31 Insanely Beautiful Swimsuits by African Designers

African Swimsuit

Warm weather is here and it’s time to finally cool off by the poolside or make that fun trip to the beach. Before you start rummaging through your drawers to check out your swimsuit stash, only to realize the inevitable, let’s save you the trouble and tell you that yes, it’s time to add a dose of extraordinary into your beach collection. But don’t worry, we have done all the hard work for you by finding some insanely beautiful options by African Designers to dazzle on the beach. So which one do you think is the best.

Andrea Iyamah

Designed By: Dumebi Iyamah (Nigeria)

Designer Dumebi Iyamah’s contemporary designs did not go unnoticed. Her pieces are elegant, classy and tribal. Her collections have African tribal print swimsuits among muted Afrocentric pieces. She adds color with understated drama. Simple and chic. It’s easy to go from sea to land by just throwing on a pair of shorts. The visual appeal is unmistakable and will make a statement on the beach.

African Designer Swimsuit#1
Andrea Iyamah two piece tribal Bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#2
Andrea Iyamah African Print One Piece swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#3
Andrea Iyamah two piece african tribal swimsuit

Adama Paris

Designed By: Adama Ndiaye (Senegal)

Adama Ndiaye’s swimwear designs are very afrocentric. uses African prints cotton fabric in creative and interesting ways to create pieces that are original and feel authentic to what an “African swimsuit” ought to be like.

African Designer Swimsuit#4
Adama Paris African Print blue two piece bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#5
Adama Paris One Piece African Print swimsuit


Designed By: Buky Ade (Nigerian)

Buky Ade’s designs are all about bold colors and exotic designs. She captures the imagination of what an African princess will wear to the beach. Her pieces lean more on the tribal flair with varying degrees of drama.

African Designer Swimsuit#6
African Swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#7
Bfyne two piece tribal bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#8
Bfyne tribal one piece bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#9
African Swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#10
African Swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#11
Bfyne one piece tribal swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#12
African Swimsuit

Gallant Belle

Designed By: Harriet Schroeder (Ghana)

African Designer Swimsuit#13
Gallant Belle Kente Bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#14
African Swimsuit

Aude Swim

Designed By: Aude Harris (Liberia)

African Designer Swimsuit#15
Aude Swim two piece kente bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#16
African Swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#17
African Swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#18
Aude Swim kente two piece bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#19
Aude Swim One Piece Kente bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#20
Aude Swim One Piece long sleeve to piece bikini

Ayanah Fashion

Designed By: 3 Parisian Sisters (Ivory Coast)

African Designer Swimsuit#21
Ayanah two piece tribal two piece bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#22
One Piece African Print swimsuit

Dax Martin

Designed By: Dax Martin (South Africa)

African Designer Swimsuit#23
Dax Martin One Piece tribal swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#24
Sax Martin two piece African tribal pink bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#25
Sax Martin one piece African tribal pink swimsuit - Get It Here

Aya Morrison

Designed By: Aya Morrison (Ghana)

African Designer Swimsuit#26
Aya Morrison One Piece print swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#27
Aya Morrison One Piece African print swimsuit

Ofuure Swim

Designed By: Tehilah Abakasanga

African Designer Swimsuit#28
Ofuure two piece African Print bikini swimsuit
African Designer Swimsuit#29
Ofuure two piece African Print bikini swimsuit

Ashanti Swimwear

Designed By: Yasmeen and Dexter Opare (Ghana)

African Designer Swimsuit#30
Ashanti two piece Afrocentric bikini
African Designer Swimsuit#31
Ashanti one piece tribal swimsuit

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