Super Model Naomi Campbell Owns Luxury Villa In Kenya

Naomi Campbell At Her Luxury Kenyan Home

British Super Model, Naomi Campbell tends to spend her quality time in pure tranquil bliss, by the Indian ocean. The successful global icon Campbell expresses;ย  โ€œI hope that you will all now look at Kenya with different eyes and come here and enjoy the gorgeous nature that it givesโ€. โ€“ Naomi Campbell

The famous Swahili saying: โ€Bahati haiji mara mbiliโ€ which translates to โ€luck comes only onceโ€. Clearly explains how fortunate celebrity Naomi Campbell is to have such an incredible African palace. Model Naomi Campbell first visited Malindi Kenya in the mid-1990s and reiterates that the country assures her with a warm grinned smile upon her return to the United Kingdom.

Naomi Campbell At The Red Carpet
Photo credit: Daily Front Row

Who Is Multi-Millionaire Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell rose into fame in the 1980s and dominated the modeling scene in a span of over three decades. Miss Campbell earned the label as a supermodel through her established brand and being one of the most in-demand figures in the fashion world. Naomi featured in over 500 magazine covers in her career. Major brands such as Prada, Versace, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana, just to name a few.

Asides from her modeling success, the supermodel does phenomenal charity work to empower communities in need. To date, Naomi Campbell has sixteen charities that she funds along with her latest one focussing on helping the children and people of sub-Saharan Africa.

Naomi Campbell At Fashion Awards
Photo credit: Thailand Tatler

The Luxury Beach Villa In Malindi Kenya

The Luxury Beach Villa is situated a stoneโ€™s throw away from one of the most authentic beaches on the East coast of Kenya. Model Campbell expresses her desire to promote Africa through her luxury holiday home. The palace offers plenty of tranquility for her visitors and serves as the serenity to detox from their busy workloads. Additionally, there are five bedrooms, four swimming pools, inside and outside dining facilities, and a spa with gym facilities. Naomi Campbell promotes the beauty of Kenya and Africa through the decor and only uses local suppliers for the homeโ€™s furniture.

Where Is Naomi Campbell Luxury Beach Villa Located

On one of the most famous beaches on the East coast of Kenya lays Malindi Bay. The tiny seaside town Malindi is better known as โ€˜Little Italyโ€™ by the tourists. Malindi has a local population of plus-minus one hundred and twenty thousand people and uses tourism as its major source of income for the community. The secluded environment offers model Campbell the perfect getaway, instead of getting harassed by paparazzi at her England home.

Inside Naomi Campbell's Villa
Photo credit: Viral Tea Kenya

Challenges In The Environment And Surroundings

Amongst all the positivity of the luxury in the villa and the surroundings. One major issue that comes to play is the mosquitoes that contain the fatal malaria strain. The malaria disease is transmitted via mosquito, remaining a huge concern although the disease can be treated and cured. Outbreaks and diseases have a great impact on the Kenyan economy and the locals feel a large economic dissatisfaction as tourists tend to travel in safer tropical climates.

Malaria strains tend to spread in Sub-Tropical climates on the African continent. Even though the disease is treatable, 440 000 annual malaria deaths occur on the Africa continent.

Maldi Beach Coastline
Photo credit: The Daily Beast

What Next For African Beach Villas

There is plenty of interest from the western world around real estate in the secluded beaches on the African continent. Why pay for luxury accommodation when you can simply own it? Celebrities tend to have their high demands after their busy schedules; so, the opportunity to own prime land on the beautiful African coast is fastly becoming a new trend. If we compare the prices on real estate in prime land in some countries, at a fraction of the cost, Africa offers far better value for money.

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