20 African Print Outfits That We Are Totally Crushing On This Summer

African Print Outfits

Culture is a peopleโ€™s way of life, and Africa takes so much pride in her rich culture. From traditions to folklores down to festivals, this richness in diversity is manifest. What more can define people more than the way they dress? For centuries, Africans have displayed their unique African culture . While they evolved overtime to fit modern fashion trends, it retains its dazzling Africanness. In this post, we bring you 20 African print outfit that we are crushing on this Summer.

Heritage Clothingโ€™s

This is a classy A-line African inspired print shirt dress. This full button-up shirt is cinched at the waist with a waist belt made out of the same fabric. It also features a three-quarter sleeve and functional side pockets. This dress is super chic and can take you almost everywhere in the world when paired with the right accessories. Wear with heels or chunky sneakers for a comfortable yet classy look.

African Print Outfits MADKollection

If youโ€™re looking for a simple and chic appearance this dress is your go-to. Itโ€™s a midi dress that reaches the calves (length adjustable on request). It features an off-shoulder neckline that highlights your upper curves. Interestingly, it makes a good maternity gown that will accentuate the beauty of your baby bump. Throw in a few pieces of jewelry to complete your fabulous look.ย 

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African Print Outfits KarentinoBoutique

This can be worn to a social or religious event. With the right swag, you should easily make tongues to wag. Tell us what you think in the comment box below.

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African Print Outfits โ€“ House Of Izzi

This long beautiful shirt dress is a one and done piece. It features a short sleeve and flares all the way down. The front slit overlaps at the knee allowing your admirers to steal a glimpse of your hot legs. It feels comfortable yet stylish for get-togethers and parties. Pair this dress with really long heels so that it doesnโ€™t sweep the floor behind you.

African Print Outfits โ€“ CUMOLONDON

Talk about clean, modern, and classy. This slitted African maxi dress with a v-neckline that cuts into the cleavage fits the narrative. The romantic flare will make you re-imagine your narrative about long sleeves. It is the perfect dress for non-formal meetings, weddings, and outings. With this African print dress, youโ€™ll only need minimal accessories to dazzle.

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African Print Outfits โ€“ Amarys-Bodycon Dress

Having a date night and want to give your partner a pleasant surprise? Rock this gown with bold African jewelry and you will be the center of attraction. Also, this dress is your go-to for hang out with friends and evening outings.


African Print Outfits

African print outfits flamboyant style will make a perfect outfit for weddings and date nights. It is a mid-thigh length dress with puffy detachable sleeves. Rock this with a nice pair of heels, a clutch purse, and minimal jewelry. As Christmas approaches, youโ€™ll definitely want to have this in your collection.ย 

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Foxy African

Foxy African (Simi Dress)

This African print is the perfect wedding guest. Wherever you were it to, the rich and vibrant colors will always stand you out. The super chic dress features a v-neckline, a long sleeve puffed towards the end, and two side pockets. Pair this dress with heels or chunky sneakers and youโ€™ll have jaws dropping when you walk-by.

African Print Outfits โ€“ Gazemba Mugadra

Gazemba Mugadra

Gazemba Mugadra is a stunning and exceptional off-shoulder African print dress. It features a long and full flare with pleats at the back. The icing on the cake for us has to be that it comes with a matching short. You can wear this dress for almost all occasions, from a girlโ€™s day out to the beach to work or weddings when paired with skinny and fitted pants.ย 

Katie O

Katie O

This stripe mix with African print is everything! The loose fit design makes this dress perfect for a casual or dressed-up occasion. Know how it feels awkward to meet a random stranger rocking your outfit? Well, with this design you are certain that will never happen because it can be customized in any way.ย 

Ingrid Donnet

Ingrid Donnet

Who says you canโ€™t look chic and bold in bright colors? This African print dress is an off-shoulder shirt dress which gives a casual vibe. It features a long sleeve and waist belt made of the same fabric. It exposes lots of your thighs making it perfect for the days you want to look seductive.ย 

Foxy African

african print dress

Sama dress is a flare dress with a halter neckline that can be worn to almost any occasion if paired with the right accessories. Rest assured, with the Sama dress you can never be overdressed or under-dressed. This is one of the rare outfits that will make you reminisce of your middle school days.


african print dress

Dakrol is a short dress with two pockets, short sleeves, and a detachable belt. This African lively print dress is a must-have because you can wear it in any season. Its pleats allow you to spin and create the Cinderella effect when you dance in parties. Just make sure you donโ€™t spin too hard so you donโ€™t get dizzy.

Fashion trends come and go, but African print dresses always find a way to fit into every trend. Also, theyโ€™re quite affordable and long-lasting. We also have tons of other designs for you to explore. Perhaps, we will have another collection, if our readers request it. Get your cash ready and stock your wardrobes with these stylish dresses today.

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