These 15 African Print Skirts Will Change Your Look Forever

African print skirts

As a woman, it’s vital you always put your fashion game up. If you want to look fashionable, then African print skirts are the way to go. It is not surprising that there is a growing catalog of African print designs. These skirts are versatile. You can wear the right style in the summer, spring, and fall without looking out of place. However, for a killer look, you need to pair them with the right top.

Thus, you can rock these skirts with a jacket during the wilder winter season. These skirts come in different designs like pencil, maxi, high waist, to midi and mini skirts. If you are new to African print skirts, sieve through our collection for motivation. Also, if you have an interesting African print skirt experience, feel free to share it with us in the comment box below. 

1. Sakkas Ami Women’s Maxi Long skirt

The first one on our list is this beautiful maxi long skirt from Sakkas Ami. If you want an African print skirt for every occasion, this is a sure bet. This skirt can transition your look from casual to elegant. You can pair it with tank tops or blouses and a pair of heels for that uptown look.

2.SAKKAS BAHATI  High Low Mermaid Skirt

This beautiful high low mermaid skirt has an elastic waistband and pocket sides. The glamorous design of this African print skirt is quite unique. Thus, you can rock its elegant look all year round. It is more fitting for a casual setting. However, with the right top, you won’t get a knock for wearing it to official events. Finish your gorgeous look with matching jewelry and accessories.

3.HONOGYUAMY Women African Dashiki Skirt

Are you looking for a skirt that you can wear to work, date night or even to a wedding? Try wearing this African dashiki skirt. The skirt is made from 100% African Batik cotton material. It has a circular design and an elastic band at the waist. Also, the skirt has three layers making it the perfect choice for any fancy occasion. Its three-layer design will easily spin heads and make you the center of attraction.


4. Shenbolen Ankara Maxi Dashiki Skirt

This Ankara maxi skirt is specially designed by professional garment workers. The material for this African print skirt is 100% African wax cotton. The most enticing feature of this skirt is the big bow at the front and two pockets on each side. However, make sure you are tall for this one or it will sweep the floor behind you and you may trip on it. This is one simple design that will never go out of taste. 

5. Shenbolen Women Floral African Print Skirt

This floral African print skirt is the perfect outfit for the spring and summer season. This skirt has a striking modern high low design, which is made to perfection. It perfectly combines yellow, purple, blue, and green colors. However, the most striking feature for us is the tube nature of the waist and the contouring. The back drapes longer than the front—who could possibly miss that? 

6. Women African Dashiki Skirt

Upgrade your wardrobe with this African dashiki maxi skirt. The skirt is from 100% African wax cotton material. It features a beautiful floral pattern in green and purple colors. The slim waistline tells you that it was made for a certain category of people. Like many of the African print skirts on our list, the Dashiki skirt is highly versatile. You can rock this outfit to work, wedding, school, or a night out with friends.


7. Shenbolen African Print Maxi skirt

This is an ideal skirt to wear for that upcoming wedding or cocktail party. The beautiful mermaid design highlights all your curves making you irresistible to prying eyes. It is durable and the prints don’t fade easily. However, to get the most experience with this skirt, you need to pair it with a matching blouse. It is a subtle combination of African and Western cultures.

8. Women Traditional Skirt with Belt

There’s no perfect way of feeling traditional yet classy like rocking this skirt from MCYSKK. The unique contouring of this skirt makes it suitable for women with different body types. It also has a classic retro pattern that simply stands out of the crowd. The big bow flower at the waistline can be easily missed because of the matching colors. This is the type of skirt you want to wear on days when you don’t need too much attention.

9. 2 Piece Dashiki print skirt and top

This two-piece set is the perfect match to take your fashion style to the next level. The skirt has a long slit on the side to showcase those beautiful long legs. Also, the thigh-length of the slit makes walking easier. The contouring of this skirt is another point of emphasis. However, the dull green and shade of nude pink make it less flashy. Thus, you can look sexy without drawing too much attention to yourself. 


10. Shonbolem African Print Skirt

The high low design isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon. At a glance, it looks like this is a black mini skirt wrapped with African print. However, the tailoring is more complex than it looks. Upgrade your wardrobe by getting this gorgeous skirt and pair it with a fitting top. Bear in mind that this attire will look better on heels that are ten inches and above. 

11. Women’s Tradition Vintage Skirt

This vintage straight-cut skirt never goes out of style. The delicate mixture of colors gives it a warm and cozy feeling. The most spectacular feature of this vintage skirt is a high waist. However, the color limits the type of top you can rock with it. Nevertheless, it is one of the perfect African print skirts for official appearances. 

12. Women Buttoned Maxi Ankara skirt

Long skirts usually have permanent slits to make walking easier. Also, the slit allows you to show off your cute tighs. This innovative slit comes with buttons so that you decide the length of your slit. Also, when you button it up all the way down, this skirt takes the shape of a cone. Whether you want to look churchy or seductive, it is up to you. 


13. African Print Dashiki Skirt

This is yet another great print skirt to add to your collection. The skirt has a beautiful mixture of bright colors making it ideal to wear on a sunny day. The waist is made with an elastic band for a good grip and inseam pockets on the sides. In the dark, it will likely feel like you are on fire. With this beautiful African print skirt, your shape stops being an issue. 

14. African Print Yellow Skirt

If you’re not afraid of trying bold colors, this mid-length skirt is what you need. The skirt has a peacock design and is the best to wear in those hot summer months. The knee-length give your legs enough room to breathe. Also, it has a waistband to give your curves a seductive look. With this yellow Ankara skirt, you are sure to make a statement everywhere you go.

15. Liyuandian Women’s High Low Dashiki Asymmetrical Skirt

This Asymmetrical high low skirt will surely be a hit for any fashionista. The maxi skirt has two designs in one. The inner part is a straight-cut skirt while the outer part has a gown like design. In some designs, the outer part is detachable making it a 2-in-1 skirt. You can accessorize the outfit with a pair of jewelry for a more elegant look.

The fashion world keeps changing. One day everyone is rocking African print skirts and the next, they aren’t. However, we all know that not everyone has the resources to keep chasing trends. Therefore, if you need a rich wardrobe that will remain relevant for many years, consider African print skirts. Choose any of the above skirts, enhance your wardrobe, and be the center of attention everywhere you go. If you have other suggestions, feel free to share it with us. 

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