Fanfare And Parade As Egypt Reopens Ancient Avenue Of Sphinxes. Social Media Reacts

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While the world celebrated Thanksgiving with fanfare after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, Egypt, over 6,000 miles away, reintroduced a totally different cultural custom that was lost for millennia. Following decades of excavation operations, Egypt unveiled the 3,000-year-old Avenue of Sphinxes to the public on November 25.

The unveiling took place in an opulent ceremony in the southern city of Luxor. The roughly two-mile-long and 250-foot-wide ancient pathway was previously known as โ€œThe Path of Godโ€. It connects the Luxor Temple to the Temple of Karnak, which is located just north of the Nile.

About the Unveiling of the Avenue of Sphinxes

A magnificent procession took place throughout the length of the road, which is flanked on either side by over 600 ram-headed sculptures and typical sphinxes, and statues with a lionโ€™s body and a humanโ€™s head. The procession began after dark in Egypt (around midday ET).

The lavish march featured pharaonic costumes, a symphony orchestra, lighting effects, professional dancers, Nile boats, horse-drawn carriages, and more. Egyptโ€™s President, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, was present at the city-wide event.

For decades, the route remained buried under sand until Egyptian archaeologist Zakaria Ghineim uncovered the first eight sphinx statues in front of Luxor Temple in 1949. Several attempts to excavate the site continued for the following seven decades. However, these attempts failed due to political upheavals. One of such pivotal upheavals was the 2011 Arab Spring movement that toppled Egyptโ€™s longstanding authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak and sparked years of civil strife.

Reactions to the Unveiling of the Avenue of Sphinxes

Parade ground image at the avenue of sphinxes
Egyptians march down the avenue of sphinxes. [Photo Credit: Global Times]
Before the event, a Luxor tour guide, Ahmed Hammam, told NBC News, โ€œTonight I will watch one of the biggest occurrences that has ever transpired in my lifetimeโ€. Witnessing the restoration of the Avenue of Sphinxes after years of struggle was โ€œlike a dreamโ€ for Hammam, 47. โ€œToday will be a day we will remember for a hundred years,โ€ Hammam said. โ€œI hope everyone enjoys it. Not just in my hometown, but throughout Egypt and the rest of the globeโ€.

The road was constructed to commemorate the annual Opet Festival at Thebes, now known as Luxor. The event emphasized fertility and featured a procession from Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple that carried a statue of ceremonial gods.

โ€œThe Opet festival will take place like it did in the past during the reign of the Pharaohs,โ€ said Ali Abu Dashish, an Egyptian archaeologist and member of the Archaeological Union, ahead of the event on Thursday. โ€œWe maintain and restore antiquities,โ€ Dashish said Egypt should send a message to the rest of the globe.

The celebrations on Thursday were part of an ongoing campaign to publicize archeological findings as Egypt attempts to restore its ailing tourist economy. A part of that effort has been the staging of magnificent public events, such as the one held at the Avenue of Sphinxes.

In April, Cairo staged the Golden Parade, an extravagant procession around the metropolis to transport 22 ancient Egyptian royal mummies to a new museum. The Luxor site, according to Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass, is โ€œthe worldโ€™s greatest open [air] museum, the worldโ€™s largest archeological site,โ€ telling the narrative of Egypt from 2,000 BC until the Roman Period.

Reactions on Social Media

Observers, lovers of archaeology, and friends of Egypt took to Twitter to celebrate the procession at the Avenue of Sphinxes. Here are some of the comments:


How will the Country Benefit from the Avenue of Sphinxes Opening?

With the re-opening of the Avenue of Sphinxes, several analysts believe that Egypt will be at advantage. Some of the benefits include highlighted include;

1. Tourist attraction

As a key site for cultural heritage, the Avenue of Sphinxes is sure to become a tourist hotspot if properly maintained. Egyptologists, Archaeologists, fans of hieroglyphics, and general sight-seers are some tourists that the country will expect. This will help the country to boost its foreign exchange earnings.

2. Employment opportunities

Local residents are aware of, and in most of the parts thrive on, the economic benefits of tourism. Also of significant importance is providing new jobs and commercial opportunities that align with the avenue as a tourist magnet.

3. Foreign direct investment

Furthermore, with the opening of the Avenue of Sphinxes, there will be an influx of foreign investments such as hotels, restaurants, and clubs to suit the tourist population.

As Egypt re-opens the Avenue of Sphinxes, there is a lot of great things to come for the nation. As the country basks in its euphoric mood, the rest of the continent celebrates with the people of Egypt. With good use, the Avenue od sphinxes can be a springboard for the appreciation of ancient African cultural heritage.

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