John Legend is inspired by Mama Mwadawa Ruziga

John Legend is inspired by Mama Mwadawa Ruziga
John Legend is inspired by Mama Mwadawa Ruziga
John Legend is inspired by Mama Mwadawa Ruziga โ€“ Photo by Kris Krรผg from Flickr

A thumbs up to John Legend as he journeys to for a great cause. The singer selected Mama Mwadawa Ruziga, a Tanzanian entrepreneur as his hero on CNN after visiting the village of in Tanzania last year. He also wrote the song โ€œโ€ charting a conversation with God about the state of the world and the individualโ€™s place in it.

He launched a campaign called โ€œShow Meโ€ as a platform to contribute to the betterment of the world. The mission of the Show Me Campaign is to fight economic and spiritual poverty through fostering sustainable development (personal, social, educational, economic) at the individual, family, and small community levels. The Show Me Campaign is a grassroots movement that engages all of its participants as agents of transformative change from the bottom up.

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โ€œI donโ€™t want people to only see Africa as a bunch of victims,โ€ John Legend says. โ€œThe people that Iโ€™ve come across in these extremely impoverished villages, they want to work. They want to participate in their own development.โ€

Moreover, the artist partnered with economist โ€˜ organization to adopt Mbola, a remote village in Tanzania that has little access to drinking water and improved farming techniques, according to Millennium Promise.

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  1. Iโ€™m so glad that people are recognizing the need to empower people to change thier situation instead of people coming in and deciding for other people what needs to change.

    I was also surprised to hear about John Legend doing this work.

    Keeping bringing us the positive side of occurrances on The Continent.


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