President Ruto’s Inspiring Call for a Fair and Transparent Global Financial System

Global financial system

President William Ruto of Kenya recently delivered a powerful speech at the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, where he called for a new global financial system that prioritizes fairness and transparency. This visionary address has garnered significant attention and praise from around the world. In a subsequent interview, President Ruto expanded on his stance, highlighting the urgent need for change and offering insights into the potential consequences of maintaining the current unjust lending system. Let’s delve into President Ruto’s inspiring message and the significance of his call for reform.

Financial Global System
President William Ruto, Kristalina Georgieva, and Emmanuel Macron (Photo Credit Twitter @WilliamsRuto)

The Speech at the Eiffel Tower:

In his speech, President Ruto passionately emphasized the need for a fair and transparent global financial system that upholds the principles of equality and justice. He pointed out the existing disparities that plague the current lending practices, which often burden developing nations with unsustainable debt and hinder their progress. President Ruto called for a paradigm shift that embraces inclusivity, promotes sustainable development, and provides equal opportunities for economic growth.

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President Ruto highlighted the importance of transparency in financial transactions, urging global leaders to prioritize accountability and integrity. He stressed the need for robust regulations and mechanisms to prevent illicit financial flows, corruption, and other forms of financial malpractice. By advocating for a more equitable financial system, President Ruto showcased Kenya’s commitment to the principles of fairness and the belief that every nation, regardless of size or economic status, should have an equal chance to prosper.

Central to President Ruto’s vision for a fairer financial system is the call for transparency and accountability. He emphasized the critical role of transparency in ensuring that financial institutions are held accountable for their actions. By shedding light on the opaque practices that have hindered progress, President Ruto challenged the international community to work collectively towards establishing mechanisms that promote fairness and responsibility.

The Interview: Advocating for Transparency and Accountability

In an illuminating interview following his speech, President Ruto shed further light on his call for a new global financial system. He warned of the dire consequences of perpetuating an unfair lending system, emphasizing the potential for economic inequality, social unrest, and even conflicts. President Ruto drew attention to the already visible signs of genocide in Sudan, underscoring the urgent need for swift action to address the root causes of such crises.

Ruto Interview on Global Financial System

The Kenyan President advocated for a holistic approach to financial reform, which would involve the cooperation of all nations. He highlighted the role of international organizations, governments, and private sector actors in fostering a fair and transparent financial system. President Ruto emphasized the need for collaboration to create mechanisms that would prevent predatory lending, ensure debt sustainability, and promote responsible investment practices.

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President Ruto’s message resonated with global audiences, as it touched upon the fundamental values of justice and equality. His call for a new global financial system has sparked a much-needed conversation on how to rectify the existing imbalances and level the playing field for all nations.


President William Ruto’s speech at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and his subsequent interview have placed the urgent need for a fair and transparent global financial system at the forefront of international discussions. His powerful call for change has resonated with people worldwide, drawing attention to the injustices of the current lending practices and emphasizing the potential consequences of maintaining the status quo. President Ruto’s visionary leadership and commitment to fairness and transparency set a positive example for global leaders and inspire hope for a more equitable future.

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