Google launches free Wi-Fi hotspots in Nigeria


One of the major frustrations in Nigeria is the unreliability of the internet at a time when the world has gone digital.  But things are about to get quite exciting for millions of Nigerians. Google has launched a network of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Nigeria, part of its effort to increase its presence in Africa’s most populous nation.

Google’s Vice-President for Product Management Anjali Joshi speaks to Reuters during an interview, a day before the launch of Google free wifi project in Lagos, Nigeria July 25, 2018. The picture was taken on July 25, 2018. Photo Credit: REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

The U.S. technology firm, owned by Alphabet Inc has partnered with Nigerian fiber cable network provider 21st Century to provide its public Wi-Fi service, Google Station, in six places in the commercial capital Lagos. This includes the city’s airport.

Internet penetration in Nigeria

Internet penetration is relatively low in Nigeria. Some 25.7 percent of the population made use of the internet in 2016. This is according to World Bank data.

The poor internet infrastructure is a major challenge for businesses operating in the country. It is which is Africa’s largest oil producer. Broadband services are either unreliable or unaffordable to many of Nigeria’s 190 million inhabitants.

Along with upping the internet game in Nigeria and making it available to its citizens, antivirus concerns. It also looms large. Not many people know which antivirus to go for. And it end up making detrimental choices. Like for instance, opting for Avast Secureline. Avast Secureline VPN 2019 review by shows why you should avoid them.

“We are rolling out the service in Lagos today but the plan is to quickly expand to other locations,” Anjali Joshi, Google’s vice president for product management, told Reuters in Lagos.

The company said it aimed to collaborate with internet service providers to reach millions of Nigerians in 200 public spaces across five cities by the end of 2019.

Moreover, it said it would generate cash from the service in Nigeria by placing Google adverts in the login portal. Google did not disclose the amount invested in the new Nigeria service.

Another, the technology firm said it planned to share revenues with its partners to help them maintain and deploy the Wi-Fi service. But did not disclose the expected advertising revenue split.

Nigeria is the fifth country to launch Google Station. Similar services have been launched in India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Thailand.

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