Is Akon expecting a new child and tying the knot again?

Is Akon expecting a new child and tying the knot again?
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Blogsites and gossip websites have been buzzing with the news that Akon is about to be a father for the sixth time. The woman carrying his child is not one of his five wives but is , the sister of Ugandan fashion designer, Sylvia Owori. She is said to have met Akon in Uganda sometime last year where he performed and the two continued the relationship as he flew her into Miami and took her on vacations to London. Rumor has it that she left her long-time boyfriend Da Twinz who was a member of a UK-based Ugandan music duo for the R&B Superstar.

Akon has not released a statement to confirm or deny these rumors and seems focused on his career. He just extended his Konvict empire which consists of a record label and clothing line to include Konvinct cosmetics under which he will debut two new signature scents.

Also, he just wrapped up a concert in the United Arab Emirates and a trip to South Africa where he met South Africaโ€™s President, Jacob Zuma. He has been asked to produce the theme song for the 2010 soccer world cup.

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Susan Owori on the other hand has been calling herself Mrs. Akon since last August. According to an interview she conducted with Ugandan paper, The Monitor, she was quoted as saying โ€œWe have known each other for six to eight years now. We met in London. I think we are now more than friends.

I, Akon, and his family are tight. Maybe I will be (Mrs. Akon)ย  in the future but not yet. It is maybe in a few monthโ€™s time.โ€

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