African Billionaires of 2015

African Billionaire

Forbes has put out its list of billionaires of 2015 and we have fished out the billionaires from Africa. Our list consists of 31 men and 2 women from 10 African counties. The number of African Billionaires has grown from 2014’s 30 to 33 for 2015.  Two billionaires from Uganda and Morocco dropped off the list from last year and some newcomers were added to the list.

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African Countries represented on the Billionaire list

This year, South Africa continues to lead the pack with 9 Billionaires. Closely trailing is Egypt with 8 Billionaires. Nigeria has 5 billionaires and Morocco 3. The other countries are Angola, Algeria, Ethiopia, Sunda, Swaziland, and Uganda.

African Billionaire Age groups

There are 3 billionaires in their forties, 10 in their fifties, 10 in their sixties, 5 in their seventies, and 5 in their eighties. Africa’s youngest Billionaire is Mohammed Dewji from Tanzania at Age 40.

Picture Africa RankForbes RankName Net Worth Age Wealth SourceHometown/
aliko-dangote_100x100 (1)1#67Aliko Dangote$14.7 B58cement, sugar, flourNigeria
patrick-soon-shiong_100x1002#96Patrick Soon-Shiong$12.2 B
64pharmaceuticalsSouth Africa / United States
elon-musk_100x1003#100Elon Musk$12 B44Tesla MotorsSouth Africa / United States
mohammed-al-amoudi_100x1004#116Mohammed Al Amoudi$10.8 B69oil, diversifiedEthiopia / Saudi Arabia
johann-rupert_100x1005#179Johann Rupert$7.4 B65luxury goodsSouth Africa
nicky-oppenheimer_100x1006#201Nicky Oppenheimer$6.7 B70diamondsSouth Africa
nassef-sawiris_100x1007#225Nassef Sawiris$6.3 B55constructionEgypt
christoffel-wiese_100x1007#225Christoffel Wiese$6.3 B74retailingSouth Africa
African Billionaire8#393Mike Adenuga$4.2 B62telcom, oilNigeria
mohamed-mansour_100x1009#418Mohamed Mansour$4 B68diversifiedEgypt
Nathan Kirsh$3.9 B84retail, real estateSwaziland
isabel-dos-santos_100x10011#534Isabel dos Santos$3.3 B42investmentsAngola
issad-rebrab_100x10012#577Issad Rebrab$3.1 B72foodAlgeria
naguib-sawiris_100x10013#577Naguib Sawiris$3.1 B61telecom
youssef-mansour_100x10014#628Youssef Mansour$2.9 B70diversifiedEgypt
yasseen-mansour_100x10015#810Yasseen Mansour$2.3 B54diversifiedEgypt
othman-benjelloun_100x10015#810Othman Benjelloun$2.3 B83banking, insuranceMorocco
koos-bekker_100x10015#810Koos Bekker$2.3 B63media, investmentsSouth Africa
patrice-motsepe_100x10016#847Patrice Motsepe$2.2 B54miningSouth Africa
stephen-saad_100x10017#894Stephen Saad$2.1 B51
South Africa
mohamed-al-fayed_100x10018#949Mohamed Al Fayed$2 B87etail, investments
folorunsho-alakija_100x10018#949Folorunsho Alakija$2 B65oil
African Billionaire19#1054Onsi Sawiris$1.8 B86construction, telecomEgypt
aziz-akhannouch_100x10020#1118Aziz Akhannouch$1.7 B55
petroleum, diversified
no-pic_100x10021#1226Allan Gray$1.55 B78
South Africa
miloud-chaabi_100x10022#1415Miloud Chaabi$1.3 B87

mohammed-dewji_100x10023#1500Mohammed Dewji$1.25 B40diversifiedTanzania
mohammed-ibrahim_100x10024#1638Mohammed Ibrahim$1.1 B69communicationsSudan / United Kingdom
sudhir-ruparelia_100x10024#1638Sudhir Ruparelia$1.1 B60real estateUganda
samih-sawiris_100x10025#1712Samih Sawiris$1.05 B59
real estate, hotels
femi-otedola_100x10026#1741Femi Otedola$1 B53gas stationsNigeria
abdulsamad-rabiu_26#1741Abdulsamad Rabiu$1 B
cement, sugar, flourNigeria
rostam-azizi_100x10026#1741Rostam Azizi$1 B51
telecom, investments

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