Opinion: Do You Think It Is OK To Have Gay Marriage In Movies And Teach It In Schools?

Do You Think It Is OK To Have Gay Marriage In Movies And Teach It In Schools?


Do You Think It Is OK To Have Gay Marriage In Movies And Teach It In Schools?
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When President-Elect stated that he personally considers marriage to be between a man and woman, and supports civil unions that confer comparable rights rather than , I was in total agreement.

At some point, I understood gay to be the exception, not the rule but lately, not only is being gay a natural state of affairs, it is now on television, in movies, and everywhere.

Donโ€™t get me wrong, I am not homophobic. I know my share of gay people and they are decent, loving people. However, I question this need or constantly redefining in cases where a new category may be necessary.

I think natural order should be respected

Will I want my children to be taught in school that marriage is an institution between 2 individuals whether they are same-sex or opposite sex? Not at all. I am not ready for that. And then there is the issue of adoption but I wonโ€™t open up that can of worms.

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I am not some religious fanatic. These days you can get completely โ€˜canceledโ€™ for simply having an opinion that is not carte blanche to the gay cause so I tread carefully.

I just struggle with the idea that we all of a sudden will have to defend what marriage and family mean? I know I am tolerant of people different from me. I do not sum up an individual and fit them in a box. But I am of the belief that we cannot force an imbalance to be the norm.

Also, I give everyone a chance but I refuse to minimize the importance of the union of the opposite sex and introducing a new kind of union as part of the status quo. I insist that anything same-sex is the exception.



Do you support same sex marriage?

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  1. Let us take a step back for a minute and imagine a world where everyone is gay and babies are conceived in labs โ€ฆ

    Gay marriage is unacceptable in my books. This is how I look at it. Let the government allow people who share their life to leverage benefits such as healthcare, life insurance etc. That sharing could be 2 friends or a gay couple. But marriage should be left alone. I listen to arguments about how the law prohibited slaves from marrying and equating that injustice to this situation and I find that not only unfair but an insult. No one is saying that gay people are less of humans. No one is saying they should not practice being gay freely. We are saying that this is about a man and woman not two men and two women. Today I understand conception to be a natural process where a man and a woman share a sexual experience one releasing a sperm which fertilizes an egg. With the way things are going, we will soon have to redefine that as well. What with the woman turned man who becomes pregnant and is making headlines.

    Everyone talks about freedoms yet we refuse to set any boundaries and there should be some just as we have set drinking age boundaries and driving age boundaries to protect our kids.

  2. The fact of the matter is that gay people will always be there so we just have to deal with it.I think that being gay is not a choice.People are born gay.Its just like the fact that we dont choose who we fall in love with .Gay people donโ€™t choose to be gay.If they donโ€t bother you,why do you care?I think that if they are happy with their choice,why not be happy for them.I am not gay but I support gay marriage .

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