9-Year-Old Grace Busari Starts Ankara Teddy Bear Brand To Help Homeless Kids

Grace Busari

What age do you think is old enough to make a difference? Twenty-five? Thirty-five? At only 9 years, Grace Busari is already making a difference. The kidpreneur and daughter of CNN Nigeria bureau head launched her brand, โ€˜Grace Teddiesโ€™ on her 9th birthday. Part of the proceeds from the brand will go into the catering and support of homeless children.

The teddy bears created by Grace Busari are of different designs. However, what makes them stand out from other teddy bear brands is that they are made of African fabrics like Ankara and adire. The 9-year-old was recently at the Dreamcatchers Foundation to celebrate her birthday with the kids there. Announcing the birth of her brand Grace Busari said,

Grace Busari
9-Year-Old Grace Busari Starts Ankara Teddy Bear Brand To Help Homeless Kids

โ€œAs I turn 9, I am so happy to announce the launch of my foundation and the #GraceTeddies brand. With this brand, I will be creating and selling teddy bears, and helping to support the children on the streets.โ€

At the birthday party, Grace and her friends shared cakes the Dreamcatchers Foundation children. Also, they taught the kids at the foundation new dance moves. Grace Busari is calling on Nigerians to help transform the fortune of homeless kids by supporting Grace Teddies.

The Severity of Child Labor and Homelessness in Nigeria

It is almost impossible to move through major cities in Nigeria without seeing homeless children and youths. Often, it is difficult to tell why these children would leave their homes for the streets. According to the United Nations, the number of homeless children globally is about 1 billion. However, a survey shows that Lagos alone has over 2,000 of these children. Without any form of education, they rely on hawking for survival. Explaining her motivation for the social enterprise, Grace Busari said,

โ€œWhen I was 5, I moved to Nigeria with my mum. I cried when I saw children that should be in school or at home with their parents, begging on the streets. I always begged my mum to give them money. Been thinking of how to help them and now I believe I have a chance to.โ€

Inasmuch as the government has their role to play to stamp out this menace, we should also do our part. Grace Busariโ€™s idea is only one out of maybe a hundred similar initiatives. Therefore, when you cannot help directly, you can support these initiatives. The lives of thousands of kids depend on it.

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