The New Yorker From Guinea Who Helped Take Down Car Crash Villain

The arms of the law can have a broader reach if individuals step out of their comfort zone to assist law enforcement. But how many of us can do this? Which of us will readily stake their lives as protective hedges around the tendrils of the law, making sure order blooms in our societies?

Bouncer Kenya Bradix wrestled the fleeing Times Square suspect to the ground before police took over. Photo Source: CNN

While many may fear for their safety and do nothing in the face of adversity, there are some who are not afraid to confront criminals in real-time, in spite of the risk it presents. Meet brave and fearless Alpha Balde, a father of eight from Guinea in West Africa, and Kenya Bradix, a Longtime Planet Hollywood bouncer.

Both men manifested humanitarian bravery in an incident that occurred in New York Times Square, where a driver ran his car into crowds of pedestrians.

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Rojas attempting to flee the scene Photo credit: (BACKGRID)

The car wounded many and killed a girl in the process. The driver, Rojas, decided to take off running after the fatal crash.

First responders attend to an injured woman after a car plunged into pedestrians in Times Square in New York. Picture: AFP/Jewel Samad

Bradix, who observed the incident, took off after the fleeing suspect, tackling him to the ground. Balde was getting a man out of harm’s way when he heard a commotion. He quickly joined Bradix and held the suspect by his neck, pinning him down and searching him to rid him of any weapons while awaiting the police. A few minutes later, police arrived and both men relinquished their duties to them as they took over Rojas.

Police detain the driver, Richard Rojas, 26, of the Bronx. (FRAT/Charles Guerin / Bestimage / BAC)

This was not the first time Balde had stepped into a dangerous situation. This audacious African father from Guinea already has a reputation of being a crime stopper. Back in the August of 2007, Balde stole the headlines after confronting a fleeing culprit of a bank robbery. That earned him a glorious accommodation in the news, with his name residing in the pages of New York Post for some time.

Alpha Balde holding a newspaper clip of his heroic efforts in another incident
Alpha Balde holding a newspaper clip of his heroic efforts in another incident – Photo Source: CNN

Fast forward to the recent incident, Balde felt like it was just another day at work for law preservation when he helped apprehend the fleeing Rojas. He doesn’t really see it as some big feat deserving of the finest crop of paparazzi chasing after him.

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“I’m just trying to help,” Balde said to CNN.

Balde and Bradix were paid gratitude by the masses that applauded them for risking their lives for public safety.

“I’m ready to do the same thing again,” Balde said to CNN. “(If) you’re gonna come in New York City trying to hurt somebody, come in this area here, you don’t have no chance. Because we’re gonna keep our eyes open.”

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