No Computer, No Problem. A Ghanaian Teacher Uses Blackboard And Chalk To Teach Microsoft Windows

Viral sensation and tech hero. (Courtesy: Richard Appiah Akoto)
Viral sensation and tech hero. (Courtesy: Richard Appiah Akoto)
Richard Appiah Akoto โ€“ Viral sensation and tech hero. (Courtesy: Owura Kwadwo Hottish)

Richard Appiah Akoto posted photos of himself drawing the features of a Microsoft Word processing window on a blackboard with multi-colored chalk. The students in his class can also be seen drawing it into their notebooks. Social media exploded in admiration and wonder at his effort to explain how computers work without computers.

The 33-year-old Richard Appiah Akoto is an information and communication technology (ICT) teacher at Betenase M/A Junior High School in the town of Sekyedomase. About two and half hours drive north of Ghanaโ€™s second city, Kumasi. The school has no computers although its 14 and 15-year-old students are expected to write and pass a national tech exam as a requirement for entry into high school.

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Richard Appiah Akoto Going Viral

On Facebook, Richard Appiah Akoto goes by the nickname โ€œOwura Kwadwo Hottishโ€ which was the name that went viral on both Facebook and Twitter. His photo was seen as both a bit of ironic fun about life in Africa. Also as a source of inspiration particularly for Africans in the tech community. Like the Cameroonian tech entrepreneur Rebecca Enonchong, who tweets as @africatechie.

โ€œThis is not my first time [of drawing] it. I have been doing it anytime I am in the classroomโ€ฆ I like posting pictures on Facebook so I just felt like [sharing it]. Didnโ€™t know it would get the attention of people like thatโ€, says Akoto, who has been a teacher at the school for six years.

The photos gained prominence after a popular Ghanaian comedian (who is also a teacher) shared with his 140,000 Facebook fans. And later picked up by international websites and tech enthusiasts on the continent. One of which was Rebecca Enonchong. a Cameroonian tech influencer whose reaction resulted in a response from Microsoft

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