5 Must Watch African Movies On Amazon (Sep 2019)

African Movies On Amazon

It the last quarter of the year already and the best time to start planning for the coming year. By the way, how well have you achieved the resolutions you made this year? There is still time to achieve those goals you set for yourself. However, if watching great African movies on Amazon is one of your goals then you need to keep a keen eye for our monthly updates.

This month, we have looked at a lot of African movies on Amazon and have decided to bring you the top five. These movies are potential award winners. They portray characters and actions that are relatable. In fact, it is hard to peg these movies to a single feeling because they evoke a variety of emotions. Before we dive in, remember you can always suggest great movies you think should be on our list using the comment box below.

#1 โ€“ Prince Among Slaves: Released 2018 (Watch It Here)

African Movies On Amazon

If you go down history, you will be surprised at the level of heinous crimes meted out by humans against humans. This is a true story of how Prince Abdul-Rahaman was stolen from West Africa and sold into slavery.

  • Directed By: Andrea Kalin, Bill Duke
  • Starring: John C. Bailey, Yasiin Bey โ€“ Narrator (as Mos Def), Henian Boone

Prince Among Slaves Synopsis

This is one of the African movies on Amazon that explores history. Prince Abdul-Rahaman was a prince in Futa Jalloo in present-day Guinea. However, in 1788, he was one of the slaves taken from West Africa to America alongside hundreds of men, women, and children. Consequently, they were sold into slavery in Natchez, Mississippi. The 26-year-old Prince told the farmer that bought him that he was a prince and that his father could pay for his ransom but the offer was declined. Prince Abdul-Rahaman served as a slave for 40 years, got married and fathered 9 children in the process. However, his story made him famous and endeared him to powerful men like President John Quincy Adams. This is a story of love, family, and an undying determination.

Prince Among Slaves Trailer

#2 โ€“ White Wedding: Released 2010 (Watch It Here)

African Movies On Amazon

This is one of the African movies on Amazon that distorts what you know about fairy-tale endings. It is a coming relief that will make you laugh and think at the same time.

  • Directed By: Jann Turner
  • Starring: Kenneth Nkosi, Rapulana Seiphemo, Jodie Whittaker

White Wedding Synopsis

Elvis is a loyal, decent, and committed bridegroom-to-be. However, in preparation for his big wedding, Elvis departs Johannesburg to pick up Tumi, his best man, in Durban. Consequently, the two set out for the journey to Cape Town to begin rehearsing for Elvisโ€™ wedding to beautiful Ayanda. However, they both get lost on the road and run into a young English doctor. From there, a series of events unfold that test their friendship, commitment, and intimacy. This is an evergreen comedy that will crack you up every time.

White Wedding Trailer

#3 โ€“ Alter Ego: Released 2017 (Watch It Here)

African Movies On Amazon

This is a classic drama that delves into the complex human nature. The things that we detest the most are often what we are drawn toโ€”our alter ego. This movie takes you on the journey on the internal crisis some professionals battle with.

  • Directed By: Moses Inwang
  • Starring: Omotola Jalage Ekeinde, Wale Ojo, Emem Inwang

Alter Ego Synopsis

Ada Igwe is a renowned lawyer and a fearless child rights activist. She helps children who have been sexually molested to get justice. However, she has to battle her own inner demons, an uncontrollable sexual appetite. Apparently, it turns out that external battles are easier to fight and win than internal battles. Also, internal battles have a higher propensity to consume than external battles. This is one of the African movies on Amazon that will make you rethink your own morality.

Alter Ego Trailer

#4 โ€“ Seasons Of A Life: Released 2016 (Watch It Here)

African Movies On Amazon

This intriguing drama exposes the many trauma women go through. It also shows the difficult choices women have to make. However, there is nothing that can be compared to the love of a mother for her child.

  • Directed By: Shemu Joyah
  • Starring: Flora Suya, Bennie Msuku, Neria Chikhosi

Seasons Of A Life Synopsis

A housemaid has to endure a series of sexual abuses from her boss. Upon getting pregnant, her boss forces her to give up her son in exchange for an education. Without much options at her disposal, she does that. However, six years later she returns with the determination to claim her son. This is one of the African movies on Amazon that explores delicate topics such as the legal justice system in Malawi, womenโ€™s right, and sexual abuse. It is an emotional story that will leave you with lots of questions.

Seasons Of A Life Trailer

#5 โ€“ Ben & Ara: Released 2017 (Watch It Here)

African Movies On Amazon

Humans continue to be divided along ethnic and religious lines. However, from time to time, love comes into the picture and tries to bridge those gaps. This often comes at a cost and heavy backlash from the families.

  • Directed By: Nnegest Likke
  • Starring: Joseph Baird, Michael Chieffo, Constance Ejuma

Ben Ara Synopsis

Ben and Ara are two Ph.D. students who fall in love after meeting at the museum. However, the only problem with their relationship is that Ara is an African Muslim while Ben is an agnostic. Ben is also in an open relationship with another woman. Araโ€™s mother forbids her from having anything to do with Ben. However, strong-willed Ara challenges the system of Muslim culture and falls deeply in love with Ben irrespective of his shortcomings. This is one of the African movies on Amazon that delves into huge societal problems which people prefer not to talk about.

Ben Ara Trailer

What Movies Are On Your Watchlist This Month?

Sharing is caring and that is why we are asking you to share with us some of the African movies on Amazon on your watchlist. We are already putting together a watchlist for next month. Your favorite movie may just be part of it if you share it in the comment box below.

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