23000 Somali Students Defy Terrorism In Favor Of Education


Terrorism in its seeming impregnability has one Achilles heel: Enlightenment! Terrorists know the best surgeons to amputate radicalism from society are school teachers. They fear the refreshing ventilation of education so they target schools and centers of learning. This is in their voracious attempt to bully and intimidate students into the darkness.

Last month, Somaliaโ€™s al-Shabab militants threatened to punish parents who send their children to Western-style schools and universities.ย Some students give in to the fearย and shy away from education but there are those who refuse to cave in.ย 

Defiance in the face of adversity


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Over 23,000 students defied terror and came out to write their annual exam in Yusuf Kowneyn secondary school in Mogadishu, Somalia. Sequel to these exams, militants have been building negative energy with threats in hopes that students would desert their examinations in fear. But they saw the real African in these audacious 23,000 Somali students who wouldnโ€™t be bullied into surrendering their brains to be brainwashed by small-minded radicalism!

While inaugurating the examinations in Mogadishu, the Prime Minister of Somali Ali Khaire emphasized that only when the heads of the youths are polished with education, will Somalia have a shiny future and sustainable governance.

โ€œFor us, having 70 percent youth population is an opportunity for Somalia, and educating them is the only way Somalia can again stand on its own legs,โ€ said Khaire.

Security has been beefed up, with hundreds of police deployed at the exam centers to prevent any possible security threat by militants.

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