Designer Spotlight: See Why Ugandan Kaijuka Abbas Was Recently Honored In Nigeria

kaijuka Abbas
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Someone once said, style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. In case you haven’t found yours yet, do not worry. There’s someone who can help with that. Say hello to Kaijuka Abbas, a fashion designer, stylist, and fashion collector known for his brand Kai’s Divo. Abbas was recently honored in Nigeria for his outstanding creativity during the African Fashion Designer Awards.

Kaijuka Abbas
Kaijuka Abbas posing in a stylish green jacket, that happens to be his design (Photo credit: Showbiz Uganda)

The African Fashion Designer Awards

The African Fashion Designer Awards is a platform that aims at recognizing creative fashion designers and enthusiasts around Africa. The 4th edition of the awards that happened in Nigeria took place at City Park, Abuja on 19th November 2021.23 Nov 2021.


Kaijuka Abbas Wins Big at African Fashion Designer Awards 2021 in Nigeria

Amongst the amazing nominees selected for this award, Kaijuka Abbas emerged winner. Many were not surprised to see the Ugandan Designer bag this trophy. This was because his creations were amazingly exceptional. Also, they came with a message of hope to comfort and encourage everyone going through the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hope Collection

In a statement accompanying the release of the collection, the brand wrote,

“The collection is titled Hope, a celebration of the resilience of every individual who has and still is fighting to end this pandemic. Despite the distress and job losses that came with it, we are still hopeful that this too shall pass. The clothes symbolize a sense of joy, tranquility, and exuberance, everything we are seeing less of now. The virtual presentation was intended to transport the viewer back to when it was normal to walk on the red carpet in a frothy gown with adoring paparazzi flashing away.”

Let’s take a look at a couple of pieces from the Hope Collection, that earned Abbas his award.




Kaijiku Abbas
Kai’s Divo ” Hope Collection” Model rocking the fluffy yellow gown (Photo credit: Trizz_visuals)

This beautiful, fluffy sleeveless gown is bound to turn heads. It has a long tail that sweeps the floor where you go. This will definitely feel like you are on the runway. It is the perfect gown for a ball or when you want to make a grand entry.

Kaijuika Abbas
Kai’s Divo “Hope Collection” model posing in a pretty black and yellow outfit (Photo credit: Trizz_visuals)

This black and yellow combo has glamour written all over it. The long black sleeveless dress has a ‘tutu’ like addition around the waist. Also, it has a long yellow piece added from the left shoulder and trailing all the way to the floor. Certainly not a cut for every designer.

Kaijika Abbas
Kai’s Divo ‘Hope Collection’ model looks sensual in the beautiful black dress (Photo credit: Trizz_visuals)

This black dress is one of a kind. It consists of a collage of fabric folded into distinct layers. The most spectacular feature is the see-through net at the front of the gown. Kaijuka Abbas shows here that you don’t need a mash of colors to create something elegant.

The lady in red

Kaijuka Abbas
Kai’s Divo “Hope Collection” model looking radiant in a pretty red dress (Photo credit: Trizz_visuals)

Kaijuka Abbas’s design tends to follow a certain pattern. Elaborate folds seem to be the central feature of the Hope Collection. With something like this in your wardrobe, you will be scouting for events to attend, just to show off!


Kajiku Abbas
Kai’s Divo “Hope Collection” model posing in a multicolored layered dress (Photo credit: Trizz visuals)

No better way to declare love for one’s country than to be adorned in the colors of the country’s flag. Abbas definitely loves the organza fabric, and he makes good use of it on this piece. It is a smart move mixing yellow, black, and red on various layers on this long gown.

Kaijiku Abbas
Kai’s Divo “Hope Collection” model looking gracious in an exceptional piece (Photo credit: Trizz_visuals)

There is something about latex that says ‘I’m in charge’. This black jumpsuit has a yellow and red attachment at the back. Apart from the Hope Collection, Kaijuka Abbas also has other beautiful pieces that he has presented on different occasions over time. Here are a few that stood out.

The kiyoki

Kaijiku Abbas
Kai’s Divo collection, model wearing classy jacket and pants on the runway during the Ugandan International Fashion week (Photo credit: Satisfaction UG)

The Kiyoki fabric is unique in that it is made from the inner bark of the Mutuba tree, used for Royalty and the community. Abbas definitely revamps this entire look with a Kiyoki fabric worn across the shoulder. Without it, this would be an ordinary jacket and pants.

kaijuka Abba
Kai’s Divo collection. Model on the runway wearing a Kiyoki top and black skirt (Photo credit: Satisfaction UG)

The Kiyoki fabric is definitely special. This beautiful short sleeve has a high shoulder top, worn over a belly-fitting skirt. It has a belt made of Kiyoki fabric loosely wrapped around the waist.



The bride in black

Kaijuka Abbas
Kai’s Divo collection from the Swahili fashion week, beautiful model rocking a black wedding dress with a bouquet in her hand (Photo credit: Matooke Republic)

In most marriage settings, brides are expected to wear white, but you are not just any bride. Imagine everyone else in white and you in a solid head-turning, mind-blowing black sleeveless silk dress. It will definitely be unforgettable!


This may be your first time hearing about Kaijuka Abbas, but he has done a lot of wonderful things that did not only get him multiple nominations but had him winning the awards. He is a recipient of East Africa’s Male Fashion Designer of the Year award at the 2020 East Africa Fashion Awards. Also, he won the Fashion Designer of the Year award at the 2016 Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards.

Life would always find ways to put a bump in our plans or make things really tough. However, just like Kaijiku Abbas, it is OK to make pepper soup if life throws you pepper. Let’s use whatever chaos or stress we are going through to be better and stronger. Let us find hope even when there is pain. Sooner or later everything will be ok.

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