Kenyan Designer to bring the East African Khanga to the IWA Runway

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Wawi Amasha

Kenyan artist and designer Wawi Amasha is behind Mami Afrika Designs, a brand featuring clothing, jewelry, and wearable art. Amashaโ€™s designs reflect the celebration of life with the use of vibrant colors inspired by the Motherland, warming the heart at a glance. Every item is handcrafted with love, totally unique, and never exactly duplicated. She is one of the designers who will be featured on the โ€œโ€ Runway.

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To make her clothes and her custom garment tags, she mainly uses a fabric called โ€œKhanga or Lesso very common in East Africa. The khanga is a colorful garment worn by women and occasionally by men throughout Eastern Africa. Each has a unique Swahili saying; usually of bright colors and bold patterns with a decorated border around the main design.

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