of income during this pandemic, you should subscribe to the email newsletter of POCIT. This way, you can join the over 12,000 subscribers updated on jobs posted on the site. The bright side to searching for jobs on this site is that you can directly message clients if you feel you are the best fit for a job posting.

If you can run ads, write posts, or develop an innovative tech idea, you are a perfect fit for jobs on this website. You can earn between $150 and $10,000 per month, depending on the job and its requirements.


Several businesses and companies in America were affected by the coronavirus pandemic and were forced to lay off their workers. If you are one of those who lost your jobs during this period, you can check any of the job websites above to get an alternative source of income. Employers looking to switch to remote operations to beat the lockdowns will also benefit from these job websites. 


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